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Worlds Smallest Car Mount
Founded by a team of successful mobile phone accessory industry veterans, Caseco,
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popular mobile phones, tablets, and wireless devices. 

Cellular Country
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Established in 2015, iMyFone is devoted to provide the best solution for iPhone/iPad/iPod
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Meri Mobiles is a Canadian company with over 7 years'
experience in the telecommunication industry as well as
customer service.

Mobile Pro Gear

Selfie Stixx is America’s #1 selfie stick. We take pride in
the quality of our selfie sticks; every single one of our
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My Case Genie
MyCaseGenie MyCaseGenie
My Case Genie is the web's best choice for high-quality custom phone cases. My
Case Genie allows anyone to print any image on mobile cases including Facebook
photos, Instagram photos, Flicker photos, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy gallery
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How to Buy Unboxed Mobile Phones

You have probably heard the term ‘Refurbished smartphones' and Surplus Products being thrown around a lot, but what exactly does this mean? The kinds of phones are those that have been rebuilt, serviced and reconditioned to a state that is ‘like new'. Most of these products have been returned back to the retailer or the manufacture as the customer did not like them for some reason or the other.
Then there are instances where the phone may be the right colour and works perfectly well, but the customer rejected the product as it had a dent or a scratch on the box or the phone exterior or that they were unboxed mobile phones that are used on display. These are then returned to the manufacturer who then does have the legal right to resell them as brand new.
Reconditioned gadgets and Surplus Products are popular as many consumers see them as the perfect deal where they can save; get the latest technology and gadget and additional consumer benefits. Here are some quick tips that can help you to shop for reconditioned goods:
Choosing the right Vendor:
There are many manufacturers that stock brand new phones as well as Unboxed mobile phones or reconditioned ones. Usually big time manufacturers may not always offer you added benefits like returns, replacements and warranty. Then there are smartphone retailers that cater to the refurbished segment. These normally work in partnership with big brands by offering them an outlet that lets manufacturers manage their returned goods inventories in a responsible way. They will also offer you the chance to get full warranty, replacement and returns on all gadgets that you buy from them.
Looking for Credentials:
There are two credentials that you need to keep your eye on, these are vendor credentials and product credentials. The vendor or Surplus Products needs to be a certified seller and servicing agent and should be able to prove that they are selling genuine products. The products that authorized vendors sell should also bear some form of certifications that prove that they been serviced the right way and that they have a warranty on them.
Evaluate Seller Reputation:
Vendors involved in this line of business should have some way to prove that they are worth your money. Look for online review, comments and feedback that the unboxed mobile phones seller may or may not have. A few negative comments will not prove that they are bad in any way but they should also have a few positive ones as well. This is sure way to assess their services, the products on sale and the number of satisfied customer that they have.
By Roger Smith

Phone Wear 360
Phone Wear 360 - The Smart Way to Wear Your Phone
Our product allows you to wear your phone/ipod and actually use it while you wear it
thanks to the 8 position 360 degree rotation that allows you to use your touch screen
while you're wearing it on your arm. The product also has an easy lock and release
feature to quickly remove the phone from the armand so you can take a call and then
quickly slide it back on to the device where it will lock in place securely again.

Teltech Systems

TelTech's core passion is the innovative development of
cell phone technologies and communication products.

What is Meant by Refurbishing of Second Hand Mobile Phones

The term ‘refurbishment' is used to describe the distribution of those products that are normally electronics, which had earlier been retuned back to a retailer, vendor or manufacturer for different reasons and situations. Any gadget or device that is considered to be a Refurbished mobile phone is one that is normally scrutinized to determine
how well it functions and to check for other kinds of defects.
 It is only after this test that they are resold at discounted rates at various websites. A device that has been refurbished is very different from one that has been used; they are normally tested or verified for full functionality and to ensure that it is free from defects. A device that has been used is simply reset to original settings and may not always have production defects. Devices that are known as reconditioned can also be those products that consumers returned and are unused or are ‘essentially new'. Consumers often return purchases that are not happy with as they had some kind of defect, these can be returned back to the retailer under the returns or warranty period. The retailer takes these returns and sends them back to the manufacturer, who then repairs all defects before offering them as Second hand phones. These devices also come with full warranty; you can also return anything that you don't like and more. Various kinds of other devices that can also be termed as refurbished are as follows:
 • Certain devices that have been used for demonstrations, field tests and display units at retail stores. They remain unused other then the fact that they have been taken out of their packaging, have been viewed by potential consumers.
• Any Refurbished mobile phone that have been returned back to the manufacturer or retailers by unsatisfied consumers, but do not have any defects or malfunctions of any sort.
• Many items are often returned for something as simple as dents or small scratches on the cartons of the product. This normally happens when the product is being moved from one place to another. Customers and retailers do not offer or stock these items as they feel that a damaged carton or box is indicative of a damaged product.
• Certain customers that want to offer the device that they are currently using so that they can upgrade to a new model, often offer their phones as pre owned.
• Quite often companies send out prototype of their upcoming releases or lease out certain models for use to various customers. Once these are returned back after the lease time expires, manufacturers normally send them directly for sale as Second hand mobile phones or other items.
• Many companies start up recycling programs where customers can send in their unwanted gadgets for resale instead of disposing of them. All of the devices that are collected are repaired, restored and then resold.
• Certain gadgets that don't pass the quality inspection or test and therefore cannot be sent to retail outlets for sale. These too also sent straight to the refurbished stores. Various companies have their own standards over what they consider as refurbished. As of now, this industry only has a few notions that are accepted to be refurbished. Even the term ‘refurbished' isn't a definitive one, very often you will come across terms like reconditioned, used, pre owned, refreshed, remanufactured, certified or factory seconds- they all, of course, mean the same thing. The only thing that you have to remember is to ask the retailer why the Refurbished mobile phone was refurbished; normally it makes sense to get something that was refurbished by the brand manufacturer.
By Roger Smith


TOMTOP, established in June 2004, a reliable China wholesale and retail
online shop with Diverse & High Quality Products where you can buy
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