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1928 Jewelry
Shop now at!
Started in 1968 by Mr. Mel Bernie in Burbank California and considered one of the
biggest fashion jewelry manufactures in the USA. For over 46 years, the 1928 Jewelry
Company has drawn on a wealth of designs discovered in many unique, unexpected places.

Anjays Designs


. Anjays Designs is built on a simple idea: to make sure to supply you with the highest quality
products at the lowest prices with a large selection. At Anjays Designs you'll find high -quality
14K, Platinum and Diamond jewelry. You can enjoy our 14K, Platinum and Diamond Jewelry for many years.

24/7 Press Release Fashion-Jewelry

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Aukoala Glamulet
Glamulet designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry
made from genuine materials at affordable prices.Glamulet is the name of a
unique jewelry that is available at fine stores across Europe and America.
The strength of the Glamulet bracelet is the unique.

Body Jewelry is an established online body jewelry company. Our experience will ensure
your satisfaction of our items and service. Our head offices are located in Florida and
now you have an opportunity to experience our catalog online.

Cate & Chloe

The visionaries of Cate & Chloe began the company with one simple clear concept
in mind: to create stylish yet affordable jewelry women could wear every day.

Crown Jewelers
Diamond Jewelry-Easy Monthly Payments-No Credit Check
Looking for a special pair of earrings? Want to see a collection of spectacular
diamond engagement rings? Dazzle that special someone with a gift of beautiful
gold, gemstone, or diamond jewelry from Crown Jewelers.

Information about blue Amber Value, Price, and Jewelry
Wearing jewelry can alter your overall appearance. This is certainly the main reason behind the immense popularity of different types of jewelries made of different types of metals, gems and of course stones. Jewelry such as ring, bracelet and necklace loaded with gems is considered the most adorable ones. But buying jewelry with gems can be an expensive task. Now you may ask then what should you look for? Yes, you need to look for Amber.
It is a rare natural stone mostly formed by tree sap or small insects. Poland and Dominican Republic are the main nations with abundant of this type of stone. There are different colors available to choose from but blue amber is certainly a distinct choice. Here, we'll discuss about this jewelry, its value and price.
Let's start with the value of this exclusive organic stone. It is certainly the most affordable option in terms of choosing alternate to gems. However, there are a few fashion-conscious people who assume that choosing fake amber can be a right decision as it saves big money, but it is not essential every time. Always remember, if you are looking for a durable option, you need to go with an organic option.
Therefore, choosing blue colored amber means you are making a right decision. The stone has great value in terms of luck. It is considered as lucky charm to attract positivity or luck in life. Since ages the stone has been used by royal and elite people to bring luck.
It is really an important point that must be kept in mind while looking for jewelry of any sort. You aren't supposed to choose a deal that you can't be able to afford. Therefore, before making a final decision, you must first confirm the pricing list. You need to check out whether you could be able to afford a certain type of amber or not. There are plenty of online amber stores available that claim to offer real amber at cheap prices, but when it comes to harsh realities, many of these stores offer nothing else but useless promises.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that before finalizing a choice, you first need to find out a right jewelry store online to buy desired type of amber. As already mentioned above that amber comes in different colors, therefore you need to choose a right color keeping the settings of your jewelry in view. For instance, if you want to get amber installed on your white or silver colored bracelet, you need to choose the stone color accordingly to match rest of jewelry.
Stylish Jewelry:
Stylish jewelry is something that everyone wants to adorn. If you are also among one of them, you need to choose jewelry incorporated with stones. Buying stylish blue amber jewelry onlineis an effortless process. If you want to boost your appearance through jewelry, you shouldn't forget adding this type of natural stones to your jewelry selection.
Choosing amber of blue color means you will get various benefits from attracting luck to making yourself more stylish.
By John Dev

Beneficial Jewelry Shopping Through Online Shops
The world of men and women jewelry is very majestic and so has its fame. There are plenty of collection and choices from which the consumers can select their desired one. Unlike the other fields and markets the industries of jewelry are in a stable growth. The number of patterns and designs is enhanced. So the availability of a number of styles helps to jewelry selling shops to reach the targeted traffic of clients, especially the female clients have dominated. Usually the interested consumers have the two different types of jewelry shopping options, one is traditional jewelry shop and another one is a jewelry online market. Nowadays the jewelry shopping through online shops become a trend and more popular among so many females.
Jewelry shopping online
Every person has different taste when it comes to selecting the steel jewelry. Some of them like to buy the ring that is heavily crafted with unique gems and stones and some of them like to wear the simple one but a specific quality gold ring. So they prefer online shopping where they can get a huge range of collection and also highest quality steel jewelry. With such varied preferences theonline jewelry shopping provides the clients to pick from a great range of designs without having a move around in the dissimilar shops for a piece of jewels. An extended selection permits the customers more choices to get their dream jewelry items. Price is also one of the major factors that driving the enormous number of clients to the online shopping for steel jewels.
Cost effective
The prices of jewelry are significantly very much low at most of the online shops due to the large volume of sales, direct interaction with manufacturers and a low overhead rate. So these factors permit consumers to save their money of jewelry shopping. The consumers will be enabled to get their desired jewelry pieces with some click of their mouse rather than walking for hours or driving around different shopping streets.
Time saving method
One can compare the jewelry shopping online experience with the shopping at traditional jewelry shops; the clients rush to get there fight traffic, get jostled by crowds, via parking, endure pushy sales people and so on. Usually these types of shopping consumes more time and also to return the jewelry back can so much time again. So in order to overcome these types of problems one can prefer online jewelry store where the clients can purchase their desired piece of jewelry conveniently from their own place. This type of online shopping consumes less time and one can select their ornaments without any pressure from the sales people.
With the development of electronic business the jewelry shopping becomes more reliable and easy nowadays. The online shop provides more offers and discounts on jewelry shopping which makes the shopping more affordable. So all you need to do is to select the right online shop for your jewelry shopping.

By Andrew Wilson

Gennco International

HAMLIN Portrait is dedicated to the belief that people can enhance connections
to loved ones, to goals, memories, or inspiration by the use of our unique
patented timepiece. Every one of our watches open to reveal a secret chamber
for special words and photo that can be viewed often throughout the day.

Hamlin Watches

HAMLIN Portrait is dedicated to the belief that people can enhance connections
to loved ones, to goals, memories, or inspiration by the use of our unique
patented timepiece. Every one of our watches open to reveal a secret chamber
for special words and photo that can be viewed often throughout the day.

Heavenly Treasures

Heavenly Treasures® (an Anything Goes Inc company) is a family run jewelry
business. Our catalogs are distributed to millions of people each year and our
jewelry brings joy and happiness to so many people throughout the year.

HP Watches

HAMLIN Portrait is dedicated to the belief that people can enhance connections
to loved ones, to goals, memories, or inspiration by the use of our unique
patented timepiece. Every one of our watches open to reveal a secret chamber
for special words and photo that can be viewed often throughout the day.

Vegas Slots

Top 5 Tips for Buying Jewelry
Depending Primarily on Cost
You need to make sure that you are getting a good value for the jewelry you are buying. You may spend a lot of money on a piece of jewelry that is not worth the price, and you certainly do not want to buy a piece of jewelry just because it is the most inexpensive on the display. It might be inexpensive but it still might not be worth the price tag.

Not Carefully Choosing a Retailer
Before you buy a piece from any one particular jeweler, be sure that you are being as careful as possible about the retailer you choose. Different retailers will have different values regarding the source of their materials as well as making sure that the pieces they are selling in their store are of high quality and that they stand behind their inventory.
Ignoring the Recipient's Preferences
If you are buying jewelry for someone in particular, you should know what their preferences are beforehand. There are a lot of different options and features to consider that you should discuss with the recipient ahead of time. If you are buying a ring, for example, for a fiancé, it might be worth it to you and to your betrothed to have some discussion about what both of your expectations are for the jewelry. If you are buying an engagement ring for a fiancée, she will have that piece of jewelry on her finger for a lifetime so going in and buying a diamond without knowing what your fiancée likes and is expecting can be a dangerous game that you might not live down for a while if you make the wrong choice.
Not Doing Your Research
The four Cs of buying diamond are cut, carat weight, color and clarity. Cut is usually used to indicate the shape of the diamond but it is actually much more than that. Cut primarily defines how the diamond is cut to affect its brilliance. In layman's terms, a diamond that is well-cut will be more sparkly and brilliant, while a diamond that is not cut as well or is cut incorrectly will look flat and less shiny. Carat weight is the unit of measurement for how much a diamond weighs. Although the more carats the diamond weighs, the rarer it is, more carats does not necessarily equal value. Color is the color of the diamond. While clear diamonds are more common, and the clearer a diamond the more valuable it is, they come in a variety of colors, which really only has bearing according to preference. Finally, clarity involves how pure the diamond is. Most diamonds do have some blemishes or "inclusions," such as clouds or spots. The fewer blemishes there are on the diamond, the more valuable it is going to be. Knowing about what you are looking for and thoroughly studying the diamond before making your purchase is essential.
Not Knowing What You Are Buying
As mentioned above, buying a piece of jewelry in Lansing just based on the posted price is generally a bad idea. Make sure that you know what you are buying before you buy such a high-ticket item. The best way to do this is to do your research. Know what you are looking for in terms of cut, clarity, and carat. You will also want to know where the diamond that you are buying is coming from to avoid buying conflict diamonds or diamonds that come from illegitimate sources. Knowing as much as you can about jewelry before buying something will help ensure you get the best price from the jewelry you are planning to buy.
By Matthew McClanahan

Katarina Jewelry

We have been hand-selecting diamonds and designing captivating
settings to provide you with exquisite diamond jewelry at amazing
values for decades. Our guiding philosophy has always been
"simple elegance" and we continue that tradition today.


Based in Los Angeles, Kobelli designs are some of the most
magnificent and unique diamond jewelry products in the world.

Common Questions About Jewelry
Below are some questions about jewelry and these questions always will be asked when someone shopping for jewelry...
What is The Most Appropriate Way to Clean My Jewelry?
If you take proper care of your jewelry, it can remain looking new. Remove your jewelry at night and put it in a safe place where several pieces will not rub against each other. Also, avoid contact of your jewelry with substances such as perfume, bleach, cosmetics, soap, hairsprays, etc. Gold jewelry may be cleaned in a bowl of water containing any mild liquid detergent. Use a soft brush to create lathers around the jewelry. Rinse the piece off - not over the drain, in a metal or plastic strainer. Dry your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
What Points Stand Out when Viewing Jewelry Quality?
Unique care is required by some gemstones; however there are certain basic guidelines and characteristics that finely crafted jewelry have in common, regardless of the manufacturing method that was used to produce them. The jewelry shouldn't have any pits, bumps, scratches or holes. All components of the jewelry should have a smooth finish. If the surface of the jewelry is supposed to be brushed or have a matte finish, it should also be smooth and uniform. The shine should resemble a mirror on every surface if it is polished.
What Makes White Gold White and What is It?
Gold with 100% purity is too soft for use in jewelry, so it is usually mixed with other metals or "alloyed" to make it harder. White gold is produced from the mixing of gold, copper, palladium, and zinc. Various shades of yellow gold can be created from the mixing of gold, silver, copper, and small amounts of zinc.
Why do Pieces of Jewelry that Look Nearly the Same Differ so Much with Price?
Several features can affect the value of gold jewelry. One-of-a-kind designer jewelry can be very costly. Different finishes can alter the value, such as matte or sandblasted. Also, heavier pieces can be more costly than lighter ones, as gold is often sold by weight.
Why 14K Gold Jewelry Worth Less Than 18K Gold Jewelry?
Simply put, 14K gold isn't as pure at 18 karat gold. Gold purity is measured in karats, 24 karats being pure gold. 18 karat gold is 75% pure - the rest being made up of alloys, 14 karat gold is 58% pure, etc.
Where to Buy 9 Karat Jewelry?
Most of jewelry stores now do not offer 9 karat jewelry since it does not adhere fully to the United States Government Gold Standards. More specifically, U.S. standards stipulate that no jewelry less than 10 karat is to be imported and sold in the U.S. Any jewelry 9 karat or less is no longer recognized by the U.S. as solid gold.
By Krista QQ

Mens Tungsten

Tungsten carbide rings are the most durable on the planet. They are
specially engineered with a man's rough lifestyle in mind. The Tungsten
InfinityTM collection is formulated to maintain a brilliant shine,

Cioro Illusion Earrings
The CIORO® COLLECTION by designer JJ Porcell is a new design concept
accented with an innovative ‘C’ shaped profile that is
intriguing and sophisticated. Curving forward from behind the ear,
they present precious stones,pearls, and charms with drama and brilliance
creating the illusion of floating below the ear. In fact they are so
special there is even a US patent issued on the design.

Touchscreen Wrist watches: five Distinctive Led Watch Ideas
There are various types of touch screen wrist watches out there, through types that look no different from your average wind-up watch in order to computer wrist watches that may do just about everything your own smart phone can do.
If you are having trouble picking out a particular kind of watch to call your personal, then this easy guide can help you become more conscious of the various styles that comprise each kind associated with watch:
The Tech Brick
Android wrist watches are the rage today, along with larger than regular touch screen watches released out in the market. These wrist watches possess a lot to provide when it comes to overall performance, through phone wrist watches which takes phone calls and hype you when you have the calendar, Facebook notify. The often bulky as well as industrial look of these types of watches, nevertheless, provides very limited match ups with regards to fashion. This will make timepieces ideal for when you want to make a declaration about your desire for connectivity, particularly if you possess constant use of Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G wireless Internet access.
The Modern Look
Now you have the touch wrist watches that have a more contemporary design, along with commercial as well as metallic motifs determining the feel of these types of wrist watches. Connected dishes would be the trademark of this particular number of touchscreen watches, emitting the high-tech feel without having to sacrifice much of style. These people don't have a similar processing abilities of the larger Technology Brick relatives, but they have just sufficient room to make space with regard to fundamental app functionality. This makes the Modern Look the relatively less dangerous, more fashion-friendly option for presenting wearable tech to your wardrobe.
The Classy Touch
This type of touch screen watches possess rounded encounters along with leather wrist watches, looking virtually identical to more mature kinds of wristwatches initially. They are certainly the most stylish and respectable lines associated with wrist watches within this list, but their light weight as well as curved shape depart hardly any room for advanced contact abilities. This is, nevertheless, a choice that may work with a number of fashion styles whilst still letting you obtain basic notices through mobile phones tethered by way of Wireless bluetooth towards the view.
The Puzzlers
This line of touchscreen watches is for the person that really wants to stand out in the crowd. These types of touch mobile phones not only serve as a miniature smart gadget, but they also feature complicated puzzles that need to be solved to be able to tell time -- puzzles that turn out to be not hard if you know the cipher. This will make Puzzlers excellent discussion beginners too. Simply take it up to inform time as well as your companions may most likely inquire exactly how within weakling hell you managed to realize it was seven:'08 at night from individuals squiggly lines and dots in your watch.
The actual Stylish
These are the type of touch screen wrist watches that use technology to watch your body's condition: blood pressure, heartbeat, calories burned etc. These are fantastic smart wrist watches for the sportsman, outdoors type and/or fitness center rat because they give a wealth of info on the travel as well as with out evaluating lower your own pockets at the same time. These tend to be made from long lasting and lightweight plastic material compounds, and frequently look more like tight anklet bracelets compared to wrist watches. This allows them to be difficult sufficient to consider just a little abuse whilst being an almost invisible attachment because of the method they fit snugly in your wrist.
Keep all of this in your mind and you'll have the ability to quickly distinguish the five different kinds of touchscreen wrist watches instantly!

By Adeel Qureshi

Overstock Silver
Overstock Silver opened its doors in 2004 at a small retail location in
Maryland. Our small boutique came from a desire to provide customers
with high quality, and distinctive sterling silver designer inspired jewelry.

Pictures On Gold creates the finest Photo Pendants and Charms, Gold
Lockets, Silver Lockets and other Personalized Photo Jewelry in the
industry. We create lasting photo lockets and photo jewelry keepsakes
using only the finest 14k gold, white gold and Sterling Silver.

Wrist Watches: The Personality Reflector
A wrist watch is not only an instrument to keep a track of time, but is also used as a fashion statement. Especially men, who doesn't get the opportunity to accessorize them with jewelry, consider wrist watches as an elementary closet necessity. Even the introduction of mobile phones and tablets could not diminish men's love for watches. It has been evident that many watch lovers go out of the way to get their desired watch, thus enhancing their collection of watches. If you are a watch lover and not being able to get the watch you have been longing to add to your collection, as it is not available in the nearest store, take help of the great invention called the internet.
The internet, ever since its inception, has been serving the mankind enormously and online shopping is one of the greatest gifts it has given us. Now, you can Buy watches online in India or anywhere in the world with the help of these online shopping portals.
There are a lot of shopping sites in India, which allow you to choose from a plethora of collection listed on the websites. Be it a Rolex, TAG Heuer or Titan, you will be able find almost all the brands, that too at an incredible price. So, now you can buy watch online in India and add your favorite watch to your kitty.It is a known fact that watches speak about your personality, but you need to be careful while choosing your watch in order to convey the right message. A sports watch may go well with casual outfit, but wearing such a watch with a suit would definitely spoil your style statement. Similarly, a Rolex or a similar brand of elegant watches would not go well with a casual attire. Thus, it of utmost importance to take care of your choices before coming to any decision. With the help of the internet, now we don't have to visit one shop after another looking for the right pick. These online stores are a one stop destination offering an arsenal of products. You can go through the vast list of watches from various brands on these online shopping portals and choose the anticipated watch you want to buy. These websites also give you the facility to pay on delivery or you can opt to pay by your credit or debit card at the time of placing the order.
As already mentioned, watches reflect your personality and if you carry it properly you will be able to impress your surroundings by flaunting that beautiful time piece on your wrist. So, choose properly and cultivate the impression you want others to have of you.

By Askme Bazaar

Purely Piercing
PurelyPiercings Body Jewellery
You pierce it - we'll fill it!
NZ's largest Body Jewellery store since 2008


SOUFEEL was founded in 2011, since then we have delivered the best
shopping experience for jewelry lovers all over the world. SOUFEEL’s
direct to consumer model allows us to create the most beautiful charms,
beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to our customers
at ultra-competitive prices – all backed by our class leading
guarantee and customer service.

Big Wrist Watches Are An Indispensable Ancillary For Both Men And Women
Nowadays, watches have become as essential as wearing an attire. It has become an indispensable accessory for both men and women. Moreover many interviewees reject people applying for a job just because they are not wearing a watch. As watch is a symbol that you value time and being punctual is your quality. For working anywhere both these qualities are extremely important and if you lack in them, no one is going to hire you up. Since the time watches were invented, it has changed incredible from the way it looks, functions, design, shape, size, manufacturing and everything else. Earlier the main and only purpose of watches were to keep the track record of time but, now the things have entirely changed. Watches have became more than just time telling machine as now watches are all equipped with marvelous features like GPS, LED, stop watch, water resistant etc. Moreover, a type of watch one is wearing depicts a lot about the personality traits. Wrist watches are available in various materials like gold, silver, brass, plastic and are available in varied designs square, circular, rectangular, round, small face, big face etc. Amidst all these watches, big wrist watches have acquired a special likable attitude by both men and women. Big wrist watches in themselves represents strength, toughness and reliability. The bonus point is that this big wrist watch is highly in trend and demand and looks really stylish and out of the mob.
Big wrist watches are famous amidst men as it depicts strength and toughness which is liked by all men. As men has nothing much to make them look more attractive as compare to women, therefore for them a wrist watch is a must part. Moreover big wrist watches are always best-loved over the small ones because big things are more appealing to human eye and at the same time they are trendy.
Big wrist watches are also favorite amidst women as this watch depicts strength, courage and self-reliance which every woman of 21st century is looking for. The way a woman carry herself depicts a lot of things about her. A strong attire, make up and accessories can make a woman look strong even if she is afraid from of. These watches are available in different colors and designs which are very fascinating and are loved by everyone. Watches are very essential item for all the genders, irrespective of their age.
Since its emergence, everything has changed so is the way one wears the watch like earlier it is used to be a pocket watch and people use to keep it in their pockets but with the emergence of wrist watches, the way of wearing them gives plenty of options like one can wear them on either of the wrist weather left or right. Also, the dial of the watch can be kept downside or upside as well. You also can choose the type of band of your pocket like whether it should be a chain one or the other one mad of leather or plastic.

By Rockwell Time

VIP Necklace
Free Shipping! Up to 50% Off! Shop Now!
VIP Necklace offers high end personalized jewelry at an affordable price.
We specialize in providing the latest personalized fashion trends bringing
you a stylish array and the highest quality name and monogram necklaces,
bracelets, earrings and rings.


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