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• Ten Most Common Uses of Internet
• Since the internet has becoming popular, it's being used for many purposes. Through the help of the World Wide Web and websites, the internet has become very useful in many ways for the common man. Today internet has brought a globe in a single room. Right from news across the corner of the world, wealth of knowledge to shopping, purchasing the tickets of your favorite movie-everything is at your finger tips.
Here is the list of some common uses of internet

1) Email:
By using internet now we can communicate in a fraction of seconds with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world. Today for better communication, we can avail the facilities of e-mail. We can chat for hours with our loved ones. There are plenty messenger services and email services offering this service for free. With help of such services, it has become very easy to establish a kind of global friendship where you can share your thoughts, can explore other cultures of different ethnicity.
2) Information:
The biggest advantage that internet offering is information. The internet and the World Wide Web has made it easy for anyone to access information, and it can be of any type, as the internet is flooded with information. The internet and the World Wide Web has made it easy for anyone to access information, and it can be of any type. Any kind of information on any topic is available on the Internet.
3) Business:
World trade has seen a big boom with the help of the internet, as it has become easier for buyers and sellers to communicate and also to advertise their sites. Now a day’s most of the people are using online classified sites to buy or sell or advertising their products or services. Classified sites save a lot of money and time so this is chosen as medium by most of people to advertise their products. We have many classified sites on the web like craigslist,, Kijiji etc.
4) Social Networking:
Today social networking sites have become an important part of the online community. Almost all users are members use it for personal and business purposes. It is an awesome place to network with many entrepreneurs who come here to begin building their own personal and business brand.
5) Shopping:
In today’s busy life most of us are interested to shop online. Now a day’s almost anything can be bought with the use of the internet. In countries like US most of consumers prefer to shop from home. We have many shopping sites on internet like, etc. People also use the internet to auction goods. There are many auction sites online, where anything can be sold.
6) Entertainment:
On internet we can find all forms of entertainment from watching films to playing games online. Almost anyone from any age group can find the right kind of entertainment for themselves. When people surf the Web, there are numerous things that can be found. Music, hobbies, news and more can be found and shared on the Internet. There are numerous games that may be downloaded from the Internet for free.
7) E-Commerce:
Ecommerce is the concept used for any type of commercial maneuvering, or business deals that involves the transfer of information across the globe via internet. It has become a phenomenon associated with any kind of shopping, almost anything. It has got a real amazing and range of products from household needs, technology to entertainment.
8) Services:
Many services are now provided on the internet such as online banking, job seeking, purchasing tickets for your favorite movies, and guidance services on array of topics in the every aspect of life, and hotel reservations and bills paying. Often these services are not available off-line and can cost you more.
9) Job Search:
Internet makes life easy for both employers and job seekers as there are plenty of job sites which connects employers and job seekers.
10) Dating/Personals:
People are connecting with others though internet and finding their life partners. Internet not only helps to find the right person but also to continue the relationship.
By kaiz

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Install Antivirus For Computer Protection against Malicious Threats
In today's technology based world, security of your computer from malicious threats has become a very difficult task. Intruders who have wrong intentions, can access your important information thus stealing your identity and causing harm to your system. It is a must for every computer user to install and update antivirus software with the aim of protecting your system against malicious programs like viruses, malware, spyware and Trojan.
In case antivirus is not up to date then your computer is more vulnerable to these infecting programs. Viruses and its other forms enter your system in many forms without your consent. The computer system gets infected by malicious programs when you browse websites using internet, download any infected software, when you open an infected e-mail message and so. Every time you are connected to internet, your computer is at the risk of being infected by viruses.
The only way to protect your system against the noxious programs is to install updated antivirus software. It offer complete protection to your computer any harmful things. The central role is to check all files to determine the presence of viruses.
Once it is installed on your system, it is very important to regularly update it. Newer is the software installed more it will be able to find the newly discovered viruses and other security threats. You must select a program keeping in mind usage of your computer and internet. When you are working on internet, malicious objects affect the efficiency of your computer system and slow down its speed and compatibility.
There are certain things that you always need to keep in mind which include running scan at least twice a week. This will allow you to know the current status. Viruses can affect your computer in such a large extent that you might need to format your computer which can cost you a lot. You can lose your important and personal data, if you don't use the backup. All these problems lead to a slow speed of your system and decrease its overall performance. One needs to be very sure and careful while choosing one so that it is compatible with the configuration of your pc. You can also take suggestions from experts who are available to provide online technical help. You can download some free antispyware like Malware bytes, Spybot, super anti spyware and Trojan remover. These are few security products that you can use to protect your PC.
With the increase of computers in daily life of people, the need of improvising security is also increasing. Software are not enough to protect your computer system as it is estimated that there is over 120,000 computer infections such as viruses, spyware, malware and Trojan. Approximately 90,000,000 Spam and emails are sent out each day by computer users. You can also avail online support to provide computer protection against security threats. There are a number of companies that are providing antivirus support. These organizations have certified professionals who are capable of troubleshooting any errors that occur in the system because of the viruses. Their support is 24x7 available at e very reasonable cost. These companies provide a range of effective services to resolve virus related issues.

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Choose a Web Browser That Satisfies Your Needs
For those who have just started surfing the internet, the number of web browsers can be overwhelming. Which one is the best of all? Which one will give the information that you need fastest? Which web browser is more user-friendly? Which is the most secure web browser? With which browser you can keep your data and identity absolutely safe and secure. Web Browser is the application software that is used for the purpose of retrieving, presenting and traversing the information from the internet. Browsers are intended to access the World Wide Web. The major web browsers include the following:
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the browser that everyone knows about. If you have ever worked with Windows you must be familiar with it. It is one of the first graphical based web browser. The time it was released, it was dominant in use with over ninety percent. It has held the title of most popular browser in use. Like modern web browsers, Internet Explorer supports Java, JavaScript and Ajax. It has features like phishing and built-in-malware protection, tabbed browsing and private browsing. The latest official release is Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and IE 9 is currently in development.
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is considered as the best alternative and it can be easily customized.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome was developed by Google Inc. that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web easier, faster and safer. It offers features like access to favorite pages that too instantly with thumbnails, desktop shortcuts to launch web applications and independently run tabs within browser to prevent browser crashing. It is available for Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2.
Apple Safari
Apple Safari is used for Macintosh, Windows operating system as well as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It has been designed keeping a premise in the mind that the most useful web browser is one lets you simply enjoy the web. It is responsible for functions like displaying graphics, rendering fonts, running JavaScript and determining page layout. Currently it occupies fourth position in the browser market and ranks after Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Google Chrome. Its main aim is to increase stability and security of the operating system.
Opera has been boasted as being the speediest and most standard compliant of the current browser in use. It has come up with some innovative and creative ways to let people surf faster and easier. It supports 128 bit encryption, HTML and JavaScript. It is available for use with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. One of its most important and interesting features is the speed-dial. Once you add a speed dial to a website, you simply type in the number of that website to access faster.
The latest version of the above mentioned five major web browsers have gone through six performance indicators which are JavaScript speed, average CPU usage under stress, DOM selection, CSS rendering speed, page load time and browser cache performance. Each of these was tested three times under an unprimed cache and their average value was reported in the result.
If you face any kind of trouble with your web browser you can take help from online tech support providers. The experts can guide you to troubleshoot any kind of errors occurring while surfing the internet. Also mostly users are well aware of which web browser they should choose for enjoying the work on internet.

The number one crime in the United States continues to  be identity theft.
An identity is stolen every 3 seconds, and  you could be next.
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• $1,000,000 INSURANCE, recover out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages if your identity is stolen.
• ONLINE PRIVACY SOFTWARE, surf the web safely. Protect yourself when shopping, banking and networking online.
• LOST WALLET ASSISTANCE, prevent unauthorized access and withdrawals when your wallet is stolen
• RAPID RESOLUTION, complete recovery services from  Certified Protection Experts available 24/7.
At home, work, and online. We prtect your identity
IdentityForce provides the best identity, privacy, and
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35 years and you can trust we'll do the same for you.

Screentime concerns - is your child addicted to the internet?
A lot of parents these days have one big concern: is their kid addicted to the Internet? However, a report from the U.S National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a statement saying that "screen time" is actually a bigger problem than Internet addiction.
"Screen time" is any amount of time spent in front of any type of digital screen. This would include that of television, video game consoles, handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, and of course computers.
The real question now is, how much time should you be allowing your kid to be on the Internet and in front of any digital screen in general? What if you have signed up for an online private tuition for your child that requires him or her to be online?
Let's Go Straight to Some Screen Stats
There is a rising concern from parents around the world o the amount of time being spent by kids inside "screen worlds." The real concern is that their kids may be missing out on some of the best real life experiences because of time spent in front of a digital screen.
Here are some statistics where these concerns may have stemmed from:
It is estimated that young children to teenagers with ages between 8 to 28 spend around 44.5 hours every week in front of a digital screen.
Around 23% of young children and teens have reportedly felt some sort of addiction to video games. The breakdown between males and females is 31% to males and 13% to females.
Signs that your child may be addicted to the Internet
Know that if your child has been spending too much time online, a somewhat compulsive behaviour may begin to develop. This kind of behaviour can lead to Internet addiction, which in essence is the same as any other addiction - it can greatly affect the healthy balance between normal activities and interests in your child's life.
Here are some signs that may tell you if your child is starting to develop an addiction to the Internet:
• Becomes angry when interrupted while on the Internet.
• Stays on the Internet far longer than what was intended.
• Would rather be online than spend time with friends.
• Get's agitated when access to the Internet is denied.
• Doesn't tell the truth on the amount of time being spent online.
• Tries to sneak online when adults aren't watching.
• Stays up almost all night just to being online.
• Starts to break rules on time limits set for using the Internet.
• Has lost all interest in interests previously enjoyed prior to being online all the time.
What are the dangers behind uncontrolled screen time for kids?
Everything starts at home, and it is definitely up the parents to regulate the amount of time their kids spend on the Internet. An example is when you decide to go for an online tutor hunt for your child, you should be able to get someone who can engage your kid in a fun learning environment online.
Additionally as a parent, you have to ensure that your child has enough time for valuable activities such as eating healthily, reading, doing their homework, writing, some useful physical activities, and many other creative extracurricular activities.
If you are not careful, you risk your child to the negative effects of too much screen time such as:
• Increased chances of being obese. No physical movement brought about by unregulated screen time is often co-related to munching on high calorie snacks.
• Harder time getting to bed, this problems with falling asleep on the right time as they continue to obsess about the Internet, video games, and television programs during the night.
• There is an increased possibility of developing depression, anxiety, and attention problems, including ADD and ADHD.

By Sarah Pto

Internet generation and its consequences
It is troublesome for teens nowadays to imagine a time while not text electronic communication and web surfboarding. This generation of faculty students especially have virtually adult up with the net, and area unit usually additional technologically literate than their oldsters and professors. Studies have shown that young people's frequent use of the net affected their brain development, a finding that provides rise to the question of however education nowadays is suffering from students' alternative ways of thinking and learning.
Moreover, are the web-minded students at a bonus or disadvantage relating to their education and their ability to retain what's taught? The solution seems to be two-sided: whereas an excessive amount of use of the internet will result in addiction and shorter attention spans, it's conjointly been shown that being internet-minded offers folks the potential to find out even additional. Of course, for that to happen, it's necessary to own academic systems that embrace however teens assume nowadays, and cater to their explicit wants. The young generation in these times has been very spellbound with the use of internet that they have lost the needs and essential of the interaction with the world.
We need the fast access to data. We want the convenience that the net offers. We use E-mail, Skype, and MSN to speak with friends at no cost. After all there are way more factor that we will do through the net. I'm not attending to list everything as a result of I feel most of them you already recognize and know it very well. All what we tend to get from the net may be conclude in an exceedingly word, is convenience. And therefore the convenience is stronger enough to surpass all the cons that I'm attending to tell you set along.
One necessary impact of the net to the younger generation is that it's modified the manner they convey. Rather than hanging out with friends, teenagers had showed a trend that they might rather occupy home and chat with one another. However, it's not clearly smart for health since sitting before of their computer or laptop, chatting throughout their free time isn't the most effective thanks to unleash pressure. What is more, the net has become a serious supply of diversion for the younger generation in line with the event of flash and website-based games. Some teenagers are therefore dependent on it that they begin perform poorly in different fields, like academy and athletics.
Few would argue against the net being a revolutionary force that has modified society considerably within the past few decades, however astonishingly very little analysis has really been done on however it's moving our brains and also the method folks suppose. Checking out the internet impact on psychological feature, we see that folks were abundantly less probable to recollect explicit facts if they believed that the knowledge would be accessible to them within the future. Once given with random facts, participants within the study who believed the knowledge would be lost once they scan it scored abundant higher on the quizzes that asked them to recall the facts than those participants, who thought they may access the knowledge later. Apparently, conjointly we found that almost all folks straight off address the net once they square measure given with an issue to that they don't understand the solution.
So it has become an essentiality to connect yourself and your business with the upcoming world so that you may not be in loss or run behind the world.

By Dexter jhonson

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