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3 Day Blinds
Pay Zero for 12 Months Only At Ends January 31
Serving clients for over 36 years, consistently receiving high client satisfaction marks. We are relentless
in our goal to make sure you are completely satisfied with the experience and delighted with your new window treatments.

Build An Outdoor Pond In Just One Day
Before you start your own backyard pond, it's best to get used to building one first. Don't worry if it sounds difficult - this outline will have you building and finishing a pond in just one day. You read that right. Only one day.
People who build their first pond usually haven't a clue as to how to go about it. They don't know what tools to buy, what size they're going to pond and what equipment they'll need to install. A starter pond walks you through the basics, allowing you to get accustomed to the needs and requirements of pond building. Now, the idea of the starter pond is that you should keep things small. As Mel Gibson said in The Patriot, "Aim small, miss small." If you limit the size of the pond, you also limit the things that could go wrong. With that in mind, you'll be able to judge just how big your starter pond should be.
In any building project, you need to prepare your tools and materials. Now, this isn't as complex as building, say, a house where you need tons of equipment. You don't need much to get started but there are certain implements that you absolutely must have. Obviously, you can't make a pond without digging a hole first. So the first thing you should do is get some digging tools. Dig a hole to the desired size. Make sure that the hole matches the size of your liner, especially if you're going to use a preformed pond shell.
For a rigid pond shell, make sure that the hole matches its size and shape. If you don't want to use a pre-made shell, you can use flexible liner instead. Canvas is a good choice, although you should take a look at other available materials.
A garden hose and some spray paint will come in handy when you're setting up to dig. You can use them to mark the location of your pond and the shape it will be. This allows you to work faster and more accurately than just guessing where you should dig.
Pond water needs to be cleaned and the best way to do this is to install a filtration system. Purchase a water pump and filter and set it up in your pond. This equipment is electrical, of course, so make sure you erect a power source nearby. If possible, put all of these things in an obscure spot so that they don't disturb the natural look of your pond.
This is an outline of the pond building process:
1. Make a pond plan.
2. Outline the shape of your pond with spray paint or a garden hose.
3. Dig the desired depth and shape of your pond.
4. Place the pond shell or liner
5. Install the pump, filter and tubes that will cycle your pond's water.
6. Put in water to fill the pond.
7. Activate the filtration system by plugging it into a nearby power source.
And you're done! It may not be the most beautiful pond, but it's a pond nonetheless. To make it look more like a completed pond, you can add some plants and, if you want to risk it, fish. Just keep in mind that this is meant as practice for when you make your real pond-making project.

A Best Kitchen

We stock thousands of high-quality commercial kitchen
products from top manufacturers.

American Box

We’re in it for the long haul. As retail web pioneers, we’re closing in on
2 decades online. We carry and own, in-house, 98% of the products we offer.

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Andirondack Chairs
Patio Dining Furniture
We are excited to open our new outdoor furniture store on Artificial Plants
and Trees. The store will feature outdoor wicker furniture, Adirondack chairs,
patio tables, fire pits, outdoor grills and garden accessories.

Artificial Plants and Trees
Our selection of artificial plants and artificial trees is the largest
you'll find online - close to 8,000 silk flowers, plants, topiary,

Rock Garden Landscape Ideas
Rock gardens are a fantastic method of adding unique shapes and textures of rocks and garden landscape ideas that provide a natural feel to your backyard or yard decorating. The combination of rocks, flowers and plants is an inexpensive way to boost the beauty of your rock garden design.Rock gardens are creative reflection of wonderful mountainous scenes that you can enjoy everyday right at an office. Various plants and flowers complement and enrich the neutral, calm and timeless environment developed by rocks in gardens.
Beautiful rock gardens are extremely attractive when they harmoniously fit in backyard, yard or garden landscape ideas. Garden rocks in poorly designed rock gardens lifeless and unattractive. Beautiful rock garden design is definitely an art, so a beginner ought to learn the basics of how to design an outdoor with rocks, plants and flowers.Formal rock gardens emphasize your home exterior design and architectural features. Beautiful rock garden design make backyard, yard or garden look more harmonious and balanced, turning natural landscape right into a work of art.
Formal rock gardens may include only green plants or colorful flowers and plants that bring life to rock garden landscape ideas and provide a more natural look to rocks garden setting.Natural rock garden designs look informal and natural with wild flowers and plants that grow in free style. Decorative flowers and plants can be added to the natural garden design, which makes it brighter and more colorful.
>How you can design a garden
Before you design a rock garden, assess the potential of your site. Most important elements are drainage, sunlight exposure, existing house exterior design and also the presence of trees and flower beds on the website.
Drainage for your rock garden design
Rock garden design needs a site that has good drainage. Areas for example slopes and those that are slightly raised are ideal for designing attractive rock gardens. Plants may rot or otherwise thrive in areas that stay wet for very long time.
Rocks garden sunlight exposure
Sunlight exposure is really a critical for most plants and flowers, employed for rock garden design, even though some plants grow well in shade. In case your backyard or front yard has bright and shady areas, it's a great idea to design few different rock gardens.
House exterior design and rock garden background
House exterior design and rock garden background aren't as important as drainage or sunlight exposure, however they have a visual impact on the general appearance of your backyard or yard decorating.
A large rock, brick and stone walls look gorgeous and natural, and boost the visual appeal of a formal rock garden design. Formal rock garden requires and engaging background that you can add. An all natural rock garden can be created without them.
Trees and flower beds
Trees and flower beds provide colors along with a changing background with fall foliage and branches in the winter months, which make your rocks garden interesting, surprising and try to beautiful. Rock garden plants for informal design add natural charm, emphasizing the tranquility of and timeless elegance of rocks within the garden.
Rocks garden design with blooming plants ought to be arranged away from large trees, which create shade and take water and nutrients in the soil, competing with rock garden plants

By chris hendrickson

Barstool Direct
Barstools, Bar Stools, Counter Stools, Swivel Stools
Barstool Direct has every type of bar stools that you can think of. Our bar stool
categories include counter stools, bar height stools, extra tall stools, adjustable
stools, and much more. 

Brand Point Home Decorating

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Burn Right Products
The Best Outdoor Burning Technology Available!
From the beginning, we’ve been guided by principles of
integrity, craftsmanship and environmental awareness.

Canopy Mart
Canopymart provides outdoor covers including canopies,
RV covers and other recreational covers and canopy
products. We feature high quality covers sturdy construction.

Brand Point Home Improvements

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Carolina Rustica Fine Furniture from North Carolina
Carolina Rustica is a 13-year old company that has has grown through
the years by offering an honest, customer-focused approach to
selling fine North Carolina furniture, lighting and mattresses.

Bathroom Organizers: Get More Space and Serenity in Your Bathroom Today
A bathroom that s simply too small can leave you struggling to find enough space to store the basic necessities. Whether your bathroom is lacking in size, boundaries or both, a few clever organizers can help you whip your water closet into a serene retreat in no time. One of the places in the bathroom that is quick to become a point of contention is the shower itself. Most showers were not meant to accommodate the full complement of products, shavers and loufas most of us use daily during our shower routine. A Tension Shower Organizer is just the solution that will increase your in shower storage capacity many times over.
Constructed of rust free plastic coated iron, the Tension Shower Organizer is spring loaded and can fit into any space from 43 to 98 inches high. The unit offers five spacious height adjustable corner shelves that are each sturdy enough to hold all the shower accoutrements for several regular visitors. This practical space-making device is simple to install without tools and features rubber tips on either end so it will not harm fixtures or tile.
Once your shower is properly equipped and delegated, it may be time to create some extra room in some spots you may not yet be taking advantage of. While a few hooks on the back of the bathroom door may seem like a great way to store some towels, you can take your game up a notch in no time at all with the help of the Over Door Two Basket Towel Rack. Constructed of solid plastic coated wire, this handy rack slips over the top of any standard door to offer two large storage baskets on top and a generous towel rack below that. The upper racks measure about five inches wide and make a great home for extra shampoos, hair products and other toiletries. The rack below can comfortably fit two towels.
Over Toilet Space Saver
Another location in the water closet that tends to get overlooked is the area right above the toilet. Add a bit more shelf space to your life with an Over Toilet Space Saver. The unit s chrome plated tubular steel frame provides the sturdiness you need for storing extra linens or toiletries while its three wide glass shelves add a touch of elegance.
Over toilet shelving is available in a number of styles and capacities, from the simplest metal tubing frames to elegant wrought iron showpieces, complete with cabinets and drawers. Take a moment to find the shelving unit that matches your lifestyle and décor now.
Door Waste Basket
Although additional storage opportunities give you a place to keep all your supplies, going overboard can lead to clutter. On your hunt for the most effective products for getting your bathroom in line, keep an eye out for innovative items like the Door Waste Basket that reduce clutter and free up extra floor space.
The waste basket is an indispensible part of any bathroom, but they can be unsightly and take up much needed room. The Door Waste Basket is designed to fit on the inside surface of any standard cabinet door, so you can keep the trash out of sight and out of mind. This useful waste basket holds 7 quarts and installs easily in mere moments.
Expandable Under Sink Shelf
Speaking of using cabinets to keep things out of sight, the Expandable Under Sink Shelf adds some much needed storage capacity to the area underneath your sink with its clever design. While most shelving units are thwarted from under sink use by obtrusive pipes, this unit expands to reveal an open section in its upper shelf designed to accommodate plumbing. While most under sink cabinets are too cramped to effectively organize the Expandable Under Sink Shelf provides the perfect palette for you to work your organizational wonders. This great product is made of steel tubing with steel mesh shelves and expands from 18 to 30 inches to fit inside most cabinets.
When it comes to even the tiniest, overused bathrooms, a few well placed and implemented bathroom organizers can transform cramped quarters into a serene oasis in your own home. Get your water closet in order and never worry about stepping on your house mates toes again with a few of these fantastic organizers now!

Hack A

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What Kind of Garden Do You Want?
There are many different types of gardens that you could have. Besides having vegetables and fruits growing in a certain area, you may also want one of the following types of gardens.
Kitchen Garden.
If you don't have the space or a large vegetable garden, you may want to plant a kitchen garden. This type of garden is usually planted close to the house where you can harvest the plants easily. However, you need to make sure that it is not so close to the house that it does not get adequate sunlight. Plants in a kitchen garden are usually those that are easy to plant, maintain and harvest.
Ornamental Garden
You may want to have an ornamental garden. An ornamental garden and either be formal or informal and is characterized by having plants or shrubs rather than flowers. Some people prefer to use ornamental gardens for their private outdoor rooms.
Wildlife Garden
If you live in a rural area, a Wildlife Garden may be an appropriate choice for you. A wildlife garden will usually include a water feature, tall grasses, and lots of flowers and fruits. This is the type of garden that small critters, butterflies and birds will be drawn to.
Your Final Plan
Your final gardening plan should include those items that you consider essential to your garden and those on your wish list that will fit in your gardening area. By now, you should have all of these features drawn in on your graph paper. Take a good look at your plan to make sure that all of your flowers, vegetables, lawn, and other features are placed in areas that are most appropriate: where they can get the best shade and sun and are aesthetically pleasing.
Now, following your plan, start putting your garden together. It doesn't all have to be done in the same day. In fact, it's best to take it slowly and create one area at a time. This way, if you find that some features would really fit another place better, changes can be made before planting.

By Jude Wright

Design Furnishings
Now you can have stylish and durable outdoor wicker patio furniture that won’t break
your budget. Select from a wide variety of designs, styles, fabrics and colors to fit your tastes.

Designer Pillow Shop

Luxury pillows and high-end throw pillows are our specialities! Our amazing selection
of designer pillows offers something for every moment of your life.

Techniques of Removing Pet Odor from your Carpets
How To Clean The Rugs?
People buy rugs and carpets to decorate his house. A person can buy beautiful rugs from any place. A clean rug can make the house look beautiful but a dirty rug would kill all the beauties of the house. The untidy rugs can make a person feel embarrassed in front the guests. Thus you need to take proper care of his rugs if you want to keep it beautiful for a long time. One needs to clean the rugs at a regular interval. A person who does not have the patience of cleaning all his rugs can call local rug cleaning agencies for cleaning the rugs.
To clean the upholsteries and rugs a person needs to have the necessary skills for doing the job. A person who lacks the skills of carpet cleaning can damage the object while cleaning it. Proper care should be taken while cleaning the upholsteries and the areas that have stains should be treated first. For this a person needs to have patience. There are people who have no time for cleaning the upholsteries and carpets and they can call Chicago upholstery cleaning service to clean their upholsteries.
To clean the rugs you need to use the suitable rug cleaning products. There are several rug cleaning products available in the market. All rug cleaning products are not of good quality. You need to select the best rug cleaning products from the market. To know about the rug cleaning products a person needs to know about the composition of these products. You can read the reviews of the products to know about the quality of these products. A person can call the people who are expert in rug cleaning if he wants to clean the rugs and carpets. There are numerous Chicago carpet cleaning companies who can clean the rugs and carpets. Rug cleaning is necessary for multiple reasons. One needs to clean the rugs if he wants the rugs to last long. A rug that is filled with dust is damaged very easily. To retain the beauty of a house rug cleaning is very necessary. An unclean rug can cause several diseases to the children as well as the elders in the house. To live a healthy life rug cleaning is essential. To get the best rug cleaning services one can call any authentic Chicago rug cleaning company. They have expert rug cleaners and can clean the rugs very easily.
The beautiful rugs are very expensive and you would not like to use a rug cleaner that would damage the rug. A person needs to know the proper rug cleaning method which is needed to clean any kind of rug in the house. Using an improper rug cleaner can damage the rugs.

Elite Fixtures - Home Lighting & Decor
In addition to providing the widest spectrum of indoor lighting products to choose
from, also offers an endless assortment of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Flags Connections
we offer discounts on Flags, Shadow cases, Frames, Military, Retirement Gifts and more
Flags Connections is a patriotic company dedicated to honouring
those who have faithfully served their country in the armed forces

Freedom Display Cases

Freedom Display Cases sells shadow boxes and display cases of premium craftsmanship at low prices. We
design each of our shadow boxes to offer natural elegance and a furniture finish that go with any home
or office decor. Our shadow boxes are unique and are manufactured exclusively for us using solid mahogany wood.

Necessary Tools for Lawn Garden Care and Upkeep When on a budget
For anyone who is preparing to create a gorgeous garden, there are many items you have to know when it comes to your lawn garden care and upkeep. Due to the fact you might be thinking about taking care of one's lawn on your own personal, there are many tools and pieces of equipment which you will need to have to invest money in. In the very same time, you need to ensure that you simply purchase the suitable tools for the size of one's garden.
One of the most important tool you have to invest in is often a lawnmower. You'll require to pick out the correct mower mainly because in case you just go for the 1 that looks improved and performs the job more quickly, you may wind up spending more. When deciding on a lawnmower, you must keep in mind that there is certainly an extensive range and sizes that they come in. Aside from this, they also have various rates which can fit just about any spending budget. Probably the most prevalent consist of:
. Riding Mowers
. Gas Push Mowers
. Electric and Gas Hover Mowers
. Electric and Gas Rotary Mowers
. Manual and Electric Roller Mowers
. Manual Side Wheel Mowers
When you don't have the budget for a brand new lawnmower, you may choose a secondhand mower that is nonetheless in good condition on eBay or Craigslist. It doesn't matter how it looks, so long as it performs a superb job for your lawn garden care.
Edge Trimmer:
Also referred to as a strimmer, this tool will enable you to tidy up your lawn's edges. The perfect trimmer which you need to get is actually a powered trimmer which might be run by gas or electricity. Having said that, for those who don't have the sufficent money for this, you are able to opt for edging shears to preserve almost everything neat and tidy.
Wire Rake:
One more important tool you'll need for your lawn garden care is actually a wire rake. This may allow you to clear up your lawn from the leaves which have fallen also as the other varieties of debris that may perhaps have an effect on the look of one's lawn.
Garden Fork:
This really is an excellent tool to utilize particularly to aerate the soil. Aerating indicates letting air enter the soil beneath your lawn. As you delve deeper into your lawn care, you'll get to know how critical aerating is.
>Hose Reel and also a Sprinkler:
Ahead of installing any hose reel or sprinklers, be sure that your neighborhood permit it. As soon as you've got verified this facts, you'll be able to start out searching for a sprinkler. You will discover plenty of these obtainable inside your hardware specialty shops.
The above mentioned tools are just several of the essentials that you simply will need for your lawn garden care. As soon as you start out knowing more about the process, you could then invest your funds in other tools.

Hillsdale Super Store
Hillsdale Furniture, Hillsdale Super Store
Hillsdale Super Store specializes in Hillsdale Furniture from bedroom furniture,
bar stools, accent furniture, home office furniture to dining sets. Hillsdale Furniture
is one of the country’s top quality home furnishing manufacturer.

Amazines Home Improvements

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Awesome Home Landscaping Tips
Landscaping is no longer as difficult as before. Today, there are many different gardens style you can choose from. This make it more challenging to select the ideal design. To avoid this, you can start writing your options regarding the top preferences of garden styles.
Once you have the list ready, you must evaluate each design based on different factors. The first one to consider is the type of plants you like to use. You can go for different combination of plant varieties and different colors. It is ideal to choose colorful flowering plants that blend well with the color of your home. For instance, if your home has the yellow external paints, having yellow roses on the garden would be perfect.
Another important factor is the topography and slope. This is also essential in assessing the need to have some retaining walls at specific locations in order to avoid soil erosion during rainy seasons. This must also include soil analysis to determine the fertility level of the soil. The data generated from the analysis can also be used to find out the ideal types of plants to be used.
If you like to have certain plant varieties which are not perfect for the kind of soil in your backyard, then you may need to use pots filled with fertile soil. Furthermore, you must also consider the land area and its slope and topography. This is vital in finding out if retaining walls in some parts of the garden are necessary in order to prevent soil erosion during rainy seasons. Aside from that, an extensive soil analysis must also be done to check the fertility level of the soil.
This is also crucial in determining the need to use fertilizers. It can also help you decide whether to use pots for plants that can hardly thrive on the type of soil that you have in your backyard.
Other aspects of the landscape Australia design that you must also give due consideration when evaluating garden styles include access to pedestrian lane and vehicles, building laws in your area, presence of pets in the house, history of allergies among your household members, lights, garden maintenance, drainage, irrigation, and budget, among many others.

Amazines Home Repair

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Kids Furniture Solutions
Kids Bedroom Set Sales
Our goal is to provide a high quality selection of kids’ bedroom
furniture that is stylish, comfortable, functional, safe and affordable.

The Correct Process To Lay Block Paving
Block paving is an attractive and durable way to make driveways and patios look great. You can lay the blocks in different designs and patterns that will add to the appeal. This method is used as an alternative to concrete surfaces and does not use any concrete in the process. Many people believe that this will make it easier to do but there are several steps that should be followed to do it properly.
You should make sure that you have all the tools and supplies that you need handy before you start. This will prevent costly delays while you go to get things from the store or tool shed. For this project you will need several boards, wooden stakes, paving stones, gravel, sand, an extra board or a plate vibrator, a broom and possibly a sledgehammer. You may also want to have a carpenters level handy. Also make sure that the area you want to pave is level and clear of anything that may get hinder the process.
The boards should be used to surround the area that it to be paved. They should be laid on their side so that they make an enclosure that is about nine inches deep. Secure them by pounding stakes into the ground. There should be no gaps in the enclosure to ensure that the sand and gravel remain inside.
You should add the gravel now. Make sure that you have enough to cover the entire area. The gravel should be at least four inches deep. A rake can be used to smooth out and settle the gravel so that it is level and the depth is uniform all over.
Sand comes next. You should have enough sand to cover the gravel by at least two inches. It would be a good idea to buy extra because the sand will fill in the gaps that are left in the gravel. The sand should be smoothed with an extra board and it should not be disturbed afterward.
The stones should now be placed in to the sand. The stones can be laid in different patterns and it should be noted that certain patterns hold up better to normal wear and tear than others. A plate vibrator is then used over the entire area. If you do not have a plate vibrator or are not able to rent one, a board and sledgehammer can be utilized for the same purpose. The board is placed over several stones and is beat with the sledgehammer. You should be cautious when using this method as you can break the stones if you are not.
The are should now be cleaned of any sand that was freed by the previous step. You will then use the plate vibrator or the board on the entire area again. This will ensure that the stones a properly and securely set into the sand.
There is a correct way to do any home improvement project and it is important to make sure that you follow all the steps required. Not doing so can cause injury or make the project not come out the way you want it to. This way of laying block paving is the right way and all the steps should be followed exactly for the best results.

Amazines Interior Design

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Lighting Squad
LightingSquad - Lighting Fixtures, Chandeliers, Pendant Lights
LightingSquad specializes in lighting fixtures including ceiling lighting,
wall lights, outdoor lighting, lamps, and more. We are the lighting experts
and provide over thousands of light fixtures from top manufacturers. 

Brand point Gardening

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Table Floor Lamps And Other Types of Lighting In A Home
The appearance of a household is just undeniably way nicer when the illumination is done well. This means that there is not too much light nor should there be a lack of it. In every nook of the house, in every spot, there is a function or an ambience that can be accomplished by proper lighting. Assorted types of lights can be utilized for assorted purposes. There are table floor lamps, outdoor lamps, pendant lights among numerous others. They can be used for decoration, for atmosphere or for a specific intention.
For example, the kitchen can have both practical and ornamental illumination. Kitchens cannot have a lack of lighting as little details should be seen and overseen here in fixing food. It does not have to be blinding with light either. Just spot lighting on the essential areas is sufficient. The kitchen can have decorative illumination too as it can make use of pendant lights and other sorts of lights that can do task illumination and ornament a space as well. The bedroom generally has lights for ambience except of course for the bedside lamp that is and can be utilized for reading. The bathroom can have dressing table illumination for the mirror and ambient illumination for the entire room. The exterior of a home can have exterior lighting for that ambient look or for guard against trespassers. It can both have a welcoming appearance and a keep-off look because of the illumination.
In rooms inside a house, a general type of illumination is the table floor lamp. Table floor lamps are placed on tables or floors for nonfunctional, ambient or task illumination. In the parlor where they are most ordinarily seen and situated, they bestow accent to the intrinsic design because of their visual aspect, whether a piece is of trendy, rustic or vintage design. In the bedchamber, these are also ordinarily employed. It can be applied for reading and placed beside a bed while it can also be moved from one spot to another.
Aside from knowing the purpose of the type of lighting one puts inside a house, there are also other things to consider when choosing and putting one. The dcor of the house is important to take into consideration before purchasing any type of lighting. Envisioning how it would go with the entire look of the house or the room is crucial. The colors and the style should go well together.
Another matter to deal with when opting for these several sorts of illumination in a home is the space that is available for the illumination. In households where there is plenty of space, floor lamps are satisfactory. Nevertheless, if the space is modest it would be foremost to install your illumination on the ceiling as this economizes space. One cannot also opt for big kinds of illumination that can occupy the whole ceiling. Smaller but efficient lamps that are ceiling-mounted are recommended.
These are only some of the elementary things to think of when opting diverse types of lighting for a household. Whether it is for ornament or for task illumination, whether it be an alfresco lighting, table floor lamps or pendant lighting, think of these rules of thumb for a more knowledgeable option before purchasing.

Brand Point Lawn & Garden

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We are glad to offer you a great way to decorate your house without
having to spend a lot of money. We have a large selection of tapestry
wall hangings imported from France, Belgium, Italy and some other European countries.

Brand Point Real Estate

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The RTA Store
Up To 55% Off!
Our Free Kitchen Design service and knowledgeable staff of designers
sets us apart from many of the other cabinet retailers out there.

Garden Designs for the Different Types of Gardens
No matter if they are urban or rural, all gardens benefit from preplanning and design. This doesn't mean just knowing where you want your garden, but the overall design of the garden. Today, gardening can include everything from vegetables to flowers to lawn care. Carefully planning what you want, and where you want it, beforehand will help you get the most from your garden.
Planning Your Garden
To begin, measure and draw a plan of your yard and/or garden as it is now. Your plan should include the placement of your house, driveways and walkways, property boundaries, trees and shrubs, and utility services. Using graph paper, draw everything as close to scale as possible.
What Is Your Garden's Purpose?
Make a list of everything you want to have in your garden area that you consider essential. This could include a vegetable plot, fruit trees, or flower borders. Once you have your basic essentials listed, move on to your "wish list." Your wish list would include items such as a water feature or a potting shed. Put the items in your list in the order of their importance. Now, place a piece of tracing paper over your original garden plan drawing and draw in your essential and wish list items. Divide your garden plan into zones such as public area, surface area, and private areas.
How Much Space Will You Need?
Everything that you want in your garden plan may not fit in that area that you have available. You may have to make decision about which features are the most important to you, or how to incorporate them differently (like in containers). Think carefully about how much time you will have to devote to your garden's maintenance and care. Eliminate those things that you know you will not have time for.

Sticker Hub
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At Sticker Hub, our passion is printing - stickers, decals, window clings,
wall decals, removable wall graphics, die cut stickers, posters, floor graphics,
vehicle wraps and more. We use only the highest quality vinyls, inks, and
printers to provide high quality stickers at the lowest possible price.

Summerstone Nursery
We want your business!
Passion. That is what Summerstone Nursery packages into every single plant
we ship. We work hard to provide you with quality product at great prices

Sumo Intimacy

At Sumo Lounge, we believe in your comfort. That means we produce <
high quality, durable and absolutely comfortable bean bags for sale.
They're built to last, made to be easy to clean, and will always
stay fluffy and full, never going flat.

Instantly Upgrade Your Home with Custom Cabinets
Completely renovating or flipping a home just isn't feasible for many homeowners—but having new, custom-made and handcrafted cabinets installed can be. From the kitchen to the bathroom, cabinets are naturally the focal point of the room. Meant to be both stunning and utilitarian, they set the theme for the entire room and can offer a vibe that's open and inviting, decadent and intimate, or anything in between.
For those who really want to make a statement, nothing compares to 100 percent customized woodwork. It's rare for anyone to find exactly what they're looking for in shelving, side tables and of course cabinetry. Having a hand (or, more accurately, a say) in the design of the piece, the wood used and the detailing creates an instant heirloom. From fireplace mantels to dining room tables, having a touch of "you" in your keepsakes and surroundings is what makes a house a home.
Why Focus on Cabinets First
According to the experts at US News, cabinets offer one of the best returns on investments when flipping or prepping a home for sale—if you choose the right options. Wooden cabinets are highly desirable, will last for a lifetime and if the right wood is selected they can be sanded, stained or painted, essentially changing it to fit trends and changes in taste . Plus, there are many options for eco-friendly materials, exotic woods and even possibilities that will stand up against serious wear and tear.
Cabinets often take a lot of the real estate in a room, along with the walls and floors. Like it or not, your cabinets have a lot to say about your taste, style and character. Are your cabinets sending the right message, or are they telling guests who are using your second bathroom that you're perfectly okay with 90's style blonde faux "wood"? Have you tried to see your woodwork from a guests' perspective, and if so what does that first impression say?
Cabinets Your Way
Every home and homeowner is unique. You can't simply install pre-made, cookie cutter cabinets and hope for the best. They're not going to fit seamlessly, you'll always wish some of the details were different and some homeowners even end up taking a loss and replacing pre-fab cabinets with the custom woodworking of their dreams—essentially paying for two sets of cabinets.
Don't let worries over budgets stand in the way, because custom cabinetry is more affordable than many people imagine. There are many ways to work with a strict budget, such as considering different types of wood, addressing one room at a time or embracing a more simplistic look rather than an abundance of intricate hand carvings. The quality of the materials, craftsmanship and installation are what form the foundation of gorgeous cabinets. You can always add more cabinets later, additional carvings or splurge on a different paint or stain in the future, should the mood strike.
Going custom is the only way to guarantee the results you want and deserve. Anything less is cheating yourself, your home and your guests from the best possible experience.

By Jillynn

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Tips On Home Improvement
Your home should feel like a safe, happy place, so if you do not like something about your home, you should be able to take steps to improve it. Home improvement work is actually one of the most popular hobbies in America, because there are plenty of minor adjustments that ordinary citizens can do, without needing professional assistance. Of course, some home improvement work does need expert help. Here are some tips which can help you with your future home improvement strategies.
Keep your home clean and tidy
Removing mess, clutter, dirt and debris from your home can give you a whole new perspective on what needs to be done in your home. For example, you may think that you need to add more storage space, because there seems to be clutter everywhere, however you may just discover that you are not using your existing storage places effectively. Cleaning also helps to keep things in better condition. For example, if you do not take care to clean condensation off of wooden window frames, they will rot more quickly, and will need to be replaced much sooner than they should.
Regular maintenance schedule
Make a regular maintenance schedule for yourself, so that you have the time to regularly look after all of the areas of your home that you need to look after. Routine maintenance can make a home more pleasant and can increase the average lifespan of components. It will also help you to anticipate when home improvements will be required. For example, if you notice that a cabinet has past its best, you can begin making plans to build or buy a new one. However, if you do not have a regular schedule, you may not spot that the cabinet is in bad condition, and it will eventually break. Because you have not anticipated this problem, you will be left with a damaged cabinet, and whatever is kept inside the cabinet may also be damaged.
Investing in Personal Protective Equipment
If you plan on doing a lot of home improvement work for yourself, it is important that you invest in the correct personal protective equipment. DIY tools can be dangerous, and if you are not properly protected, you may suffer a serious accident or even death. Professional home improvement experts always wear the correct personal protective equipment, so why shouldn't you? Personal protective equipment may include things like safety goggles, gloves, overalls, ear protectors and a hard hat. If you buy a new tool, you should check what protective equipment is recommended.
Call in the experts
If you want to do major home improvement work, be prepared to call in the experts, especially if you live in a flat or apartment. If not, you may be liable if the work that you do causes damage to the property or compromises the structure of the building.
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Cheap Home Improvement Tips From Realtors
When it's time to sell your home, it's natural to start thinking about what repairs and renovations could be done to make it a more desirable space. Most people associate home improvement projects with gigantic budgets. The average bathroom remodel costs over $16,000. Replacing your windows could run you around $8,000, and kitchen renovations typically run three times that amount! Even though many projects do cost a lot of money, most realtors would tell you that smaller projects can add tons of curb appeal. If you want to make your living space more desirable to buyers for a manageable price tag, keep reading for some simple-yet-affordable enhancements that can make your house special.
Upgrade Your Lighting
Modern lighting can make an older room feel larger and warmer. Switch out old-fashioned features and replace them with new energy-efficient models. You can often get new fixtures for a pretty low price online, with updated finishes like copper or bronze. Chandeliers can also change the look and feel of a room, so look into those as well. Changing fixtures can start at only $20, but if you feel you'll need to hire an electrician, make sure to budget more.
Rethink Your Entrance
This is one of the best ways to improve the look of your home from the street. Replace the front door with a new, solid model with contemporary locks or fittings. For an inexpensive alternative, you can just change the paint color! If your door is in good condition, you can update your entryway by adding some potted plants, new exterior lights, house numbers, or a new rug. A front door can run up to $1,000, but it will really change the look of your house.
Prioritize Cleaning
Most realtors, and probably your mother, will tell you that you would be amazed at how much of a difference a great cleaning can make. Not only will living in your house be more pleasant, but a thorough cleaning can also make it look newer and larger. Professional carpet cleaners, for example, can make it look as if you've had a whole new carpet installed.
Pressure washers can clean moss and mold off of driveways and the sides of your home, making them look brand new.
Modernize the Bathroom
Although this may seem like a large home renovation, it doesn't have to be scary. Since bathrooms are usually pretty small, $1,000 can go a long way. You can replace the sink and toilet and pay a plumber to install them for less than $1,000. You can also bring new life into the space by simply painting the walls or installing a nice mirror.
Don't hesitate to start sprucing up your house just because you can't afford a giant home improvement project. Tiny touches, new fixtures, and a good cleaning can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. A few simple steps, and you'll have realtors calling you all day to let you know about new offers on your home!

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True Model Ships(tsc)
TrueModelShips - Model Ships and Nautical Decor
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Creating The Perfect Environment for Your Bedroom
I don't know about you all but I love nothing more than a good night's sleep. Whether I've had a long hard day at the office, have found myself running a million and one errands or want to end a perfect calm day, I get into my pyjamas, slip into bed with a good book and doze off for some wonderful rest. Have a good night's sleep is a wonderful thing but for many of us, it is a goal we rarely achieve.
Whether as the result of cramped sleeping conditions, going to bed too late or having to deal with countless stresses, many of us struggle to get some decent sleep. Unfortunately there is no magic solution and in many cases there are a number of issues that can play a part. Something that you can control however and something that may make a difference to the way you sleep is your bedroom itself.
From sleeping alone in the smallest room of the house to sharing the master suite with your significant other; have you created a comfortable and relaxing environment for your bedroom?
For an ideal sleeping environment, why not keep the following points in mind... Space
From one too many pairs of shoes to an overflowing wardrobe to extra duvets and pillows; we can easily accumulate a lot of additional items in our bedrooms but as a result find ourselves feeling as though we're sleeping in a storage room.
A bedroom can very quickly get messy so why not control it a little with some carefully placed storage? From boxes that stack up onto each other to space saving devices that can slot straight into your wardrobe to a storage bed for extreme space. There are a number of options available but ultimately the less cluttered your room, the less cluttered your mind.
It is easy to neglect the decor of our bedrooms after-all you're the only one that sees it right? However anything from dated wallpaper to duvets that are over a year old won't quite make for the best environment.
Give your room a refresh and keep the decor clean and bright and always ensure that you have fluffy pillow and snugly duvet on hand.
When it comes to where you sleep, give yourself the best as it will help you along the way to real relaxation.
Whether it is a picture of your children, a few pebbles that you collected while on the beach during a family quilt, there will no doubt be many special things that you hold dear. Why not decorate your room with things that matter to you?
Adding that personal touch will put you at ease and make you feel extremely comfortable; what could be better?
Next time you head to bed ask yourself; have you created the perfect environment for a great nights sleep?

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Creating The Perfect Living Room
The living room, as one of the prime communal rooms of the house is essential to family life. The place where we all gather after work, school and a day of running errands, the place where we spend time together, talk and watch our favourite movies there is no surprise as to why for many, it is a favourite part of the house.
During a day and age in which we are all lost in technology, texting our friends, checking up on social media or reading the latest gossip column, family time is a chance to actually be together. With that in mind it comes as no surprise that a number of homeowners take great care in ensuring they have created the perfect environment.
From the colour and decor to the placement of the sofa; every little detail matters and could be the difference between being a loved room to one that everyone deserts!
Whether you're looking to spruce up your current living room or are wondering why, despite your best efforts nobody appears to be stepping foot in there then consider the following points...
A comfortable sofa, large enough for the whole family is an absolute must for the living room. From two seater leather sofas to recliner chairs and corner fabric sofas; the options available are endless. It is important to ensure that if you want a comfortable room for everyone to sit in, that you have the best and most comfortable seating possible.
A cosy sofa will make having those movie nights all the more possible.
As much as we all love the idea of sitting and talking and having family game nights; in reality we all need a little television. Entertainment is crucial and today's kids are far more likely to congregate to the living room if they are facing the television.
It is easy for rooms to clutter up with junk. Whether your significant other decides to leave his work boots placed behind the sofa, your youngest children have turned it into a toy room or the more creative of your family members may have turned it into their art space, if the room starts to lose its purpose then the audience will disappear with it.
Try to keep all clutter and junk away and ensure the room has a clear sense of space as this will help to ensure that the room remain inviting.
Is your living room as good as inviting as it could be?

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Walls Republic
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Plasterboard Fixing For Your Home - What You Need To Know
Plasterboard is a gypsum inner layer usually sandwiched between layers of lining paper and other additives depending on the desired weight and strength of the lining paper. This means that the plasterboards come with different properties. The standard plasterboard can be used in most environments, but it is not that suitable to use in areas that are constantly wet such as the bathrooms and kitchens. If you want to use plasterboard in such areas, then you will need to go for those that are moisture resistant.
Common plasterboards are usually offered in square edge or tapered edge. The tapered edged boards are great for skimming or joining while the square edged boards are best for textured finishes. The sheets are generally in 1200mm to suit 600mm stud spacing that is common with houses today. You can however find other widths to match with your individual specifications. The standard ones have brown face and an ivory face. The ivory face is for plastering and plaster should therefore be kept off the brown reverse side or face. Plasterboards are very popular with new homes and even old homes. It is probably because of the benefits and advantages they come with.
· The boards help in preventing fire from spreading rapidly. This is because the gypsum is made of crystals that contain small water amounts also referred to as water of crystallization. In case of a fire, the water is pushed off greatly helping in keeping the temperatures down. It means that the boards can be used for fire protection. In special multi layered system applications, the boards can offer fire protection for several hours.
· The plasterboards are also great at cutting down the noise. They deter the transmission of airborne sounds like music and speech. You will actually find boards that have cores designed to offer better sound insulation.
· Wallpaper can be applied directly onto the boards to create a beautiful interior hence you are not limited to the natural look of the boards. It is, however advisable to seal the boards first so it is easy to strip down the wallpaper whenever the need arises. The boards also give you the liberty to paint to achieve your desired look.
· The boards are easy to cut and are readily available. It makes it possible for you to handle your DIY projects with ease when you know what you want.
· They are sagging resistant, but flexible at the same time, so you can have an excellent finish for a long time.
· These boards are easier to put up compared to plaster and they can be recycled.
It is possible for you to handle the plasterboards in DIY projects. However, if you are not very sure, it is always better to call in the experts. Plasterers know exactly how to work with the boards to fetch you excellent results within the shortest time possible. They can also advise you on what boards are best for your home as well as plastering techniques that will make your home stand out.

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Home Improvements - Summer Home Maintenance Checklist
Summer is a great time to take care of some of those home maintenance items that can sneak up on you when you're not looking. Here's a handy list of things to add to your job jar:
Maintain your lawn and garden tools:
Sharpen the blades, change the oil, and replace the filters on your lawn mower. Make sure your weed trimmers are in good condition. Oil garden tools and sharpen blades.
Inspect the locks on your doors and windows:
Make sure your home is safe and secure. Oil any sticky locks and consider a home security system. Outdoor lighting adds appeal to your home and can increase security.
Inspect Exposed Plumbing:
Check under your sinks and anywhere you can get access to exposed plumbing. Make sure there isn't any dampness that could indicate a small leak in the plumbing.
Inspect for termites and other pests:
Inspect the basement or crawl space, eaves, and attic for termites, carpenter ants, and other wood pests. If you see signs of wood damage, call a professional exterminator. Look under the eaves for wasp or hornet nests. Handle wasp or hornet nests with care and call in a professional if necessary.
Patios and porches:
Clean the barbecue and hose down brick or concrete patio surfaces. Replace any broken bricks and patch concrete cracks. Wash outdoor or screened-in porch floors. Plant annuals in pots, or replant existing planters. Lubricate patio doors. Bring out and clean up your patio or porch furniture.
Complete painting projects:
If you're painting your house yourself, wash your house first using a home cleaning formula. Scrape off crumbling paint, smooth rough areas with sandpaper, and fill in damaged areas with a best-quality filler. Choose the best paint you can afford. Prime any bare patches with a quality exterior alkyd primer before completing the job with an acrylic latex paint.
You might consider schedule interior painting projects too because warm temperatures allow for better ventilation and quick drying times.
Build or repair fences:
Repair any damaged areas of existing fencing and refinish as necessary. If you're building a new fence, look carefully at the increasing variety of fencing materials. Make sure your fence complies with local codes and doesn't encroach on city or neighbouring properties. Be sure to call your local natural gas utility or Call before You Dig agency to make sure you don't have an accident and hit an underground gas line or other buried utility.
Inspect siding:
Check siding and trim around windows and doors for holes, dents, and gaps. Repair with wood filler or according to manufacturer's instructions. If your home's siding needs to be replaced entirely, summer is the best time for this one- to two-week project. Make sure you are aware of all the new choices in siding materials.
Garage Doors:
Now's a great time to lubricate the tracks on your garage doors.
Replace your roof:
If you need a new roof, have it installed during summer's warm, dry weather. Consider fire-resistant roof material if you live in an area prone to wildfire and if your current roof is not fireproof. Look for a reputable company that offers a good warranty.
Repair and seal driveways:
Renew the surface of asphalt driveways with sealer. Repair damage to concrete driveways as soon as possible (this project may require a professional).
Shell Busey
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Top 5 Considerations Before Buying That Showerhead
A cool shower in the morning works magic on me. It helps drive away the sleep while charging my energy to full capacity instantly. However, I have had a couple of "not so good showers". At times, I had to go round the bathroom to get the whole body wet because the shower was uneven.
I did some online researches and now I have the best showerhead that makes me look forward to get in my bathroom every day. I have seen this question several times: How To Choose The Best Showerhead?
Things To Consider: I have come up with the top 5 things you should consider before placing that order;
Who Will be Using the Shower-head?
Selecting a showerhead based on who will be using it is important as it is not all showerheads that work for everyone. You might settle for a hand-held showerhead if you are buying it for your kid or pet as it is easier to use on them. You can also settle for this if it is meant to wash specific areas because it is easy to control and direct. However, if you are buying it for an adult, wall or ceiling mount showerhead will be ideal.
Who Will be Installing the Showerhead?
If you intend to have your showerhead installed by a professional, you can go for any, but if you intend to do it yourself, you might want a shower-head that is easier to fix and with straightforward instructions. Basically, if you can get one with step-by-step guide on installation, all you will need is a screwdriver and like 20 minutes and you are doe! Otherwise it might frustrate you even more.
How is Your Bathroom Decor?
You don't want to end up with a showerhead that feels like an alien in your bathroom. Consider your bathroom decor then get a showerhead that has a perfect finish for your decor. There are a variety of finishes ranging from brass, stainless, chrome, aged pewter, gold, bronze, etc. Choose the one that matches the finish of the other fixtures found in your bathroom.
Do You Mind the Environment?
Conservation and sustainable developments have become a daily message everywhere. In everything you do, you are supposed to conserve and make sure that the future generations will be able to survive. You should apply this even in your bathroom. Get a showerhead that saves as much water as possible while satisfying your need at the same time. This saves the water and saves you some dollars too.
How Much Do You Plan to Spend on a Showerhead?
There is variety of showerheads in the market and they all vary in prices and quality. However, prices are not necessarily directly proportional to quality. To get the best quality at the best price, consider some internet searches, through customers' reviews of the various shower-heads. This really helps.
Final Verdict
If you can consider the above factors before buying your shower-head or even add a few more, you will end up with the best shower-head and your baths will always be enjoyable. The grave mistake done by most customers is assuming such considerations. Buying a product blindly can really be frustrating and costly. Get yourself the best showerhead and enjoy every moment.
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Soundproofing for Ceilings, Floors and Walls
Soundproofing is a great way to ensure that we all get a bit more peace and quiet in our lives, from the offices at work, the schools are children attend and even our homes. By reducing the amount of external and internal sound that passes through our walls, ceilings and floors, we can create more productive and acoustically-sound environments. Sometimes we all need to be able to hear ourselves think, otherwise we just end up feeling stressed out.
There are different types of soundproofing and different parts of a building can have soundproofing work done on them to reduce the impact of sound. Here are the three main forms of soundproofing and how they work.
Soundproofing ceilings
Getting ceilings soundproofed is a great way to reduce the impact of airborne sound such as the sound of other people's television sets or pets and neighbours. Soundproofing ceilings is also applied in various professional capacities; for example, sound recording studios have soundproofed ceilings to prevent disturbing neighbouring buildings. Commercial properties can also benefit from this type of soundproofing, especially corporate buildings shared by a lot of people.
Soundproofing ceilings in achieved by adding density and layers to the surface, a process known as 'damping.' This process reduces the sound wave's ability to vibrate, causing it to be absorbed by the conducting surface before it becomes airborne and audible.
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing floors works differently to the ceiling and the walls because it deals with a different type of sound.
To soundproof a floor, the floor must be treated so that it absorbs what's known as impact noise, which this result of contact between two objects. In other words, anything that makes contact with the floor results in impact noise, so every time you walk on the floor, move the furniture around or even hoover you'll be experiencing it. While unavoidable, there are things that can be done to reduce impact noise. While you can get a similar effect with a thick carpet this isn't always achievable, so soundproofing the floor will produce the best results.
Soundproofing Walls
Probably the most common form of soundproofing, soundproofing the walls of a building helps to block external sound from entering a room whilst preventing internal sound from exiting. This kind of soundproofing is becoming more and popular, especially in residential properties and environments that are sound-sensitive. For example, schools have different types of classrooms, all of which have their own specific acoustic requirements, such as a music room needing to be soundproofed to prevent disruptions to adjoining classrooms.
Soundproofing walls is a particularly good way to deal with noisy neighbours and similar irritants that can disrupt the peace in your home. Even just soundproofing a party wall can make a difference.
If this sounds like the thing for you, you should start looking into your soundproofing options for your home, office building or whatever it is you want to change.

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Great Ideas for Small Modern Bathroom Designs
If you only have a small bathroom you will be looking to maximise the most of the space in the bathroom when remodelling. There are many ways you can make a room appear larger than it actually is. So here are some great ideas for small modern bathroom designs to help get you started.
Simple Minimal Designs Makes the Most of Your Space
Unless you have a huge bathroom you may want to stick with a simple minimal design if you want a modern bathroom design for your bathroom. Therefore you should plan your bathroom with the least amount of clutter. Only have the bare essentials in the design, such as towel rail and cabinets. You should never clutter the bathroom with unwanted objects or decorations. You can hide away the necessary toiletries in a bathroom cabinet so they are not on show. You might want to include the following ideas if your bathroom is big enough to accommodate them:
• Use geometric tiles if tiling, preferably in a neutral light colour, and hang a mirror that is geometric shaped on the wall;
• Add in a long ceiling to floor mirror to add depth to the room;
• Consider installing a corner tub or pedestal tub instead of the oval or take out the tub and just have a walk in shower.
Open Up the Bathroom and Bring Outdoors In
One of the ways to make a bathroom seem larger than it actually is, is to bring the outdoors in. However you are going to have to think about privacy issues here, so you may not be able to have a window with a view. You can get around this by hanging up a 3D picture window on the wall. You could have this at the side of the tub or facing the tub, depending on the layout of your bathroom. If you have enough space you could then introduce a couple of potted plants in white containers.
3D picture windows are put up like wallpaper, pasted onto the wall and generally come with many choices of views. For instance you might want to give the impression of the window looking out onto a beach with ocean and palm trees or a forest. It gives the impression that you are actually looking through a window due to the 3D window effect.
Clever Lighting and Plenty of It
A great way to make a small bathroom take on a light and airy feel in a modern bathroom design is to make sure there is plenty of light. Natural light is best and preferably plenty of sunlight. However if you don't have large windows in your bathroom you can introduce artificial lighting. You can get lighting that mimics the sun and which is said to make one feel better. You could also consider built in spotlights in the ceiling of the bathroom and for that romantic touch you could use battery lit candles to give the bathroom a glow as you bathe.
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Simple Bathroom Interior Design Ideas
If you are skilled at interior design, your bathroom is the best place to start putting your skills to good use. Since a bathroom is quite small, it is rather easy to redecorate and redesign and even if you make mistakes, you can correct these mistakes rather quickly. With a number of simple bathroom design ideas, it can be quite a fun job to refurbish your bathroom and give it some great-looking interiors.
Creativity With Tiling
Tiles are more than just practical bathroom additions - they can add that touch of colour and class to your bathroom, and make it vibrant and attractive. Tiles come in a huge range of colours and designs and this will allow you to use any tile with the ideas that you have for your bathroom design. When you use tiles for your bathroom, consider setting them in a variety of patterns apart from the usual square patterns. Consider using vertical, brick or herringbone patterns as well and you will end up with an artistic masterpiece. Add in a number of colours and your bathroom will have the mark of being uniquely yours.
Glass Shower Enclosures
Get rid of the old boring shower curtains and use new glass shower enclosures instead. This will accentuate tiles and fixtures through this see-through shower design that normally remains hidden. This is one of the most highly recommended bathroom design ideas as you can choose even from semi-translucent glass to create the best bathroom designs. Ensure that the shower has vibrant tile and flashy fixtures so that the glass enclosure will truly be able to give its best results and stand out.
Counter Tops
Add in bathroom countertops with your own trademark so that it stands out as different. Counter tops are what people see as soon as they enter your bathroom. Therefore, ensure that the counter top in your bathroom represents your design theme to perfection. Choose one that is neutral in colours and tones as this will ensure that no matter how often you choose to refurbish or redesign your bathroom, the counter top will blend with the new design. Making use of white marble or lighter coloured stone counter tops is a good idea as it blends in with just about any bathroom design theme. Choose one that is stain resistant if you have kids.
While these bathroom design ideas are relatively simple, they can make a huge impact on how your bathroom looks and the feel it really gives you. Therefore, put your interior design skills to good use and use creativity to get an amazing bathroom.

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Info About Lumber for the Do-It-Yourselfers
Do you have a new project in mind and don't know what kind of lumber to use for your project? With so many different kinds of lumber available, it may be overwhelming. First you have to decide whether a hardwood or softwood would be more appropriate for your specific project. How do you tell them apart? Hardwoods are porous on the surface, much like the pores on your skin. The sizes of these pores determine the grain patterns and textures. Examples of some hardwoods are: Ash, Bamboo, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Softwoods have closed grains, small fine pores that are not seen easily on finished products. Some examples of softwoods are: Cypress, Douglas fir, and Cedar.
Hardwood grades are graded by the Nation Hardwood Lumber Association. This organization determines the grade of lumber by the number of defects in the board. First and second grade lumber have a minimum board size of 6" x 8" and have a useable face material of 83% or higher. Select grade lumber has a minimum board size of 4" x 6" and also has a useable face material of 83%.
#1 common grade lumber has a minimum board size of 3" x 4" but only has as useable face material of 66%.
#2 common grade lumber has a minimum board size 3" x 4", the same as #1 common grade lumber, but only has a useable face material of 50%.
Softwood grades are divided into two separate categories, dimensional lumber (with a grade based on the strength of the wood), and appearance of the boards, which are most commonly used in the woodworking field. Softwood grading is broken down into five different categories.
C select grade is the best grade of softwood with almost no defects.
D select grade has a fine appearance but may occasionally have small knots.
1 common is the best for use with pine due to the knotty look; the knots in 1 common lumber are tight and small with not a lot of concern of the falling out.
2 common is generally the same as 1 common but with difference of slightly larger knots. This type of grade is most used for wood shop projects.
3 common grade has even larger knots than 2 common and is mostly used to make shelving and paneling. Another use for this grade of lumber would include but not limited to fencing, box making, and crate making.

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How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Everything
Kids and permanent marker are a parent's nightmare. This is especially true if your two-year-old fancies coloring anything that has a paintable surface. So when permanent marker makes its mark on your floors, furniture, clothes, etc. here is a simple guide on how to get it out.
Getting It Out Of Hard, Non-porous Surfaces
If you have indelible marker stains on walls, countertops, tiles or any other hard surface, do this:
Use alcohol that is above 80 proof. Pour a little of the alcohol on a clean towel and use it to wet and rub off the marker stains
Mix one part toothpaste and one part baking soda in a small cup and apply the mixture to the indelible marks. Allow it to stay on for several minutes then rub it off using a wet cloth till the stains are off.
• Get a magic eraser, wet it and scrub off the marker stains
• Spray WD-40 on the stain and scrub it off with a wet cloth
• Draw with a dry erase marker over the marks and then wipe the area to remove the stains
• Try rubbing the marks off using a pencil eraser; this may work in some cases
• Dampen a piece of cloth with some acetone nail polish and use it to scrub the marker stains off.
Getting Permanent Marker of Fabrics
For fabric material, it is best to get permanent marker stains off as soon as possible. Do this quickly because if the stains set in some fabrics, it might never come off. Some ways that can remove indelible marker stains from clothes and fabric include:
Bleach for white fabrics - dip the stained part in dilute bleach and wash the item immediately the stain is off
Vinegar, borax, lemon juice and milk mixture for satin fabric - mix a teaspoon of white vinegar and milk with a teaspoon of lemon juice and borax in a small cup, apply directly to the fabric and leave it for 10 minutes. Use a sponge to dab the fabric till the stain comes off.
Rubbing alcohol or Acetone for sturdy fabric - pour a little of the liquid on a cotton ball and dab the stained area till the stain disappears. Wash the fabric immediately
Citrus juice for regular clothing - freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice can applied directly to the stain and a cotton ball used to dab it off.
Rubbing alcohol or hairspray for carpets - apply the compound to the stain and dab with a clean cloth.
Cleaning Permanent Marker Stains From the Skin and Furniture
80 or 101 proof liquor, rubbing alcohol and turpentine will get the marker off skin when applied on a cloth and the cloth used to gently rub off the stains.
For stains on furniture try using:
• Aerosol hairspray on leather upholstery
• Hydrogen peroxide followed by rubbing alcohol on microfiber upholstery
• Rubbing alcohol, Windex or nail polish for other furniture

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How to Buy a Sofa That Works With Your Living Room
One way to ruin your living room design is to not match your furniture to the rest of the room, despite having spent a long time choosing the wallpaper, carpets and fittings. This is especially true of your sofas, as these are a real focal point of your room and they can take up a large amount of space. This article will focus on some key points that you need to keep in mind when sofa shopping, helping you decorate a room that looks great and has perfectly matched furniture!
Sofas come in an immeasurable range of colours and shades, particularly fabric sofas. From bright primary colours to more subtle pastels, there is a massive amount of choice out there. This can lead to people just buying a colour that stands out when on display in store, rather than actually thinking about the colour scheme within their own living rooms. This can lead to mismatched rooms, with sofas that stand out for all the wrong reasons. To avoid this try and work within a spectrum of tones and familiarise yourself with a colour wheel; colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel usually will work together. So, for instance, a light orange will work well with a light shade of blue. Perhaps most important is making sure your colour scheme suits your room itself as bright, bold colours tend to not work in smaller sized rooms.
Style is very important in getting your sofa to match with your room. For example, if your living room is designed with a casual, modern feel in mind then perhaps an ornate leather sofa isn't the best choice. Likewise, if you are going for a more traditional vibe, then an artistic, contemporary sofa might not work as well. To make sure you are matching up your styles, try and visualise how every sofa you see when shopping with look within your home. Normally, fabric sofas offer a more relaxed, contemporary feel while leather sofas are normally for more traditionally designs.
Bold, patterned sofas can be visually striking and a great conversation piece but are a nightmare to match with the rest of your house. If you haven't got the best eye when it comes to decorating a room, it may be best to stay away from bold patterns altogether and go for something more subtle. However, if you have got your eye on a more outlandish sofa, there a few ways to incorporate this into your design and make sure your living room looks great. You could either keep the rest of the design simple, using a neutral colour as your dominant colour, or match the pattern across the whole of your living room design. The latter usually will only work within a more spacious area, as using a bold pattern across the whole of a small room can make the space feel tight and claustrophobic.
Keeping these ideas in mind, you should be able to easily find a sofa that will fit perfectly within your living room.

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The Art of Buying Good Furniture: A Crash Course!
You don't want your dining table to crumble into dust when your wife serves dinner. What a waste of time, money and effort! It would be a catastrophe if you are having your boss and family over as well. Now that would result in your job being at stake. Don't worry! Such incidents can easily be avoided if you know how to buy good quality furniture!
Here's how:
Always buy from a trusted and reputed website:
These are companies that has already made a mark in the furniture industry. They already have the experience and the fan following. They do double quality checks and make sure that their brand value is maintained and not tarnished. If it's your first time out furniture-shopping, ask around - ask your friends! If you don't have any friends, Google! You can always find out the top brands, customer feedbacks and reviews online. Make sure that you have at least three brand names in mind which suites your style and budget! Also look for warranties and companies which offer a 'return policy'.
Choose the right material fitting your budget:
If you want something classy - always go for wood. It might be expensive but still worth it! If you are classy but poor - go for plastic. Remember - a plastic chair is better than no chair! If you are somewhere in the middle - go for a metal chair! There is no right or wrong here - it is all about how much money you have in your pockets. Also don't forget to check out the shipping charges!
The style:
There is a wide range of style to choose from. The punk rock fan would choose a chair which doesn't even look like one while you might go with a vintage traditional royal looking one. Decide what type furniture suites your style.
The fitting in part:
Always keep in mind that no matter how good a couch looks - it has to fit into your living room. Does it suit the ambience of your home? Does it go well with the colour of your walls? Always picture where you would be placing this chair or table before buying it. For example, a bar stool made of gold would still look odd in your office room
Compare Prices: It is always a good option to compare different websites. Some might be having special offers and discounts for the same piece of furniture!
Check the measurements:
This is very important! The images you see do not give you an idea of actual size. All authentic sites provide accurate measurements. Make sure you check these out before buying.
Make sure you are not drunk while you are adding stuff to the cart. You don't buy furniture all the time. So it is better that you are sober while you're at it!
Buying furniture online is not as hard is it seems. You can actually have fun doing it! Just follow the guidelines and especially the golden rule!

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Secret of Making Your Home More Beautiful
Well to be frank there are no set rules for decorating your home. People who have creative insights and love to imagine, explore and dream just by following their inner self or what we call intuition, are the ones known as creative people. Below are some of the tips or secrets which will help you in decorating your home. These are the tried things which never fail and can be done easily in a day's time.
• Select the wall paint in the end: The market is full of paint colors with various tints, shades and tones. The appearance of the same shade may vary from home to home; it's because of the variation in light sources. So it's better to pick the color in the end after shifting your stuff, so that you can imagine how the paint will look with your stuff.
• Provide proper breathing space for your furniture: This means never ever overcrowd a room with furniture or other items. Instead of buying many things its better if you choose few but quality products.
• There is a rule to hang the artwork in your room, don't match the height with the mansions height, but match it with the human scale.
• There are three ways of arranging furniture on a rug: If you want to have a luxurious look, put all the furniture's legs on top of the rug. If you have a small room then keep the legs off the rug which is very cost effective. Lastly you can put the front feet of all your seating furniture's on the rug so that it looks cozy and more structured.
• Decide which item will be your star and let others get the secondary attention.
• Keep the focal point of one room free from other so that you feel being drawn in between them.
• Hang or put only those art pieces which goes with the surroundings, don't hang any piece which doesn't fit in.
• While buying anything for your house decoration, keep in mind the variation of scale else some items which you find good in the stores may look big or tiny in your house.
• To enhance the decorations you can add layers of lighting which will create interest, intrigue and variety. You can use some ambient lighting as well as some lower lighting.
Using these tips, you can easily decorate your home on your own within no time.

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Eight Reasons To Add A Pergola To Your Yard
If you're having trouble picturing a pergola in your mind, you're not alone. Taken from a Late Latin word referring to a projecting eave, the popular landscape structure has never had a concise definition.
Introduced in Italy sometime in the 17th century, most folks know it's similar to a garden arbor, but somehow different. How?
Generally speaking, a pergola is much larger than an arbor (about the size of an outdoor room) and has cross rafters that allow light and air in. It may also have columns and latticework to accommodate climbing vines. Whether freestanding or attached to another building, there are many reasons to add a one. Here are eight of them.
1. Extends Living Space
s we mentioned, a pergola is about the size of an outdoor room, probably because it is often used as one. When built on a deck or patio, the structure provides a light, airy environment where homeowners can relax.
2. Adds Value
Other than putting in a pool, there aren't many things you can add to your yard that will increase the resale value of your home. Because it's the largest, most impressive landscape structure, the wooden archway is popular with homeowners and potential buyers alike.
3. Won't Break The Bank
For only about $1,000, you can purchase a 10 by 10 foot D.I.Y. kit at your local home improvement center. While not exactly an easy job, you certainly don't have to be a great carpenter to put it together. All you need a weekend or two to assemble all the pieces and erect the structure on your property. If you can get a friend to help you out, the project should be a breeze.
4. Additions Are Available
To make the structure really stand out, you must attach hanging flowers and climbing vines. These additions will continue to add beauty and personality to your favorite outdoor space. They will also make it more functional since both block out direct sunlight, creating a more comfortable, protective space.
5. Unique Design Element
Homes with outdoor architecture create visual interest that can add curb appeal to nearly any abode. Far more elaborate than the average arbor or trellis, the pergola adds a classic, romantic look to your landscape that cannot be ignored. In many ways, it is even more distinctive than a patio, deck, or other essential structures.
6. Great For Entertaining
Because it provides some protection from the elements and allows light and air in, the structure is perfect for entertaining guests at a small party or get-together.
7. Surprisingly Sturdy
Many homeowners who put them up worry the wooden archway will fall over with the first stiff breeze. But the truth is that the average one is quite stable and strong and can easily stand up to inclement weather.
8. Protects The Home
While not its primary purpose, the structure can provide protection from the elements. This is particularly true when it's attached to another building and encloses a vulnerable area, such as a picture window.
For all those reasons and more, a pergola makes an attractive, valuable addition to any home.

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Hacks
Everyone knows the importance of curb appeal, and a big part of that is how nice your yard looks. No matter how fancy a house may be, it reflects poorly upon the homeowner if the yard is a disaster. To be fair, however, lawn care and landscaping are not always the most fun tasks, especially during the summer when the grass needs cutting twice a week. Patios can quickly start to accumulate junk and lose their original function as an entertaining space. Keeping your outdoor spaces looking nice doesn't have to be a miserable chore. Keep reading for some lawn care and landscaping hacks that take into account your precious time, as well as a conscious effort to avoid harsh chemicals.
Kill weeds the natural way by pouring distilled white vinegar on pesky plants. You can also try pouring boiling water on your weeds to kill them without harming the soil.
If you have a location where you want to kill absolutely all of the plant life and don't plan to use the area for vegetation in the future, you can sprinkle salt in the cracks to totally eliminate the weed problem.
- You can get rid of rust on your outdoor furniture or barbecue tools by cutting up a raw cucumber or potato and scrubbing down the affected areas. For a little extra edge, you can even dip the vegetable in a bit of baking soda.
You can also clean up your rusty barbecue tools by soaking them in a bucket filled with soda. The acids in the drink will dissolve the rust.
Clean up the old clay pots in your garden by giving them a vinegar bath and letting them soak for 45 minutes.
Hosting an outdoor party on your newly cleaned patio? Keep ants and other bugs away by placing cucumber peels, mint tea bags, or bay leaves around the perimeter of your entertaining space.
Prevent your water features from becoming mosquito hot spots by adding a teaspoon of liquid dish soap to the water.
If you want to keep your garden looking nice throughout the season, you will need to repel unwanted pests. An easy way to do that is by planting marigolds nearby. They repel common pests like nematodes.
Has your driveway seen better days? You can remove old oil stains with a clay-based cat litter. Simply scrub the area, spread on the litter, and rinse it off in three to five days.
If cutting your grass is a task you absolutely hate to do, consider outsourcing to a local kid. Many of them will charge reasonable rates, and you can feel good about giving your money to a neighbor rather than an expensive service.
Even though lawn care and maintaining your outdoor spaces aren't always fun, they're worth it when you see how nice your home looks. Taking a few extra hours a week to tend to your yard can really help your home look its best.

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Home Remodeling Projects That Will Add Property Value
Not all home remodeling projects can help the market value of your property. This guide can help prospective renovators determine which projects are worth the money.
Wood Decks
A wood deck is not a cheap addition. Properly installed, it can cost an average of $9,539. However, homeowners who later sold their home were able to recover an average of 87.4 percent of the cost. Why? It's all about having an outdoor space. People love being able to sit outside and watch the kids or host friends and family. A deck gives them that space and adds to the aesthetic beauty of the yard. An important tip to remember before adding a deck: some city ordinances require a permit before adding one. Check with local offices to see what paperwork is required.
Like a deck, a new or updated kitchen can make a big difference in property value. Even a minor redo can recoup an average of 83 percent of the project's cost. Kitchens are the heart of most homes, and most buyers often over-estimate how much time they spend cooking and eating. Even a minor remodel of this nature can cost an average of $18,856. That includes hardware, faucets, paint, sink, countertops, cabinet doors, and appliances.
Finished Basement and Attic
Not all areas are basement friendly, but for those that are, a finished basement can be a big selling point. People like the idea of having the extra space for a room, game area, or even an office. Though a fully renovated basement with a full bath can cost an average of $62,800, the return is equally great. Homeowners saw an average of a 77.6 percent return on their investment when it came time to sell.
Additionally, turning an attic into an extra bedroom can add value. Not only can this bring in more value than building a new room, it is cheaper too. Homeowners saw an average of 84 percent of the cost returned after selling the property.
Home remodeling sometimes isn't about redoing a room or outdoor space. Replacing the windows is a good way to save money in the long run and add value back to the property. Swapping out windows can cost as much as $10,900 for insulated wood windows (about $1,000 less for vinyl) but the return is over 78 percent on average. Additionally, the new windows help keep out the cold and heat, meaning homeowners spend less on their cooling and heating bills throughout the year.
Spending money on home remodeling is something all homeowners will do at some point. Those who are interested in adding value should research the project before committing to it in order to assess how much the property value will rise due to the renovation. It is important to remember it is not a dollar-for-dollar increase, but it can be substantial.

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Popular Types of Home Extensions
In recent times, not only do most homeowners find it difficult to create extra space within their home to easily accommodate the requirements of an enlarging family, but are trying hard to cut down home improvement or home renovation costs by investing wisely. For all, depending on a feasible home extension plan is a suitable choice. Based on the customer's requirement, home extension designs vary from a simple conservatory extension to a more complex upward multi-storey option. As there are several possibilities, it is extremely essential to look for the assistance of a professional team or a reputed builder to get hold of the most suitable design for your existing house or property. Such experts always strive to make professional and creative designs that incorporate all your demanding requirements in the best way possible.
Extending or renovating a home is becoming an increasingly trendy option with homeowners who are looking for additional space. Depending on the type of your existing house or property, a home extension service can be applied to the front, side or rear of the original build. Basically, there are two main categories of home extensions - a single storey extension and a two storey / multi-storey extension. This can further include side extensions, front extensions, rear extensions, porches, conservatories and orangeries. To make a sensible home improvement or a house refurbishment choice, several important factors are needed to be considered.
The first and foremost is the cost and labour essential for your extension job. Often, a single storey construction is considered extremely cost effective rather than a multi-storied extension. Eco-friendly, compact designs that maximise the space within can reduce the cost significantly.
The next sure concern should be the legalities and regulations related to a home extension. Make sure to verify with your local building control authority the need of any planning permission for the proposed job. Always ensure to gain necessary approvals to avoid future legal complications. You should also assure that the construction work causes minimal amount of disruption to your neighbours.
In order to make your home extension project more exciting and stress free, it is advisable to discuss your exact requirements with a reputable specialist. Often, such experts hold vast experience in offering professional services at an affordable rate, and that too using the most sophisticated construction methodologies to guarantee best results. Regardless of the fact your family is expanding or maybe your children are growing up; a home extension is an ideal prospect to enhance living space and can be a more cost-effective alternative to moving to a new house.

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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Much Larger
Is there anything worse than having a small bathroom? This is an important part of any home, and you want it to be perfect. It is hard to find enough storage room in a big bathroom, let alone in the small one. In any other room this problem could be easily solved by removing some piece of furniture, but this is practically impossible. You can hardly have a bathroom the without a toilet. But there is still a way to deal with this.
You can't literally expand your bathroom, but you can at least make it look bigger. You will be surprised how effective these methods are after you see your small bathroom grow in front of your eyes,
Keep Everything the Same Tone
Mixing dark and light tones in your bathroom will make the space look smaller. Even though having light walls and dark tiles can look amazing, it will look horrible in the already small bathroom. If you still desire to add some color and contrast, try limiting that to a low cabinet or even a light fixture. This way you can make that object stand out without being too much.
Use Large Mirrors and Place Them Strategically
Don't use double mirrors because they will chop up the space but instead choose one larger mirror. A Tall mirror that reaches all the way to the ceiling will make a bathroom look bigger. Install light on top or even hang it in front of the mirror to increase the light's impact and to make the space feel larger. You also need to position them strategically. To get more light and visually expand space put mirror across the window.
Be Functional
When having a small bathroom, you need to be functional above all. Add only elements that are functional because having unnecessary knick-knacks and clutter will make a small bathroom feel even smaller. When selecting a decorative accessory, you should always pick one rather than lots of small pieces. This applies to art also. Great and functional idea is to attach multiple towel racks or hooks to a bathroom door to save space.
Get Rid of Visual Obstructions
If you have frosted-glass bath or shower door, you should consider trading it with a clear glass one. If you rather want to use shower curtain always push it back to one side when it is not in use. This way bathroom will look bigger because nothing will stop your eye.
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Professional Painting Secrets Revealed!
Painting is a tedious and delicate project that requires a certain degree of organization, commitment, and technique. Professional painting crews make all of these qualities look as if they come easy, but we novice painters know this to be untrue. There are many techniques and methods that professional painters use to achieve those flawless and rich results we are so fondly jealous of. Fortunately, you too can learn some of these professional painting tips that would never otherwise be revealed! Continue reading to learn the secrets to achieving a professional-looking paint job, and make your next interior painting project your best yet!
Painter's Tape
When you tape up baseboards before painting, it can seem like a pretty straightforward task. Apply the tape so that the woodwork is covered and move on; right? Well, many times, after the painting is finished and the tape is removed, you can find streaks or drops that managed to seep their way through. To avoid this, do what the pro's do and use a putty knife to apply the painting tape on baseboards and molding. Press the knife against the tape to ensure a thorough seal. This prevents any paint from getting through.
Hole-Patching and Sanding
One of the most important steps to painting is preparation. Preparation of course includes choosing the proper paint, deciding on a color, purchasing needed supplies, and laying out protective drop canvas for flooring and furniture. But when we mentioned preparation in terms of what the professionals suggest, we mean hole-patching and sanding. All holes and deficits should be filled in with a joint-compound patching product, smoothed down evenly, and allowed to dry completely. Once these areas of dry, you can sand away all the uneven surfaces.
It is vital to sand away any surface flaws, like spackle, joint-compound patches, nicks, nail holes, scores, scratches, chips, and more the best you can. Do this using a fine grit sandpaper and sanding pole. The fine grit will protect your walls from over-sanding, while the pole will allow you to reach all the way to the high walls and ceiling. Sand baseboards, molding, walls, and more to get an even smooth surface. Once you have an even and smooth surface, you can move forward with your painting project.
Paint and Primer
When joint compound is painted over, it can sometimes absorb all the moisture from the paint and leave a duller, discolored look. This makes all the patched areas on a wall noticeable. To avoid this problem, which professionals refer to as "flashing", be sure to apply a primer to your walls before painting. But to paint like a professional, don't just use any primer, use a tinted primer. Although white primer is acceptable and frequently used, professionals typically use a gray-colored primer, or a primer that is close to the color of the finishing paint. This covers patched areas and existing paint better than plain white or ivory primers. This results in a more vibrant finish and less applications.
Paint Boxing
Although you can purchase the same color in five cans, it is not guaranteed that all five cans will look exactly the same. This can be evident in a paint job when a new container is opened halfway through painting. It can result in a different color tones on a wall. To avoid this, professionals "box" their paint by pouring all cans into one large bucket to achieve one consistent color.
Paint Application
Ever wonder why a self-paint job looks streaky and a professional's is always smooth and even? Well the secret is adding a paint extender or paint conditioner into your paint. Popular products, like Floetrol, are designed to slow down the drying process of the paint, allowing a more even application and finish. Not only do paint extenders hide brush strokes, they also eliminate dark lap marks from painting over semi-dried paint.
When ceilings are textured or bumpy, it can be virtually impossible to paint a clean line between the wall and the ceiling. For this reason, professionals will use a screwdriver to scrape a ridge along the edge of the walls and ceiling. This creates a platform for painting a smooth straight line between ceiling and wall and prevents paint from sticking to ceiling bumps. The resulting ridge should be fine enough so that the lost texture is never noticed, but wide enough for brush bristles to fit.
Call a Professional
When a painting project gets to be too much for you to take on, just call on a professional painter for prompt service and quality results. Sometimes painting can be a huge chore, especially for large rooms, high-vaulted ceilings, commercial projects, and whole-home renovations. For these paint jobs, it is wise to hire a professional painting service for trusted results. They retain all the products, training, supplies, and experience to provide flawless, professional results in a time-frame that's convenient for you
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