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Steps On How To Professionally Apply Makeup
Do you admire other women and wonder how they achieve a perfect look? Here are tips on how to apply your makeup and look like them:
Prepare Your Skin
You should start by preparing your skin for makeup. You should apply a primer or BB cream with a built-in moisturizer and SPF (SPF 15 or higher). These products hydrate your skin and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.
Hide Your Flaws
Do you have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, or any other flaws that you want to hide? You should hide them using a concealer that matches your skin tone. For ideal results, you should use a pointed concealer brush to dab your product onto the affected area.
To minimize inflammation and balance your skin tone, you should use color-correcting concealers. For example, if your skin has some redness you should go for a green-tinted concealer.
Build A Base
You should apply foundation to your T-zone and other problematic areas. To properly cover all the areas, you should use your fingers to massage the foundation onto your skin. For a perfect look, you should use a foundation brush.
If you have a great skin tone, you shouldn't hide it-you should show it off by avoiding a complexion-covering foundation.
Set The Foundation
If you have an excess shine, you should lightly dust loose translucent powder over your skin in order to set the foundation. After this, you should add some color using a large, soft bristle brush to add some color. For a perfect look, you sweep the brush up towards your temples.
Fill In Your Brows
If you have sparse areas on your skin, you should use an eyebrow pencil or cream to fill them. When applying the eye pencil you should focus on the upper half of your brow line. If you have brunette or black hair, you should go for an eyebrow pencil that is a shade or two lighter than your skin.
Pucker Up
Here you need to line your lips with a lip liner that coordinates with your lipstick. You should go for a medium-hued color for daytime. When going out at night you should add a layer of shimmery gloss. Before you add color, you should apply lip balm and let it absorbed by your lips.
These are tips on how to professionally apply makeup in order to have a perfect look. For ideal results you should always use high quality products.
Brushes are important for you to professionally apply your makeup.
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Civant LLC

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Whether you're looking to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles,
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Tips On How To Apply Makeup To Have Pouty Lips
Although, many women want to have sexy, pouty lips, they don't know how to properly apply makeup in order to have them. To guide you through, here are the steps that you should follow in order to have the lips of your dreams.
How To Apply Makeup To Have Pouty Lips
You should start by applying a concealer on your rim. For ideal results, you should use a high quality brush. You should then line your lips using a high quality lip liner. To give an illusion of fuller and plump rims, you should apply the lip liner beyond your actual rims while taking care that you don't overdo it.
After applying the lip liner, you should apply your mate lipstick. You should then apply your moisturizing lipstick on top of the mate lipstick. Finally, you should apply lip-gloss on top of the moisturizing lipstick.
To create a perfect look, you should apply a natural color lip-gloss onto your cupid's bow. You should also apply the lip-gloss at the center of the bottom lips. Finally, you should use your brush to blend in your lip-gloss. When you are through you will have full, attractive lips.
Other Ways Of Having Pouty Rims
In addition to using the above process to have full rims, there are other ways that you can have sexy looking rims. Some of these ways include:
Using natural lip plumper: there are a number of products that you can use. The most common ones are: peppermint oil and lip balm. You should mix the two and apply the mixture on your rims. You should note that peppermint causes a tingling sensation and makes your lips swell temporality; therefore, you should use only small amounts of it.
Another great natural plumper that you can use is honey. When you apply honey on your rims, you moisturize and give them a smooth, shiny look.
Exfoliating the lips: there are many ways in which you can exfoliate the lips. One of the best ways is brushing the lips in small circular motions using your toothbrush. By brushing your lips, you stimulate blood flow thus making your lips appear fuller.
Another way of exfoliating your lips is by using a lip scrub. Here you need to mix two tablespoons of sugar and olive oil in a bowl. You should then gently massage the mixture on your lips in a circular motion for about 20 minutes.
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How Long Has Makeup Been Around
Looking at glossy magazine ads of beautiful women touting "the latest cosmetics news," "the best mineral foundation," or "the most glamorous eye makeup that's around," you might also think that makeup is a modern invention. But the fact really is that makeup has been around since ancient times. Through thousands of years of history and different countries and cultures, one thing remains constant: people like to look good. Of course, the types of makeup they used have changed over the years, from dangerous substances like arsenic and iodine to today's safe, natural mineral makeup, which uses naturally-occurring minerals.
Even in Biblical times, makeup was used to enhance appearance. We know this because makeup is actually mentioned in the Bible several times. For example, King 9:30 says, "When Jehu came to Jazreel, Jezebel heard of it, and she painted her eyes and adorned her head." Jeremiah 4:30 says, "What do you mean that you dress in scarlet, that you adorn yourself with ornaments of gold, that you enlarge your eyes with paint?"
Archeologists have uncovered evidence of eye makeup in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 3,500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians used kohl as eyeliner. It was made of copper, lead, soot, burned almonds, and other ingredients. By the first century A.D., the available makeup also included powders to make the skin whiter and rouge made of red ochre for the cheeks. In ancient Rome, cosmetics were made by female slaves called Cosmetae.
It's interesting to note that, just like in modern times, there wIn China, there was even a legend that promoted a makeup fashion: it was said that Princess Shouyang, the daughter of Emperor Wu of Liu Song, was resting near some plum trees by the palace when a plum blossom drifted down onto her face and left a beautiful imprint on her forehead. It was said that the ladies of the court were so impressed by the beautiful mark that they began to decorate their foreheads with a delicate plum blossom design. This legend led to the makeup trend called meihua zhuang, which literally means "plum blossom makeup", which was popular during the Southern Dynasties (420-589), the Tang dynasty (618 - 907), and the Song dynasty (960 - 1279)
In the Middle Ages, the rise of Christianity (which disapproved of cosmetics) somewhat dampened the popularity of makeup. Still, some women still used it, especially among the upper class. Being pale indicated wealth and status, because the poor folk had to work outside all day in the sun while the upper classes lived lives of leisure indoors. Thus, women used white lead, soluble paints, white powder, or even bled themselves to get that fashionable pale look. Queen Elizabeth 1 used white lead to achieve a pale look known as "The Mask of Youth. "In the 18th and early 19th centuries, the popularity of makeup again rose among the upper classes. Being extremely pale remained the most popular look. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients in makeup of that time were dangerous and caused serious health complications. Makeup of that era included white lead, mercury, and sulfur. To make their eyes sparkle, some women put drops of poisonous belladonna in their eyes, or tried to achieve white skin by swallowing chalk or iodine. Skin ulcers, poisonings, and blindness were sometimes a side effect of these dangerous makeup ingredients. It wasn't until recent years that safe, natural cosmetics, including today's popular mineral makeup, began to come to market.
In the mid-to-late 19th century Victorian era, primness and modesty were espoused, and garish makeup was denounced as whorish. This, however, did not mean the disappearance of makeup - instead, a subtler, more "natural" makeup look became popular. Since lipstick and rouge were now considered scandalous, beauty books of the time advised girls to bite their lips and pinch their cheeks before entering a room.
The modern era of safer, commercial cosmetics really began in the 20th century. That's when doctors began working with commercial makeup companies to produce safer makeup that women could purchase in stores. The 1920s and 1930s saw the rise of lipsticks, the first-ever liquid nail polish, powder compacts, blushes, and foundation. By that time, nearly all women wore makeup. Modern cosmetics companies that we still know today began popping up. Avon began as a perfume company in 1886, but soon moved into cosmetics. Maybelline was founded in 1915, Revlon in 1930.
Nowadays, makeup has become even safer with the increasing popularity of mineral makeup. Mineral makeup uses natural, safe minerals, ground to a powder, as the makeup base. Among the popular companies producing mineral makeup are Sephora, BareMinerals, PurMinerals, and others. The base ingredients for mineral makeup include titanium dioxide, bixmuth oxychloride, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and serecite.
The minerals in mineral makeup each have their own beautifying properties. Zinc oxide is an anti-inflammatory, and both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Kaolin clay removes impurities from the skin, refines pores and helps clear up pimples, without removing the skin's natural oils. Serecite reflects light, which helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Mica spheres and silk powders gives the makeup a silky feel, which is why mineral makeup provides the best foundation.
Unlike the dangerous substances found in cosmetics in the past, minerals makeup allows women to enhance their beauty in a safe and natural way. This is why mineral makeup is becoming more and more popular and is the latest makeup breakthrough. If you have any questions email me or you can go to my website and get a hold of me there.I hope you have enjoyed!
By Christina Sanchez

The History of Cosmetics
Nowadays we can't imagine our life without cosmetics. But nobody thinks that the history of cosmetics is as long as the history of mankind! Thus at different times various significance was attached to cosmetics. The cosmetics could be used both in religious and in the decorative purposes; both men and women could put it. Or, on the contrary, it could be forbidden.
The word "cosmetics" is Greek. As well as the word "space", it means "order" in translation – an order in the Universe and an order on a face. In Ancient Greece, there were cosmets – slaves, whose duties included bathing of the Greek citizens in special bathtubs with fragrant oils. Also they were engaged in massage. The word "cosmetics" as designation of means for makeup applying was used at the International exhibition in Paris in 1867 for the first time. This year soap makers and perfumers started representing the production separately from production of druggists and now you can buy cosmetics in any makeup store online.
Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt
The cosmetics was used in Ancient Egypt and the countries of Mesopotamia. So, in Mesopotamia lipstick was known 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians painted lips as well. In Ancient Egypt a special mix was used as lipstick. This mix was based on animal fat with addition of beeswax and a red pigment or red clay. Lipstick in Ancient Egypt most often had dark shades. Except lipstick, Egyptians also used eye shadow, an eyeliner, painted nails and hair. Eye shadow in Ancient Egypt was used by both men and women, thus without the purpose to decorate themselves. In those days, it was considered that the eyeliner protected eyes from penetration through them into soul of the person of evil ghosts. For an eyeliner Egyptians used paints from antimony (kohl – it is still used as an eyeliner in the Muslim countries, it is a black stone, crushed in powder and divorced usually with castor oil) and soot.
Eyelids were painted with grated malachite, mix of green copper and lead sulphide, ore. By the way, lead also frightened off insects. Blush in Ancient Egypt was made of raw materials of plants and bushes. On their heads, Egyptians carried oil fragrant cones what already was connected with practical needs - they protected from numerous insects of hot climate of Ancient Egypt. Egyptians painted nails with henna – the information about that remained in mentions of the most famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra. By the way, Cleopatra loved cosmetics very much and even wrote the whole treatise about cosmetics under the name "Drugs for Skin". The first written data on cosmetics are also connected with Ancient Egypt - Ebert's papyrus – the first written document which contains advice for use of cosmetics.
Cosmetics in Ancient Greece
In Ancient Greece cosmetic was also loved. About cosmetics, it is possible to read in Homer's "Odyssey", in works of the famous Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates, who described a number of the means allowing women to become even more beautiful. Greek women rouged lips, flushed cheeks and dyed hair. The Greek girls made mascara from soot, lipstick from the cochineal or with addition of such pigments as minium and cinnabar, which are poisonous by the way. About virulence of some cosmetics, and respectively their harm, became known later. At the time of Ancient Rome, the doctor Claudius Galen would write about it. After all, cinnabar is a mercury mineral, and minium – the mineral containing lead in the structure, which is destructive to health. Nevertheless, Romans used lipsticks all the same.
Ancient Rome and its history of cosmetics
In Ancient Rome, unlike Greece, not only women used the cosmetics, but also men – they rouged lips and flushed cheeks. In Ancient Rome, coal was used as eyeshadows, sea oak mainly of red color for cheeks and lips, wax — as means for hair removal, barley flour and oil — for removal of spots, and pumice — for bleaching of teeth.
Romans spent much time in baths, watching purity of a body, and in solariums, soaking up the sun.
Cosmetics of Ancient Japan and Ancient China
In Japan, women bleached faces, shaved eyebrows and on their place drew two dense lines or black circles with black ink. The forehead was painted with ink at the edges at the line of hair growth and lips were rouged brightly. Lipstick of green color was used. Married women could paint teeth with a black varnish. Men also used cosmetics – drew small short moustaches, used aromatic substances, looked after fingers of hands and feet, applying steam bathtubs. Women of Ancient China, as well as Japanese, bleached faces and applied blush on cheeks, extended eyebrows, let nails grow long and painted them in red color.
Middle Ages and Cosmetics
In Medieval Europe pale, untouched by sun faces were considered fashionable, and the Catholic church was determined against any use of cosmetics. After all, the main thing is a mental beauty, but not physical. Nevertheless, women rouged lips and flushed cheeks. Also, the high line of a forehead became fashionable – hair over the forehead could be shaved off, eyebrows and eyelashes were plucked. A high line of a forehead remained fashionable later – in the period of the Renaissance.
At the time of the Renaissance, faces were painted with white lead, lipstick and powder were used. Powder on an arsenical basis was sold in Italy in those days. Such powder could be bought in a cosmetic shop of madam Tofana from Tofana family. Very bright customers could use such powder not only in the cosmetic purposes, but also as poison having dissolved it in water. Madam Tofana finished her life on a fire. But her business was continued by Teofania di Adamo also from Tofana family. Teofania is considered an inventor of AquaTofana, poison which secret hasn't been disclosed yet. This poison was without taste and smell. Thus it killed gradually and symptoms of poisoning could be easily confused with symptoms of an illness, for example, of a typhoid. Generally men, husbands and lovers of fatal Italians, became the victims of AquaTofana poison. Teofania was also executed by sacred inquisition.
XVII-XVIII centuries and cosmetics
In XVII and XVII centuries, the periods of baroque and rococo, fashion was set by the French yard. The cosmetic was used in large numbers in those days. Both men and women used it – rouged lips with bright lipstick, flushed cheeks and bleached faces (pale complexion was still in fashion), powdered wigs, used various aromatic substances and spirits in large quantities. "They try to muffle a smell of a dirty body," - confessed the Spanish queen Izabel Kastilska in the XV century. For all life, she washed only two times - at the birth and in the wedding day. Louis XIV, the French king of the XVII century, known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, also washed several times in his life - and that on the advice of doctors. In those days, noblemen washed only hands and a face in basins placed in their palaces. Therefore, the French aristocrats and ladies of those times smelled not as sweet as aromas of a tuberose and lavender, but of absolutely other smells.
In the period of rococo, the fashion on pale faces amplifies – faces not only became covered with whitewash, but also blue paint was put on the lines of veins. Thus against a pale face had to be allocated with a bright red spot of lips and rosy cheeks – both at women and men faces. And all this was combined with hairdos of the improbable sizes. In England of times of Queen Elizabeth I (the reign period November 17, 1558 —March 24, 1603), people on the contrary tried not to use cosmetics, considering it to be unhealthy. At that time, there was a belief that the cosmetics didn't allow skin to evaporate moisture. British didn't love cosmetics in the period of Victoria reign (the XIX century). However, to give some flush to cheeks, Englishwomen before advent mercilessly pinched them from time to time and bit lips with the purpose to give them a brighter color.
Cosmetics in the XIX century
In the XIX century, cosmetics was used everywhere, not only by notable and rich women as it was earlier, but also women with the average income. The cosmetics became destiny of women, but not men, and its colors stopped being bright and saturated, and came nearer to natural colors by means of which faces were given healthy ruddy color. Excessive use of cosmetics and a bright make-up was condemned in every possible way. Thus the bright and defiant make-up became a sign of women of easy virtue. The similar belief remained in consciousness of many and to this day, though it is not the XXI century.
By Sandra

Fountain Cosmetics
Fountain Cosmetics
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How to choose eye shadows for day and for evening
If you already know what color range is obviously not yours I congratulate. However, do you know what shades will be suitable for you as a day makeup and on what it is worth counting, preparing for a late appointment, a theater trip or a party? I will tell how not to be mistaken with a color and to choose the correct palette for day and night for your eyes — and in the spirit of the last make up tendencies.
Brown eyes
Owners of brown eyes are lucky: there are no "forbidden" shades for them. However, experts advise to choose eye shadows in dusty-pink array and shades with gold impregnations for a daily makeup. Going on a party, make-up artists persistently recommend brown-eyed to show the imagination. Don't miss the chance: safely count on high-pigmented eye-shadows of shades of the sea and fresh greens. This gamma is exactly what is necessary if you are going to snap eyes at the heart.
For an evening make up, brown-eyed can choose eye shadows of the most courageous shades.
Blue and gray eyes
Blue-eyed beauties should be careful in a make-up: warm gray, brown and reserved silvery eye-shadows are your options for labor everyday life. If you want your admirers to roll in blue of your eyes after sunset, be not afraid of palettes in bright mandarin (yes!) and saturated peach tones. These shades are yours by right: shade them to eyebrows or mix with scatterings of spangles. People around won't be able to take their eyes off! The same rules extend on the owners of gray eyes!
Girls with blue eyes should pay attention to eye shadows of peach and mandarin shades.
Brown-green eyes
Unusual eyes of a brown-green shade need a claret-colored palette. The refined scale will emphasize the expressiveness of your exciting look and will underline the play of marsh and brown colors of an eye iris. However, avoid pastel lilac and lavender eye-shadows. Leaving office, safely draw smoky eyes in brown tones or Dior arrows with an angled brush, shading the line of terracotta or chocolate shade a little bit.
For an evening makeup, choose classical shades.
Green eyes
The green-eyed know that a playful spark wakes up in their eyes due to the plum shades of eyeshadow palette. Cosmetics products in pink and lilac gamma can provide the same effect. A violet palette is necessary for you for a meeting with friends. For a formal make up, give preference to translucent shadows with microscopic brilliant particles.
For an evening eyes make-up, it will be safe to choose plum shades.

Hott Perfume

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The Many Uses of Fragrance
The numbers of fragrances available on the market today are numerous. People from all over the world are taking advantage of bringing their favorite fragrance. Today perfume becomes the day-to-day fashion and all men and women are using the many types of fragrance product. Fragrance is great for use in unscented body products such as lotions, soaps, scent, body gels and more. We have over two hundred different perfume and cologne that can be mixed for uncountable aromas. The latest generation of exciting new uses for fragrances and body product. The next levels of perfume are all about so much more than smelling great. Many different fragrances are available; the choice of perfume and cologne is the most difficult one to make. The most commonly available fragrances include lavender, tea tree, rose, jasmine, pine, lime, clove, tangerine, and grapefruit. As a marketing tool, fragrance is also present in our everyday lives and it can be found in lots of consumer products. Many cosmetic products contain fragrance or perfumes, which can irritate sensitive skin and noses. The fragrance is really, really pretty it's very fresh and very feminine. Online perfume store has now launched a new fragrance collection called Dolce & Gabbana and I'm so excited to tell you about these wonderful fragrances. It will be in available in a collectible bottle. We use fragrance to have a pleasing smell every day.
It is part of our daily routine. Everybody has their favorite perfume and cologne that they love to smell and we all have our own individual favorite fragrance that we love to wear.Many Uses of quality fragrance last much longer than perfumes and colognes because they are in a pure form. The terms fragrance, perfume and cologne are sometimes used interchangeably but they don't necessarily mean the same thing. For a masculine fragrance that's not your typical college boy musk, check out Juicy Couture which is my favorite fragrance in the history of the world. Best selling fragrance for men and women are even sold as discount perfume, Cheap Perfume, perfume and cologne. The main reason for the demand created for popular fragrance for men and women fragrance products is that, they makes people cool, fresh, relaxed and pleasant all over the day and it also comes up with another advantage is that it can be used for any time for the party or occasions.
There are simply hundreds of different uses for fragrance aside from making yourself smell nice so why not try it out for yourself and see which imaginative things you can come up with? A good store will provide inexpensive perfume samples so that you can test your reactions before buying a full bottle. Have you ever smelled a Perfume and cologne on a friend and loved it. Have you then raced to the perfume counter at your favorite store and purchased it. One of our specialties here at the store is helping our customers create there own custom fragrance. I create fragrances for the pleasure of sensing and I enjoy sharing my perfume and cologne with you. All products of fragrance reached at the top level of the market.
By mike jhon

Kirra Aus -  Manufacturer of 100% Natural Skin Care, Aromatherapy and Candles
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Korean Mall

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Choosing The Right Perfume For You
Perfumes will contain several layers of scents creating a unique bouquet. These layers are described as their 'notes'. These notes become more apparent over time and what you smell when you first selected it may change when you get it home.
Top notes:
Consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly upon application. These form the initial impression and often are the selling points to a selection. Top notes may be described as fresh or clean smelling with the extreme being strong in odor and volatile. Although that is the first impression they usually evaporate quickly.
Middle notes:
This emerges prior to when the top notes evaporate. It is the main body and emerges in the middle of the perfume's distribution process. The purpose of middle notes is to mask the generally unpleasant initial impression of base notes which over time become more pleasant. Usually more mellow and rounded, these scents may emerge after two minutes to an hour after applying.
Base notes:
This materializes close to the departure of the middle notes. The main theme of a perfume is the middle and base notes. While base notes bring depth and solidity, the compounds are usually bonds used to capture and promote the strength of the much lighter top and middle notes. The large heavy molecules evaporate slowly and are usually rich, deep bouquets that emerge 30 minutes after applying. Some base notes can still be evident twenty-five hours after application.
Consider the following things when selecting the right scent:
1. Think about the smells you enjoy most, listing out those that bring back memories or that are meaning full to you. If you are normally attracted to the outdoors then a perfume with a flowery or woody note would be appropriate.
2. Your personality is another factor to keep in mind. If you are the type of person that loves getting dressed up then choose a one that lingers. If you are the more casual, care-free person then select one that is fresh and clean. Another alternative are those that have a combination of scents that can bring out your personality. Choosing the right fragrance that represents who you are is best.
3. Test before you buy. No one likes getting a perfume home only to find out that it doesn't smell the same as in the store. Inquiry about samples that can be tried out for a few days before committing yourself to a potential disastrous purchase.
4. Get opinions from friends and family. Ask if the fragrance is too strong, does it linger too long or do they like it. Ideally we want to select a one that we enjoy wearing and the people around us find it pleasing.
Upon understanding the base notes of a perfume and what scents you are attracted to, you also need to keep in mind that fragrances change when applied to the skin. So although it smells wonderful in the bottle does not mean it will on your skin. Apply a sample to your skin and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This will determine if the perfume brings out the overtones of the essence you want.
Article Source:

Fragrance Categories Revealed
There are several types of fragrance families and knowing what the difference between them will make your selection for a new perfume easier. Each one, whether they be floral, fruity, spicy, or musky come under one or more families. Popular among teenagers are the fruity and citrus ones. The more sophisticated like oriental, woody and fougere are popular among older women.
Fragrance Categories:
Derived from citrus fruits most commonly from lemons, limes, tangerines and mandarin oranges. This tangy aroma is lively, energetic, naturally refreshing, uplifting and not overpowering. This can be worn in all seasons, perfect for casual wear or in the morning for a fresh wake up scent.
This is the most popular for women of all ages. The fragrance family is created mainly from flowers, such as roses, gardenias, orange blossoms, carnations, jasmine and violets. It is romantic, smooth and feminine in nature. Floral perfumes can be worn for casual or romantic occasions.
This is bright with hints of apple, peach, berry, mango and other juicy fruits. They are fresh and spicy and create a compelling aroma. It is not overwhelming and great for casual wear.
Has the essence of fresh cut grass, crushed leaves, and other woody aromas. Blended with pine, juniper leaves and herbs, considered more unisex than any of the other's and great for casual daytime activities.
Reminiscent of clean mountain air and fresh linen. Influenced by the sea, it evokes the natural aromas of sandy beaches and salty air. It is clean, crisp and is almost masculine and ideal for important events where you want to elicit images of trustworthiness and professionalism.
With a mix of spices, amber, balsams and resins making it an exotic and distinctly feminine scent. Evokes images of the Far East, this scent tends to be muskier, rich and slightly spicy with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. Perfect for romantic dates when you want to display your seductive, feminine side.
Woody (Chypre):
Includes hints of bark and moss and evokes perceptions of forest, mountains and meadows. This is more unisex than the others and evokes a precise brand of no-nonsense femininity. A sophisticated, strong, classic and complex scent that is best suited for the older women as well as for the corporate office.
A combination of fresh herbs and mossy ferns. Since this scent is stronger it is often used in men's cologne. Considered a sophisticated urban style it is a great scent to wear casually.

Spicy: This will bring you back to grandmother's kitchen with smells of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper. A comfortable and alluring scent that in a traditional way evokes memories of love and warmth. This is appropriate for family functions, casual meetings or to impress someone.
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Mineral Hygienics
Our mission at Mineral Hygienics is to be the premier cosmetic
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The Evolution of the Perfume Bottle
During the 1900s to 1910s, the Art Nouveau style of art was very popular. Perfume vials were made from crystal and were ladylike, whimsical and floral in design. The lettering was usually gold and they had corked stoppers and brass caps. The majority had wands in order to apply the fragrance to the wrists or neck. During this time, atomizers came to life in which a woman could apply a fine spray using a bulb applicator. Manufacturers started creating empty vessels in order for "proper" women to store their favorite fragrance. Also during this time was the emergence of curvaceous bottles with glass flowers.
In the 1920s, with perfume being brought back with the soldiers at the end of the war, the expansion of fragrance sales prompted the need for companies to collaborate with fashion designers to create new vessels. Hollywood was an influence due to the rising success and glamour it eluded. Art Deco and urban inspired designs gained in popularity. A simple rectangular vessel with a glass topper was just as desirable.
With the onset of the Great Depression in the 1930s, perfume sales drastically reduced. Those manufacturers that were able to stay open gave way to producing cheaper machine made bottles with eye-catching outer packaging.
In the 1940s with WW2 winding down, the more creative fragrance package designs started to re-emerge. The public's desire for elaborately designed artistic bottles led the way to paint, enamel, metal or plastic attachments in order to distinguish one fragrance from another.
As modern art movements like Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism began to ease their way into the mainstreams in the 1950s, artists sought out worthy patrons in the world of fragrance. Many of the perfume bottles during this time period were designed by fashion designers. While some were fashioned after a rock-n-roll band, others designed the toppers to mimic hats and crown of flowers.
The 1960s evidenced the return of craftsmanship and folk art. Handcrafted artisans and independent glass-blowing studios also began to emerge. This led to highly decorative and distinctive bottles, usually inspired by fashion for the decade.
In the 1970s, women were seen as strong and independent. Metal was re-introduced into women's perfume decanters making them more unisex and utilitarian. The stoppers in some cases were replaced with screw tops allowing the fragrance to be applied more as a splash than a dab. This pared down design signaled the more liberal modern women could fit luxury into her life style.
1980s revolutionized the concept that perfume was a toiletry item and thus more portable with the introduction of the built-in atomizer. Plastic became more commonly used allowing women to carry perfume in their purse. This made the products more widely available to customers. Also during this time, the vials were made in heavy clear or black glass geometric shapes with gold metallic lids and other flashy details.
During the mid-1990s, the rise of outsourcing led to fewer containers being manufactured in the U.S. The more expensive fragrances were selling next to the lesser priced ones in stores. Construction of the perfume vessel was becoming more disposable.
Today, perfumers are testing bottle designs by using materials such as color-coated glass and light weight plastics. There are many celebrity and fashion designer fragrances emerging during this time which has led to more complex and bold features.
Ultimately, designers create perfume bottles to lure the public to their products by grabbing their attention.
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Nail Polish Australia
Nail Polish Australia
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How To Look Young And Fabulous In Your Thirties
Thirty is now the new twenty. The advent of new and advanced skin care makes it easier for older women to look younger than their actual age. If you just reached the magic number and are concerned about the right products for your skin, then this article can shed some light on how to help your skin fight wrinkles and free radicals.
Skin Tone
Using facial care is the first step in preventing ageing but using the right one is the most crucial of all. Skin tones differ depending on the melanin content as such, using the right product is essential. People that are fair-skinned usually are more susceptible to irritation caused by UV rays since the skin is thin. Irritation, redness and sensitivity to the sun are just some problems that fair-skinned individuals have to endure. People with medium skin tone or those with more melanin are less sensitive and as such, they can use stronger products than fair-skinned people.
People with olive tone have medium melanin and as such they tend to look glowing at the same time. Although having an olive toned skin is highly desirable, lesions or scratches tend to look darker and as such it is important for olive-skinned individuals to use gentle products especially exfoliant in their cleaning regime. Another skin tone type is dark skin. This is due to the high melanin levels in their body. Problems that most individuals faced include uneven tone or discoloration when the skin is damaged due to cuts or scratches.
Skin Care Regime
Fair skinned individuals would benefit from using a gentle facial wash; usually those formulated as milky cleansers as they are gentle and won't strip the body of its natural oil. To block the sun's UV rays, one must always use sunscreens especially those skin care products with high SPF of 50 or more before going out.
People with medium tone normally also have oily complexions and as such, using light creams that are rich in anti-oxidants will not only hydrate the skin but prevent it from the feeling of heaviness that heavy creams usually have. Light creams also do not clog the pores and are gentle enough that it will not lead to breakouts.
Olive and Dark skinned individuals should also use light cleansers and gentle exfoliants to encourage skin regeneration. Brightening and hydrating masks are also recommended as these help even out skin color while hydrating the skin resulting to an even and refreshed look.
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Nia Serum Skincare
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An Honest Look At Classic Shaving
What is Shaving, really? Simply put, it is the process of removal of facial hair with the help of any bladed instrument sharp enough, so as to avoid injury and cuts to the face or the surrounding areas. This is a necessary measure vital in a way, for the purpose of maintaining a state of perceptive dignity, accepted and encouraged within a civilized and progressive society. Now, a well shaven face can be achieved using two methods, classic shaving and modernized shaving. While the latter method makes use of electronic shaving machines and the types, the former process utilizes a blade and lather. Classic shaving is as old as the early civilizations and is still being followed with little or no change.
So, what is classic shaving, after all? Well, in all essence, it involves the use of a shaving kit, which includes a shaving brush to form the lather on the face, a shaving cream and a razor to cut the facial hair. It might also include an after shave lotion or cream. According to grooming experts, classic shaving is better than modernized shaving as it gives them a smoother skin and you have a lesser chance of getting a cut.
New kinds of razors are launched each day in the market for giving men a closer shave. As a result, twin blade razors are very popular these days as they give a perfect and closest shave without cutting the skin. Mostly, the blades in the razors are made up of stainless steel which makes them resistant to water and are reusable for some time. Some of the razors have lubricating strip for better lubrication of the skin during shaving. These razors are cheap and can be used for a while.
However, skeptics feel that classic shaving may have some disadvantages when compared to its modern alternative(s). Firstly, the time required to shave is too much as it involves applying shaving cream and then shaving. Secondly, the blades, although being resistant to water get rusted after a certain period of time. Modernized shaving, on the other hand, gives a faster shave without the help of shaving cream or foam and can therefore be used in times of urgency.
While opinions may vary from person to person, the fact still remains that classic shaving always gets the preference when it comes to having a closer shave and a smoother skin. While time consuming as it may be, it more than makes up for it in the final look it provides you at the end.
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Plazan Skin Care

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Some Simple Dry and Effective Shaving Tips for Men
Dry shaving or wet shaving: every man's choices in attaining their desire to keep their faces presentable and neat looking all the time. Both of these types are important in order that they maintain that great outer look; both can also be done by utilizing conventional and typical razors. And when we speak about razors, using the electric ones can have some advantages. Let me tell you, through this article, some simple yet useful tips in doing dry shaving.
While wet shaving is the most traditional and known way of shaving method; this entails the use of so much time. What is with the rinsing of the area to be shaved before finally removing all the hair by shaving them? However, with the fast paced of life nowadays, apart from the technology and growing demands of men who want to remove their facial hair in no time, dry shaving has been more preferred. If you are quite new to this kind of method and want to learn more about it, below are some tips that might help you learn through the process.
• Always remember to shave along the grain or according to the hair direction; this will minimize skin irritation and problems. This is important in particular to those who have sensitive type of skin and those who easily produce rashes after shaving.
• When doing a dry shaving, it is always best to a razor, whatever type will do. But if you already have an electronic shaver and want to prevent cuts and burns, you may use it. It doesn't matter what kind of shaver you will use as long as you are well comfortable with it.
• If you are the type of person with a loose skin, it is best to pull your skin to make it tight while you are shaving. You will prevent having cuts if you are using a razor or beard trimmer for shaving.
• Applying too much pressure won't do the work better. If you will apply too much pressure it may cause damage and cuts to your skin. And if the situation requires you to apply added pressure, this literally means that your razor is not sharp enough. To avoid such, make sure that the razor is well maintained and sharp.
• Avoid rubbing the skin after shaving; this is a big no when it comes to proper shaving. Rubbing may cause irritation that may lead to rashes and to an uncomfortable feeling. It is best to pat and moisturize the skin right after you shave. This way the skin will be well hydrated, and fewer occurrences of rashes will show.
If you are planning to do this method, be sure that you have high quality razors or electric ones, this way you will have a better kind of finish and prevent bumps and rashes. Many people would settle for the cheaper ones, but quality is really important to have a better quality of shaving too. If you want to try this and don't have the right equipment, you can find a razor in almost every store. However, in the case of electric razor, you may try to look for it in various stores or through online purchasing, which will definitely give you a lot of choices.
Dry shaving is really a great help for all busy men out there. It minimizes the time needed for shaving but will give you the benefit of having a clean looking face. Aside from this, this method of shaving is the best when there is a pressing need for you to shave but you don't have the necessary materials. It can save you in a lot of different ways; hence, you would love doing this method. However, as all things have their flaws and imperfections, the dry method is not quite healthy for the skin and might not remove the all the hair which are closely embedded in the skin.
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Premier Cosmetics
Premier Cosmetics Australia
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Laser Treatment for Cellulite Removal
Laser treatment for cellulite has proven to be one of the most effective cellulite treatments. This procedure is carried out by a qualified surgeon and achieves its goal by melting away the fat that bulges out, break away the fibrous septate which lead to the indentation and finally thicken the thermos so as to prevent recurrence of cellulite in the future.
Fortunately, laser treatment for cellulite is painless and can be completed under local anesthesia. However, the patient will remain awake when the procedure is being carried out. It takes just between 60-90 minutes for the procedure to get it done. However the exact amount time it will take depends on the specific procedure which you use.
The laser treatment is minimally invasive and almost painless. The patient will not have to worry about going under a surgeon's knife because a small needle with some controlled radiation is used. The end result is smooth and well tightened skin. For some time now, cellulite has been pretty hard to treat, but excellent results can be achieved within a very short span of time with the help of laser procedure.
The laser rays attack the anatomic root which is responsible for causing cellulite and again, depending on the exact laser treatment procedure which is adopted, longterm results may be achieved. Laser Treatment for Cellulite increases the natural thickness of your skin, therefore achieving a healthier and smoother look that looks great for a long period of time.
There are however, certain things which you should expect from the laser procedure. The physician will mark the area to be worked on using a marker. A couple of very tiny incisions will be made on the area where the cellulite is located. A numbing solution or anesthesia will be used for the procedure, but again you will remain awake throughout the procedure. Laser fibers are inserted into the incision made via a cannula which will liquefy the excess fats in the area before pressing it out gently.
After the laser procedure, you will definitely experience some discomfort and bruising and in a few instances, some liquid may leak out from the incisions. If needed, the physician may recommend the wearing of a compression garment. The patient may be asked to rest for a day or two before resuming everyday tasks. However, it may take someone up to a week to resume strenuous tasks.
So if you've tried everything to this point to get rid of your cellulite, none of which has helped; my suggestion to you is this. Why not try laser treatment for your cellulite it is truly one of the most effective treatments for cellulite.
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Sai Perfumes

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Common Grooming Mistakes of a Man
From harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun to the scars left on skin by rough shaving, a man has to face different skin problems. It is therefore important for a male to take care of his skin like a woman who considers her skin precious and takes care of it. Modern day male considers grooming as an essential part of his lifestyle, but sometimes he falters and thus fails to make a lasting impression on others mind.
Let us see some of the most common grooming mistakes by a man
Sporting excess cologne
Spraying that new branded cologne can make others droll, but spraying it umpteenth times will surely bring down the effect. The perfect places to apply cologne are around the neck, on the wrists and behind the ears can make you smell good throughout the day.
No moisturizer
Male skin is rough by nature. Regular shaving acts as ice on cake. Leaving your skin in natural conditions will increase your chances of getting wrinkles at an early age. A moisturizer will make your skin look more radiant thereby leaving it soft. Apply a good moisturizer everyday on your face and areas around the neck to get wonderful results.
Dirty nails
Believe it or not, nails are one of the signs of a well-groomed man. Over grown or cracked nails are a turn off especially when you are going for a date or making an important presentation to the client. Keep your nails well-trimmed to prevent fungal infections. Cut your nails once in a week to keep them look clean.
Dry shave
Technology has given males electric shavers and razors but the two most important things that are missed by them are exfoliation and proper lubrication. To get rid of the clogged dirt in your face, it is necessary to shave your face after a warm shower or after using a face wash. Gel
Applying gel is cool and it sets your hair just the way you want it to be, but remember it is not a child's play and applying too much gel will definitely destroy your look. Always go for lighter pastes that keep the hair a bit fluffy and make it appear stylish at the same time.
Nose hair
Remove those extra hairs from the nose that often come out. Whether you are going on a date or at a meeting, overgrown nose hair is the most distracting thing and sometimes also creates a wrong impression on others.
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Sparkling White Smiles

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How To Find The Perfect Concealer
Using a good concealer and knowing the right way to apply it, is key to achieving a flawless complexion. Concealers are used to counteract discolorations, lighten shadowed areas, disguise blemishes, scars and tattoos, and work in tandem with your foundation to achieve the appearance of an even skin tone. Concealer can improve your skin's appearance dramatically, but only if it's invisible. The wrong colour, consistency, or incorrect application will only draw more attention to the problem areas, making them look worse, not better!
The secret to concealing is applying the concealer just to the area of discoloured or scarred skin. As a rule of thumb your concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your skin. The exception is when you are covering blemishes, scars and tattoos, where you apply the concealer after the foundation, and thus will need a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly, so that it doesn't stand out. Most people need a yellow-based, not pink-based concealer, because it flatters all skin types. The exception is dark or black skin, which looks better in orange-based concealers.
With so many different types available on the market it can all get quite confusing. This is why it is best to consult with a professional Makeup Artist who will be able to advise you on the best formula and colour for your specific skin concern. But to give you a helpful guide as to what you should be looking for, I will explain the different formulas available, and address some common concerns and how best to tackle them.
Formulations and Textures
Concealer comes in various formulas and textures. Different textures of concealers are used on different problem areas, so it's important to know which product is best for your particular concern and skin type. For example, a concealer used to cover under-eye areas should always be moist and creamy, whereas a concealer designed to cover breakouts or broken capillaries should be much drier in texture so it will adhere better and last longer.
Solid cream stick concealers give a full coverage and are handy for those moments when you need to top up during the day, but they can be quite difficult to blend. They are used primarily for prominent blemishes and skin discoloration. They can be used for under-eye circles but make sure it's creamy enough to blend so that it does not sit in and accentuate fine lines.
Pot concealer provides a similar coverage to stick, but is usually formulated with moisturising ingredients and is less thick, so it is better for under the eyes. This is the most commonly used by makeup artists because of the coverage it gives.
Tube concealer has a creamier texture, which is lighter and less likely to collect in fine lines, making it great for mature skins. It's one of the most versatile forms of concealer as it can be mixed with foundation or moisturiser to create a much sheerer product. It's one of the easiest to blend so ideal for under the eyes.
Wand concealers offer the lightest texture and are excellent for evenly out skin tones. They provide a slightly denser coverage than foundation and are quick to use. Some dry to a powder finish that's great for covering facial blemishes because the powder clings and makes it more long lasting.
Pencil concealers cover tiny imperfections like broken capillaries, blemishes and other tiny flaws such as an uneven lip line.
Oil free compact formulations are best used on the face to hide pimples and spots. They are usually a longer-wearing, drier texture that won't irritate breakouts. They are also good for covering age spots and hyper pigmentation. Highlight reflecting products help to hide flaws but don't actually cover. Instead they have light reflecting properties that refract light to help minimise shadowed areas like bags and wrinkles. Applied to the shadowed area they help to brighten and bring forward the area to make it less distinct. However they should be used sparingly.

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Common Skin Concerns
Dark Circles
The skin around the eye is very thin and fragile. Just like an onionskin it is transparent and everything underneath is reflected above on to the skin. To cover under-eye discoloration (which is really blood vessels that appear blue or grey when they reflect light), you need to find the perfect texture and shade for you. A formula that is too moist will 'travel,' and slip into creases and fine lines. A formula that is too dry will not blend easily and will appear cakey on the delicate skin beneath. For mature skin, concealer is best applied delicately and sparingly on the fingertip.
Colour Wheel
Depending on your skin tone the dark circles will appear in many different tones. You need to choose the correct colour to counteract the colour of your dark circle. This is when you need to consult the colour wheel. Colours that are opposite each other will help to correct each other i.e. if your dark circles have a blue undertone then you need a peach based concealer to knock back the blue; if they have a more purple undertone then you will need a more yellower based concealer etc.
A great tip for identifying under-eye shadows is to tilt your head down, then look up and straight on into the mirror. This will guide you as to wear to apply the concealer.
Before applying concealer always prep the skin first by applying an eye cream and letting it soak in for 2-3 minutes, before blotting any excess with a tissue. The skin under the eye tends to be dry, so moisturising the area will prevent your concealer from caking.
Then take a brush and apply concealer along the line of demarcation - where the discolouration begins on your skin. Extend the concealer up and over the demarcation area with the brush and then using your finger softly pat the concealer along the long of demarcation to blend it in. Remember less is more. Be sure to also conceal any darkness in the corners of your eyes and eyelids if necessary. When applying your foundation be careful not to wipe away the concealer underneath. Stipple or pat the foundation on over the concealed area and then blend out.
When covering under-eye puffiness, apply concealer to your dark circles first. Then apply your foundation, before stippling on a lighter concealer just underneath the puffiness. By highlighting the shadowy area underneath, you will bring it out and make the puffiness recede.
Skin Imperfections
To minimise facial blemishes, you will need a dry-textured concealer so that it will cling better to the skin. Apply your foundation first and then using a concealer that matches your skin exactly, apply the concealer directly to the blemish with a small pointy brush. Then sweep the brush around the base to blend the edges into the skin. Don't use your fingers, as you will transfer bacteria on to your skin.
Broken Capillaries or Veins
It is important to apply the concealer only to the areas of discoloration. Take a brush and draw a zig zag line of concealer on top of the broken capillary or vein. This will help it to look more real rather than painting on a straight line. Then stipple out the edges to blend.
To counteract the redness you should always use a yellow-based concealer and apply it only to the reddened areas. Then stipple the outer edges with your fingertips and gently blend into the skin. Stipple foundation over the top to achieve a flawless finish.
Hyperpigmentation or Melasma
To correct age spots or brown spots, apply concealer only to the areas of discolouration. Otherwise if you apply concealer beyond the line of demarcation, you will lighten the skin that is already the correct colour. After applying stipple the edges to blend and finish by stippling foundation on top. Ivory and beige skin tones should use a yellowy concealer. For darker skin tones an orange-based concealer works best.
A scar is a raised area of skin with no pores, this makes it hard to conceal, as pores are what makeup clings to. This is when specialist skin camouflage creams are ideal and where it helps to see a specialist Skin Camouflage practitioner so that you can be advised on what products will be best suited to your skin concern. If you don't have a concealer specifically suited to scars, try this trick. Apply moisturiser to the area, followed by a bit of loose powder. The moisturiser gives the powder something to cling on to. Then using a brush, apply a concealer to the scar and blend the edges. The concealer and the powder will mix together to form a drier textured concealer that will stick.
For acne scars where there is variation of texture, keep it as matte as possible and powder to make the skin look perfectly flawless.
There are so many great concealers on the market it can be quite confusing for a novice so it's best to consult with a specialist who will be able to advise you on what colour and formulation is best.
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