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Brand Point Family

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All Together

ClothDiaper.Com is the web based retail infant cloth
diapering store. We are still owned and operated by a
family owned business called All Together Enterprises.
Previously the company was known as The All

Brand Point Seniors

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Amber Alert

The Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is a durable, child
friendly product that works hand-in-hand with our
easy-to-use parent app and portal, keeping busy families
connected with tracking information and voice functionality.

Amazines Family News

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Andy and Evan

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Bunny Berry

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Comfort Cam

We created ComfortCam to have all the features in a baby
monitor that we wanted as parents and now we are thrilled
to share it with you. ComfortCam brings your child directly
to you no matter where you are – in your home, at work,
traveling, or even while you are on date night.

Amazines Family & Parenting

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Doodle Pants
Our Doodle Pants have been seen on countless Celebrties
kids such as Jessica Simpson's adorable daughter Maxwell,
Oliva Wilde's son Otis, Jenna Dewen-Tatum's daughter
Everly and Alessandra Ambrosio's son Noah. Clearly they
knows a good thing when she sees it.

Brand Point Bridal

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Teach your kids good money habits with FamZoo's Virtual Family Bank.
FamZoo is an online virtual family bank that helps
insanely busy parents (sound familiar?) teach their
kids good money habits with minimal hassle through
hands-on practice.

Baby Feeding Pointers in Feeding Your Baby With Solid Foods
Every baby is unique and they have their own specific demands. They are all individuals with special needs. New parents are usually worried about whether they are feeding their baby or introducing soft, solid foods properly. In the first few weeks, your baby sleeps most the time. Most people say that you might have to feed your infant when he is hungry but whenever you establish a schedule you're far better capable to read their signals and know when they're really hungry.
During the first six months, your baby would do well with breast milk or formula but will later need solid food. At the age of four months can start solid foods together with breast milk or formula. Foods apart from milk are unnecessary and may be damaging to your baby and there's totally no hurry to start solid foods. Wholesome foods to start are porridge created with rice, mashed carrots or potatoes, pureed apple or mashed banana.
Start with easy, easily digestible vegetables, fruits and cereals. Commence it slowly one at a time and by no means introduce new tastes and textures too early.
Under any circumstances, you should not feed babies hard food as it can cause them to aspirate. Some examples incorporate raw vegetables, peanuts, popcorn, candies, meat, and grapes. In the event you want to introduce a hotdog within the feeding you need to be sure that it's sliced into quarters. Honey and corn syrup are not suggested for babies younger than one year. You also need to test the food even though introducing it to your baby to check for any allergic reactions.
Introduce 1 new food at a time. Fruit juices are also wholesome but you need to not give it to your baby quite a lot since it will decrease his appetite and he will refuse to eat. Furthermore, you have to come up with enjoyable games in the course of feeding so that he will be excited with the next feeding time.
Most babies unconsciously suck in air even though feeding and may also swallow air when they cry. The air can cause discomfort to your baby and may possibly trigger reflux or vomiting after feeding. To solve this difficulty, you should burp the baby every four or five minutes in the course of feeding. Do it by holding your baby securely against your shoulder with your hands firmly supporting his head and back then gently rub his back.
You are able to also do it by positioning him on his stomach on your hand supporting his back. In addition, you can find babies that have to be burped in the course of their feeding but, other babies can total a feeding even with out being burped.
Don't stress your self too a lot, your baby would reach a stage when he will like to eat everything himself, and during the method, he spills a good deal. Every stage of your baby's feeding is unique with its own unforgettable memories, so slow down and take some time to have enjoyable with your baby.

Go Mama Go Designs

Go Mama Go Designs is led by founder Georgia Fiebrich,
who is driven to create and provide inspirational
surroundings for your family.

Having A Baby Bag: An Important Accessory For Moms
Carrying a baby bag is the most convenient thing when you go out for shopping or walk with your baby. Because of its convenience it is becoming the hottest trend. Baby bags are also named as diaper bags. But if its name is diaper bags does not mean that it is used only to keep diapers of baby. These bags are also used to keep other things like for keeping baby bottle, clothes and also many other items which are important for you and your baby. Diaper bags are designed in such a way that both mom and dad can carry these bags.
Normally when you search in market you will see that there are large numbers of baby bags available. These bags are of different shapes, sizes and colors. On some bags you will find that there is space for displaying the photo of your baby. The material of the bag is also nice and is specially designed for stylish moms. Designer bags are specially designed by famous fashion designers. That is why the price is also high than normal baby bags and the quality is also unbeatable. But the main point is that you can only buy designer bags from boutiques and not from normal retail stores.
Some of the common latest trends you will find in market are handbag diaper bags, totes designer diaper bags, messenger designer diaper bags, backpack designer diaper bags, bowler designer diaper bags and clutch designer diaper bags. Just have a look at the description of these bags.
Handbag diaper bags are the most popular and are also available in all styles and colors. These handbags are introduced in market around eighteen years ago and now it is famous among celebrity moms. In these diaper bags the straps are comfortable and are of medium size. These handbags have a round and stylish bottomed which gives a young look to the wearer.
Totes designer diaper bags are best if you want a spacious baby bag. These designer bags have a flat bottom and vertical sides which give an elegant look to the bag. It has boxy design with large number of compartments. Moms keep these bags under the strollers or hang them with the handle.
Messenger designer bags are preferred by those who like full freedom. They can hang it at their back if they like or can also hang it at their shoulder. The strips that are used to hang the bag at the back are adjustable and are also detachable. These bags are best for long walks and for hilly areas. Also moms can easily handle their child with both hands. Dads can also comfortably use these bags.
Clutch designer diaper bags are light weight bags and its looks are like a clutch. Its straps are also of medium length but clutch bags have less space and are not durable. So these bags are only designed for using in places where you have to spend a less time like in parties.

I See Me
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Welcome to I See Me! where we provide the highest quality,
most personalized children's books available.

The Joy of Children
I have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and have noticed that into the grouchiest of scenes full of disgruntled folks, the smile of a child, the gurgling of a baby, the babble of happy children bring grins to the faces of all those in attendance. Can you remain in a negative mood when a tiny hand reaches out to grasp yours with a gentle squeeze as his delicate skin brushes against your own? Or how about walking by a swimming pool from which raucous laughs and loud crashes of cascading water greet your ears and turn a frown into a beam of joy? Or when your granddaughter teases you with a bit of melted chocolate offered on sticky fingers because she wants to share the love. Kids keep us young with their innocence and desire to please. Their cheerfulness and sheer glee are delightful.
As I observed this dreamlike world of happiness, my daughter-in-law pointed out that some of the grouchy folks who now are smiling are also weird. And so as I watched more intently, I had to agree the old drunk who is grinning is also chattering and making me nervous to watch him just as the lady who wants to pat my grandchildren's heads with her grimy palm is sort of creepy. I also recognize that most of these people are lonely and that they mean well, but their paths in life have led them into unsavory circumstances and they are a little scary and intrusive.
My daughter who is now 7 months pregnant added that she is shocked by the number of strangers who approach her and want to touch her stomach to feel the baby kick. Even I, her mother, ask first when it comes to placing my hand over the womb so I certainly understand her reticence with these unwelcome advances. Some people invade privacy by asking personal questions of her like what type of delivery she is planning or they share their own, personal childbirth horrors. But I try to discount all of these oddballs and focus on the joy that children naturally bring.
If you are feeling sad, take a stroll to the park and then sit on the bench and watch kids at play. You can also head to the swimming pool, a school playground, or walk through a neighborhood where children are playing tag outside or riding bikes along sidewalks. Their giggles are good for the heart and the soul. I must warn you, however, that two problems may arise from these upbeat recommendations. First, sometimes while the kids are amazing, their parents or caregivers are not. It breaks my heart to hear moms yelling obscenities at their children or making crazy threats or behaving in a brash, hurtful manner. I just have to get up and leave. While I have tried gentle advice, typically this just escalates the mean behavior, and harms the children even more. Cruel words are terrible.
Or if you go to many parks, pools, and playgrounds, you may be perceived as one of the weirdos my daughter-in-law warned me about and that is sad as most people can greatly benefit from the happiness exuded by children.
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Kids Furniture Solutions
Kids Bedroom Set Sales
Our goal is to provide a high quality selection of kids’
bedroom furniture that is stylish, comfortable, functional,
safe and affordable.

Your Children Will Benefit From Having Outdoor Playsets
As parents, it is important that we make sure that outdoor play is a large part of our children's lives and the best way to ensure this is with interactive outdoor playsets. Our children live in the electronic generation of computers, video games, and gadgets of all kinds. Outdoor activities can easily take a backseat to all of these enticements. There are many important benefits to your child being able to play on an outdoor playset. Kids outdoor playsets are great for improving your childs motor skill, both gross and fine skills. They improve reflexes and overall health due to the cardio exercise that comes along with climbing, running, and swinging. You'll see an improvement in hand to eye coordination, core strength, and overall balance. They are interactive and stimulating for all ages.
It is important to monitor and limit the amount of time that our children spend inside doing things that don't expend any energy. Outdoor playsets are a great outlet for energy, an avenue that will encourage good exercise habits. Many playsets are large enough to accomodate several kids at once so be sure to invite the neighborhood kids for group play. This is a great way to be sure that those imaginations are working full time. Today's playsets have very interactive features that allow children to engage in dramatic play. In their very own backyard they can role play and explore make believe worlds that exist outside of their everyday indoor world. This is a very important aspect of their cognitive development and not one to take lightly.
Our environment is beautiful with many aspects to be seen, heard, and felt. While playing outside, your child will be introduced to beautiful colors and sights that will visually stimulate them. This helps to increase observational and even artistic skills. Outdoor stimulation can increase drawing and sculpting skills in those that are artistic. They are a great avenue for children to use independent play. They can explore the environment which will help develop a new sense of independence and self-confidence. This helps to induce creativity. You'll see them start to plan their own day of activities in their favorite outdoor play area.
When shopping for your new outdoor playset, keep in mind that there are many varieties to choose from. You can buy combinations if your prefer or just a straight swing set. No matter which you choose, you'll be introducing your child to the wonderful world of the outdoors and stimulating those creative juices for hours of fun and interactive play.

Kids Watch
Kidswatch Pro
Efficient time and access control like KidsWatch is
mandatory to keep kids on task and out of trouble.
KidsWatch is competent, easy to use and an effective
parental stress reducer.

Home and Family
Family usually is the backbone of how we turn out in life or who we become in life, they assist us in the toughest times in life or celebrate with them in our happy times. When one is an only child they miss out on the bonding or being a part of the big family to share memories, problems and joy, that money can never provide which we tend to take for granted sometimes. Although we remain in communication, while very busy it becomes hard to keep tabs on everyone that's when we are grateful for the phones or internet available to assist us with talking to each other from time to time.
As time is not enough to hold a family re union every month, we can only work with the little we have and make the best of it because it's scares one not to have been there for the most needed moments, once a day has passed it can't be recovered in any way. So if we all learn to prioritize our free seasons to tend to important meetings and holidays we will be happier.
It's very important to assist each other whenever possible either with finances or just availability for the time one is in need, creates a strong friendship or highlights where attention is needed to improve on the bond in the networking. It's only when you're between a rock and a hard place that you appreciate the life before, with or without complications that we manage to get through as we get to be older the wiser we become or hardened by our experience we teach others how we made it through the toughness in our need to develop a better nation.
Life has many challenges that require more than one person to deal with it or fix, when you know who to count on, turn to or lean on the problem becomes half solved at the moment as you are not the only one solving it. As it is said two are better than one in making decisions, paying bills and also comforting each other through tough times. Sometimes can look impossible but if we keep going on, we get through it all by talking to others either in a support group or motivation sessions that end up uplifting the one who didn't have faith and strength to get past the current situation.
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Things for baby's safety
Children are usually stubborn as they want their wishes to be fulfilled at that very moment. These days, parents try to keep up with their children?s demand by taking them for outing and camping or on a great holiday. They try to provide all the necessary baby stuff and items since their birth so that they can feel comfortable. Sometimes, it is really frustrating when someone is doing household work and also has to rush to attend a baby. The person really doesn't know how to fulfill the baby's needs while simultaneously running errands. Hence, they prefer finding the best baby carriers backpacks so that they can carry the baby wherever required.
This item ensures the safety of the child; hence it is durable and also resistant to all sorts of wear and tear. As there are many fake items available in the market, one should make sure that the investment is an investment and not a loss! While purchasing the baby carriers backpacks, the parents must look for the high-quality product that comes with several handy features like waterproof and durable material, lightweight and easy-to-use function so that they can slip the children on and off quite quickly and easily.
Kids' sleeping bag is also one of the items that are highly in demand because many parents would love to take their kids for outing after a few months of their birth. It is an ideal product during a family camping vacation or a slumber party. This accessory is easily manufactured because of the simplicity of design. The baby is certainly going to be sleeping in the warm and comfortable bag that are designed in a non-rectangular shape and incorporates a hood, draft tube, and draft collar.
Talking about outing and camping, it is necessary to add more clothing and life-protecting items in the bag so that the baby can be safe and secure. Child's life jacket is one such very essential clothing that can keep the infant protected from the harsh environment during boating. In today's time, the child's life jacket is manufactured in the most comfortable and less cumbersome ways so that the baby feels safe and secure. If you give importance to this clothing, then you will be assured that your kid is having fun while keeping its life safely away from the threat.
Kid's rucksack should also be considered vital so that the parents can carry important items in it. The rucksack has many different pouches or sections along with two straps that are slung over each shoulder, ensuring that all the necessary things are stored conveniently. While giving prime importance to these equipments, you should also give significance to children?s waterproof products so that during any harsh rainy weather, the kid gets the required shelter. Make your kid safe and add the look of a hero with kids' sunglasses. So, now you know what will make your kid happy and simultaneously you are also satisfied about their wellbeing.

Mia Mily

MiaMily HIPSTER: 9 Ways To Carry Your Baby
HIPSTER is a versatile carrier that allows you to carry your
baby 9 different ways (including front, forward facing, back,
and hip carry positions). It is a unique, back-supporting
carrier with an integrated seat for your baby to help you
carry your little one significantly longer, more comfortably
and effortlessly. Maximum comfort for parents with
ergonomic design allowing baby's weight is evenly
distributed between the wearer's hips and shoulders.
Built in ergonomic hip seat allows baby to be always in a
natural sitting position with knees even at hip level.

How to Know If Your Child Is Gifted
Special services can help them achieve their potential
Parents often dream of having a gifted child. Actually, less than five percent of children meet the criteria to qualify for special services for gifted children. If you think your child may be gifted, compare your child's characteristics with a checklist of what qualifies a child to be labeled as gifted. You child's school may have such a resource available.
What are some of the characteristics of a child who is gifted?
Although most people are curious, a gifted child's curiosity is turbocharged. Because they can take in and incorporate more information than other children, gifted children learn quickly. Gifted children usually take the initiative to learn a great amount of information about a subject in which they express a keen interest. They may ask a lot of questions, read voraciously, and observe natural phenomena for hours. If your child has these characteristics, nurture their interests by getting them books, videos, and other information about those interests.
How can gifted children be identified?
Your child's school may have a procedure in place to identify gifted children. If your school does not have its own psychologist, ask them for a referral to an educational psychologist skilled at doing assessments. Your child will complete a battery of tests designed to identify her or his gifts. These tests are usually fun for gifted children. Ask your child's teacher to make a list of your child's skills that caused him or her to believe that your child may be gifted. You, too, should create a similar list.
What type of school environment is best for a gifted child?
If your child receives a gifted diagnosis, you may want to consider enrolling your child in enrichment classes. Summer camps with challenges are another way to help your child realize his or her potential. Some schools also offer special services for gifted children. Yet if your child is comfortable at his or her current school, exercise caution about changing schools. Your child will learn best in an environment with supportive friends and teachers.
You must become your children's number one advocate. Whether or not your child is gifted, take the time to learn more about your child's strengths and challenges in order to get your child any services they need to help steer them to success. It is important for parents to understand what your child truly needs before developing an educational strategy for them.

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Modern Nursery Free Shipping!
We’ve been able to search and find more fun, unique
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GOTTA New Baby? Time To Get New Clothes!
Most people think buying baby clothes is easier than picking flowers. That's what we all think in fact until we have a baby of our own! With so many outlets and companies out there focusing just on baby clothes it is hard to believe that one can go wrong! The sad thing is if you don't get the right one - your little critter who just came to planet is earth is going to suffer - at least until he is old enough to buy his own clothes! So here is a few things to look into if you just became a parent and forgot that your naked junior needs clothes.
The first and foremost thing to understand is to know about the sizes. If you get this wrong, you are going to have a very irritated baby even if you buy an outfit made of Gold. There are various size charts varying from country to country. Find an appropriate size chart and find the right size for your baby. Remember do not choose charts which refer to age, look for a chart which refers to weight. Some babies are born heavier and they won't fit into the clothe size referring to "new born".
No matter how good the quality, it doesn't make sense to buy your kid a tiny woolen shirt if you live in Saudi Arabia. You need to pick the material according to the weather. The weather of course depends upon your location on the globe. So if your aunt from Greenland comes visiting, please tell her to not get any local made baby clothes. Just use your common sense here.
Do not comprise on quality even if you are poor. Compromise on quantity instead! Your little baby doesn't have your ego to understand that he has just one or two pairs of clothes but he would definitely mind if the material is itchy and not comfortable!
Shopaholic syndrome:
Most parents fall in love with all the gorgeous cute looking baby dresses that they become addicted to buying more and more. Some women buy more baby clothes than the number of shoes they own! Understand that babies grow very fast, you literally cannot use it all. In the end you will have one big baby with a lot of clothes for the next baby!
Follow the simple guidelines and don't forget to have plenty of fun while shopping, after all you have a new baby!
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Failed Potty Training - 10 Things to Consider Before You Start Over
Potty training problems put enormous stress on parents. If you feel that you have failed at potty training, you are not alone. Eighty per cent of parents say that they have "setbacks" of varying degrees when looking for help. Parents can feel pressure for lots of reasons:
• It's time to start day-care or pre-school and they state that they won't take your child if he is not potty trained, leading to feelings of panic over work and childcare.
• You're listening to all the other parents stating that they had no problem and you are feeling inadequate as a parent. It's very easy to be flippant about something when your child has mastered the skill. Try asking the same parent how their little one sleeps or eats! You may see a less relaxed (or supercilious) parent!
Nonetheless, mastering toilet training makes life easier for parents and toddlers alike. If you're having problems, look at these top tips and start again.
1. Are you sure that they are physically ready for toilet training?
If your child is not ready, they will have numerous accidents regardless of the time of day or where they are. Take a break. He's probably not ready. Review the signs for potty training readiness before your start again.
2. Are you sure that they are psychologically ready to be potty trained?
If your child is blowing hot and cold over toilet training, think about when they are dry and when they have accidents. Is there a pattern? For example, if he's dry at day care or after nap-time but has repeated accidents at other times, it may be that he is uncomfortable / nervous / stressed over training. Try taking a step back and identify what the real problem is.
3. Failed potty training is usually a sign that you should take a break for a little while.
You may be adding to the problem by being stressed and feeling that you HAVE to be finished potty training.
4. Before you start again,
get help with potty training using a good methodology or read some good informative books before you start. You need some fresh ideas which will energize you and make you feel more positive.
5. When you start, leave time aside to focus completely on training.
This should be a minimum of three days but if you feel that your potty training efforts have seriously failed, try to give it a week. This may sound excessive and harsh, but positive re-enforcement and training over that period will make a big difference.
6. Diffuse any power struggle.
If there are no genuine developmental issues, think about whether your child is strong-willed. This can create undue pressure on the task at hand. Try to diffuse and deflect any issues first and focus on the training second. Strong willed and stubborn children are a blessing. They achieve amazing things... but in their own time.
7. Focus on modelling good behaviour.
Allow your child to see what you do and how you do it in the bathroom. If he has any siblings/cousins/friends that are already day-time dry, put them in close proximity for a while and let the other child take the lead. If you haven't utilized DVDs, videos or books, consider it now.
8. Make a race!
It's amazing what happens when you create a little bit of fun and competition! Shout - "I'm going pee-pee first!" - and see what happens. Lots of times it can be used for morning pee-pee, peeing before you go out pee-pee, night-time pee-pee etc. At the very least, if he goes to the potty when prompted, it will minimize accidents!
9. Stop setting deadlines.
If you feel that you failed at potty training and need help, sometimes your first port of call can be 1-day training methods etc. Take the time-line out of the process and focus on good methodology and practices first. It's a bit like losing weight. If you focus on the scales, you can end up going backwards. If you focus on good eating habits and practices it often leads to better results. Likewise, ignore you own voice AND OTHERS who state that potty training should be complete at X age or in X time. Those numbers can be added pressure when you feel that you have failed at potty training.
10. Remember that night-time training can take up to 18 months longer than day time potty training.
It is only after the age of seven that night-time accidents are viewed as problematic by the medical profession. Practice good pre-bedtime habits and use a pull-up if you want to especially in the early days of potty training.
Last but not least,
remember all the good things about your family. And don't forget to laugh... your child will get there and you'll soon forget the bad days.
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Stroller depot

Stroller Depot is a family owned stroller, infant car seat
and baby product company located in Littleton, Colorado.
We are the oldest continuous running online stroller and car
seat retailer. We focus on Customer Service, here to help you
find the perfect stroller and infant car seat making a
sometimes difficult job simpler.

Diaper Changing Guidelines
Baby s tender skin gets a lot of wear and tear in the diaper area. Try to keep it clean, dry and comfortable.
Basic diaper changing steps.
Have all your supplies at hand, including clothing, just in case. Open the dirty diaper, and if baby has soiled, use a tissue to clean the bulk of the bowel movement into the diaper. Roll it up and reseal to contain the mess.
Wash your baby s bottom with mild soap and lukewarm water or a no-alcohol wipe and rinse thoroughly. Baby girls should be washed and dried from front to back, to prevent urinary tract infections.
If your baby is just wet, rinse the area without baby soap. Too much soap can dry out the skin.
Put the new diaper under baby s bottom, with tabs the tabs at the back.
Pat your baby s bottom dry. Make sure the skin is completely dry, even in the creases. Apply a thin film of petroleum jelly or zinc oxide ointment, to provide a protective water-repellent barrier on the skin.
Fasten the diaper snugly, sticking the back tabs to the front.
Rinse dirty cloth diapers in the toilet and store in the diaper pail until wash time. Some communities now provide recycling for disposable diapers.
Diaper rash prevention
Some babies are extra sensitive and prone to diaper rash. To help prevent rashes: Keep baby as dry as possible by changing frequently. You may need to change her in the middle of the night, even if she is sleeping through.
Avoid potential irritants like scented soaps and lotions. Perfumes in disposable diapers may also cause a reaction.
Cloth diapers may retain traces of detergent or ammonia. Try adding a half cup of vinegar to the rinse.
Plastic diaper covers hold in heat; if you use cloth diapers, try breathable covers.
Diaper rash treatment
Diaper rash often begins as a mild redness. Left untreated, it can become very painful. If your baby has a rash, use no soap, only lukewarm water to wash his bottom and apply a medicated diaper rash ointment once the skin is perfectly dry.
Exposure to the air helps, so lay your baby on a towel with a bare bottom several times a day. If the rash is very red and inflamed, or isn t responding to your home care, see your doctor. It may be caused by a yeast infection and require special medication.

Thea Thea Baby Bags

At Thea Thea, our philosophy is to combine fashion and
function. Our bags are designed to complement a mother's
sophisticated sense of style without sacrificing practicality.
Light, comfortable, and cool, Thea Thea diaper bags are a
trendy lifesaver for fashionable moms.

5 Things I Never Thought I Would Do As a Parent
When I was pregnant, I began creating a huge list of things that I was and was not going to do as a parent. At that time, I was dead-set on sticking to what I believed was best for my child, regardless of what anyone around me had to say. I remember thinking with a snooty attitude "good for you, but I will NOT be doing that with MY child!"
Then... reality hit... I became a parent.
It was a lot tougher than I imagined. Fantasy became reality and I was in survival mode! To hell with what I said I was going to do, I need to get things done, I need to get some sleep, I just need to make it through this day!
So what kinds of ideas did I toss?
Let the baby watch TV: "My child will never watch TV!"
I'm still not big on using TV as a babysitter but I do let him watch 30 minutes a day. I get more done in this 30 minutes than I do all day! I realized that one show a day won't kill him and if it helps me get things done so that I can spend more time with him throughout the day, it's worth it!
Eat baby food from a jar: "I will make all of my child's first foods!"
Boy, I would really still LOVE to be able to do this. I just found it so much easier to get the tiny little jars of organic baby food since I was at the store already. Less mess and fewer dishes. But this is one of those things that I would love to start doing in the near future.
Be a stay-at-home mommy: "I am definitely going back to work, I will need the break!"
I did NOT see this one coming! I was having so much fun hanging out with my little guy that the idea of going back to work was something that I had to give a lot of thought to while out on maternity leave. It was not an easy decision for our family but after a lot of thought, we decided it wouldn't hurt to take some more time off to take care of the baby. I have had to make sure that I get out a bit and spend time with adults so I don't lose my mind and start talking baby talk to everyone!
Let the baby sleep in my bed: "My child will not sleep in bed with me!"
Okay, so this worked for the first 4 months. He was just WAY too small and my husband is a very active sleeper. Once he hit about 16 pounds, I started feeling more comfortable having him in bed with me as long as I was between him and my husband. I didn't just decide one day that I was okay with it. He slept in a bassinet beside our bed. At the beginning, I was able to get up, feed him, change him, and put him back in his bed. But exhaustion set in and I found it WAY easier to pull him into bed, nurse him, and lay half asleep next to him. I was getting so much more sleep, sure I will probably regret it later when we transition him to his crib but for now, it works!
Odd nap routines: "I refuse to use ridiculous means of soothing my child to sleep!"
Yep, a baby will fall asleep in the car, in their stroller, anywhere..except their bed! I had friends tell me that they would literally plan their day so they would go for a ride in the car or take a walk right before they would put the baby down for a nap just because it was an easy transition to the crib. I'm not going to lie, I thought this was ridiculous. It's a baby, I am in charge! Ya right! I quickly realized that he would sleep so much better if I just chose to stick him in his stroller and walk the dogs around noon so that he would get a quality nap in!
Article Source:


5 Must-Try Ideas for Family Fun Activities This Summer
Summer is so close one can almost taste the popsicles and feel the splash of cool pool water. With the kids finally finished with their studies, homework, and school projects, you'll want to think up some extra special treats to celebrate all of their hard work. Rather than allow your family to spend all of those precious free summer days plopped in front of the television this summer, why not try out a couple of these amazing 5 must-try ideas for family fun activities this summer? Your family will thank you.
1. Have a paint balloon fight
Kick the good old-fashioned water balloon fight up a few notches this summer with a paint balloon fight. This easy, fun, and creatively colorful family fun activity is sure to leave a lasting impression on your family. Kids will be delighted as they fill up water balloons with safe, non-toxic paint. Have your family change into white clothes or swimsuits to play war with paint balloons in the backyard.
2. Take a road trip
Of all of the family fun activities you can plan, none of them brings a family closer together than a road trip does. Even the planning of a road trip is a fun family activity. Packing up the car with fun road games, snacks, and suitcases makes everyone excited for the upcoming adventure.
3. Go on a safari
The littles in your family will love this family fun activity! Find a nearby wildlife conservation area and plan an entire trip around the visit. Dress up in khaki clothes, learn about beautiful animals, and create a fun checklist for the kids to mark every time they see a particular animal at the conservation area.
4. Try new foods
Teach your kids all about the fun of new flavors and foods with this family fun activity. Create a mini family foodie tour by writing down a few interesting restaurants and dishes served. In a day you and your family could try out every restaurant on the list by sharing small plates at each. Pretend you're a family of food critics and rate each restaurant with stars. When you get home from your fun day, ask each family member to write up a review of the restaurant they enjoyed the best. Keep these reviews for a family scrapbook.
5. Go antiquing
This family fun activity is best for families with older children, as it can get quite dangerous to have energetic toddlers around delicate antiques. Play a fun game while you go antiquing. Have everyone draw a name from a hat. You'll be responsible for buying a small antique present for the lucky family member. Give everyone $5.00 and scout out the antique shops for a small present to give. This family fun activity is fun because of the interesting little treasures your family will find, and it teaches your children how to handle money in a real world setting.
By Judith

Top Bedtime Stories You Must Read to Your Children
You can cherish a happy hour with your little ones bringing books that talk of faraway worlds and long ago happenings that bring delight and wonder to your young one's face. Take a look at some of the most popular bedtime stories that are perfect for your little ones.
1. The Delightful Tale of Birbal's Wisdom
One of the most loved tales of Akbar and Birbal, this is a narrative that talks about a time when the emperor happened to lose his prized ring. The saga goes on to explain the clever way in which Birbal locates the ring and apprehends the culprit. This short narrative can be of great interest to kids aged between three and five years of age. They can even be encouraged to read aloud with you, allowing them to learn reading even before they do so at school!
2. The Blue Jackal by Panchatantra
The blue jackal is a narrative that talks of an ordinary jackal named Chandarva who is crowned king of the jungle after he falls into a pot of blue dye. The fable goes on to narrate the manner, in which his character turns vain and proud eventually coming to a downfall in front of his family and subjects. Along with being appealing and allowing children to imagine a beautiful jungle full of talking animals, the fable comes with a moral.
You can make it an amusing experience for your kid by using various voices for different characters.
3. The Wicked Barber's Plight - Akbar and Birbal
Another of the popular tales of Akbar Birbal is the Wicked Barber's Plight that has an episode from Akbar's royal court in store for readers. The fable talks about a notorious plot hatched by thugs who wished to rid the emperor of his favorite minister- Birbal. The narrative explains the plot and highlights the wise manner in which the clever minister outwitted the goons. It is a great way to explain difficult concepts to your ward like the fact that there exists evil in the world.
You can help your offspring understand with this legend that no matter the evil in people's thoughts and actions, justice always prevails for those true of heart.
Being read bedtime stories is something that stays with kids even as they grow older. They treasure the quality time parents spent with them at the end of each day making them feel loved. The fables also succeed in bringing sound morals and good values to your children who long to learn to read with you.

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Feeding Baby Solid Food
Perhaps all caring mothers (and dads too!) prepare anxiously for the day when they can give their child the first dose of solid food. It is almost like the first signs of the coming of age of the child. Yet most parents face a bout of confusion, often asking themselves the invariable questions of when and how, while the reality is that this need not be something very complex or challenging, if just some simple rules and timings are followed.
Although the theories concerning the right time to introduce the baby on solid foods have varied from time to time, it is now generally believed that this should happen between 4 to 6 months, as this is the point where they are not only developed enough for starting on solid foods but also this is the time when their reflexes for sucking bottled or breast milk diminishes.
There are also some easy symptoms to find out if the baby is really in a position to start on solids. The general signs could be whether, with some support, she can sit up and hold her neck and head up. Interestingly, if the baby also peers at your own plate when you are eating in the baby's presence. It can also surface in the baby showing signs that she wants more when her bottle is empty and can manage to keep the solid food within the mouth than just pouting it out. Besides the symptoms there are some solid medical reasons why the period of 4-6 months is the ideal one: this is the time when the digestive system has matured enough to tackle solid food intake, without any adverse effect on allergies. It is also the time when the baby's inherent stock of irons start diminishing and the liquid intake cannot sustain the iron levels any more. This is the time when it would be useful to give the baby such iron rich solid foods like spinach, meat and beans.
Theories abound about what best to have on the baby's first solid food menu list. Ideally it should start with some supplement of iron fortified cereal, followed by fruits and vegetables, probably in that order as most babies prefer the sweet taste of fruits. Once the baby has got accustomed to these solid foods, other new foods can be added gradually but preferably during the day times only, to notice any adverse responses if any.
Having started the baby on solids, most mothers also have to face perhaps the first time task of making the baby food. Most pediatricians would recommend that making one's own baby food is the ideal option instead of using pre-packaged varieties, so that one can know exactly what the baby is taking. Fortunately, preparing baby food in the house has now become quite convenient and cheap besides being quite efficient. This also has the added advantage of feeding the baby, as it grows, with some of the regular food of the household, processed through these handy gadgets.
Basically, preparing baby food in the house requires hardly 5 different standard gadgets, many of which are already available in any household kitchen. The essentials comprise of hand-turned food mill with blades of different sizes and shapes to produce the different textures of food; a steam-cooker with an arrangement to puree the fruit, vegetables, and meat. These are normally referred to as "all-in-one baby-food makers". In some of the more sophisticated models there is provision for defrosting and reheating of previously prepared food.
The other gadgets would include a baby food grinder, to break down chunks of food for the baby. It could be non-electric and portable, but these may not provide a choice of textures. Added to the list is a hand blender for pureeing the food, by just holding the portable device within the food itself. A regular kitchen blender or food processor and a good old-fashioned fork complete the list, these last 2 items being mostly available already.

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Nursery Decorating on a Budget
Creating a nursery on a budget is not as difficult as you think! There are so many resources for inexpensive, but cute items for your nursery or kid's room. Most of the large discount retailer chains have an abundance of items for baby and kid's rooms available at budget friendly prices. Look on Craigslist, eBay and Swip Swap. Finding the right items for your room may take some time and effort, but in the end will be worth it if you end up with a room you love, and one that doesn't cost you a small fortune. Here are some tips on creating your dream room on a budget:
1. Buy Long Term Pieces:
Opt for furniture and accessory items that will grow with your child. Avoid having to redo an entire room as your child transitions into his/her big kid room. Choose rugs, lamps and wall décor that aren't too babyish.
2. Discount Retailers:
Frequent large retail discounters, HomeGoods, Target, TJMaxx and IKEA. Find out when your local store gets their weekly shipments. Make sure to visit them that day or the day after for the best selection. If you see an item, but are not sure about if it will work in your room or not, buy it anyway. You can take it home, try it, and return it if necessary. HomeGoods gets an awesome selection of rugs, lamps, mirrors and storage baskets, but the good stuff sells out fast.
3. Inexpensive Wall Decor:
There are tons free "printables" available on the internet. Google "free nursery printables", and you will be overwhelmed at the selection of adorable artwork you can print and frame. Find inexpensive frames at flea markets, garage sales, Hobby Lobby, Target & IKEA.
4. Dresser as a Changing Table:
Make a changing table out of the top of your nursery dresser by adding a changing pad on the top. This idea will save you money and space. When you are done with changing diapers, you can remove the pad, and voila, you have your dresser top back!
5. DIY Projects:
If you are crafty, there are tons of DIY projects that are inexpensive, easy and will jazz up your little one's room. Search Pinterest for projects such as, crib mobiles, tassels, wall décor, garland, book storage, embroidery hoops, paper lanterns and more.
6. Buy Second Hand Furniture:
Look for used dressers, side tables, shelves and more on Craigslist, eBay and garage sales. Refresh and refurbish by painting or stenciling your piece.
7. Walls:
Try stenciling, wall decals or chalkboard paint to liven up the walls in your nursery. Although stenciling can be time consuming, these ideas can all be done for a fraction of the cost of painting or wallpapering the entire room.
8. Swip Swap:
Look online for "swip swap" sites, where people are looking to exchange baby/kid's items for free, or for a small price. Most cities also have a local "swip swap" on Facebook. Just search "swip swap" on your Facebook page. Most Swip Swap groups are "closed", but have an option for you to "join group".
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Why Your Teenager Is Crazy
Teens do stupid things. This is why:
My teenager is nuts! Honestly, I'm really fortunate. I have a fantastic teenager. But I still get lots of melodramatic teenage craziness, it just appears about differently. Most girls her age obsess over hair or clothes, she couldn't be bothered with these things. Her obsession is over her grades and school.
I'll take it! It's not a terrible obsession to have. But how do I make her realize that a B+ on an exam is not the end of the world! She's had straight A's since sixth grade. An unbelievable accomplishment that I will forever admire and be proud of. But she's she goes to extremes at times, she received an A- in AP Chemistry and got herself a tutor.
When I'm dealing with another teenage melt-down, I try to remind myself, "It's not her fault she's crazy, it's her teenage excitability neurotransmitters."
Neurotransmitter are brain hormones. They carry messages from neuron to neuron. They control all body functions, movement, emotions, pain and pleasure.
Teen brains are very different than adult brains. Teens have many more neurotransmitters than adults. (Because they have more synapses than adults. These synapses are pruned down as the brain continues to develop.)
Teens' high levels of neurotransmitters (and synapses) provide the ability to learn more quickly than adults, however these high levels of neurotransmitters are also what makes teenagers crazy. Because of them teens are more prone to feeling stress than adult.
Most teens can rationalize as well as adults when they are calm. However, when you increase stress, they easily become overwhelmed and prone to emotional outburst. The human body reacts to emotional stress the same way it responds to physical danger. So for a teen they are experiencing a feeling of danger, magnified.
So the next time your teenager is acting like that pimple is the end of the world. Try to sympathize. Imagine how you would feel physically and emotionally if it WAS the end of the world. That's what your teenager's brain and body is feeling. For them it truly does FEEL like it's the end of the world.
A few facts about those crazy teenage brains -
Teen brains are controlled by the amygdala. The amygdala is responsibility for fear, aggression and instinctive behavior. (This is why they do stupid things, acting without thinking!)
Teens do NOT have a fully developed prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for reasoning, planning, judgement and understanding consequences. (This is why teens feel invincible!)
Teens have a well developed nucleus accumbens. This is the "pleasure center" of the brain; the part that seeks out pleasure and reward.
Because teenagers have so many more synapses than adults, their emotions are felt with more intensity than an adult would feel them. (Can you remember your first love and the intensity you felt? Most of us were sure it would last forever.)
With their brain structure the way it is you might understand why teens engage in risk taking and are more susceptible to drug and alcohol addiction. They are instinctively seeking pleasure from a thrill, while feeling invincible and not understanding consequences.
Next time your teen does something stupid and you find yourself asking, "What the hell were you thinking? Keep calm and tell yourself, "My teenager isn't crazy. It's just their brain chemistry."


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