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Brands Now
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Three Major Reasons Consumers Shop The Web
As one who uses the internet on a daily basis, I've come across more than a dozen articles written about online shopping. Most of these articles were written to convince people to shop more via the internet. These articles also state that shopping online is more advantageous than shopping at brick-and-mortar stores because of the low prices on products. While this statement makes a lot of sense, a new study suggests that the main reason consumers prefer to shop online is not the low prices. In this study, shoppers do not mention "lower prices" as their main motivation for shopping on the internet. They mentioned, however, these three major reasons:
Lower Prices on New Products
Yes, consumers shop online because prices of products sold on the internet are relatively lower. However, most shoppers do so because of the much lower prices for new frontier items such as clothing, furniture, toys, sports and hobby related merchandise, and of course, health and beauty products.
Better Selection on Food Items
Believe it or not, consumers ranked "better selection" as their leading motivation when shopping for food and beverage online. As someone who lives in a country with people who eat more than three times a day, I would understand why better selection on food items influence consumer's decision so much to shop the web.
Free Shipping
For consumers who love to shop for commodity products, their number one drive for shopping via the internet is free shipping. But who doesn't love freebies? After all, not everything you purchase online is cheaper, so it's already a big advantage to get free shipping for any item you choose to buy.
What's the significance of all of this, you ask? Well, if you're someone who owns an online store, this gives you an idea that you don't always have to lower the prices of your products in order for your company to stay competitive. Moreover, if you sell food online, this tells you that having a wider range of products will help you attract more customers. On the other hand, if you are a consumer, this gives you an idea how other consumers like you behave when shopping online and what particular steps you can take to make the most savings.
For years now, online shopping has been a part of the lives of people worldwide. Considering its many benefits and advantages, it would be safe to say that online shopping is here to stay, and that mainly because of the three factors mentioned above.

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Ebay Where you can buy almost anything

How Online Shopping Has Won The Hearts Of Buyers Globally
The most prevalent outcome of the commercialization of the internet, popularly known as E-Commerce, is online shopping, which has emerged as the most preferred and encouraged mode of purchase of goods in the last decade. A great variety of intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors are responsible for this widespread acceptance, some of which are discussed here.
Convenient purchase of products and services:
No more do buyers have to pen down shopping into their daily planners as a task occupying substantial valuable time. The online availability of goods has simplified lives for them, since now, they shop for all the stuff they need, be it basic daily needs or costly items, on the go, while continuing with their busy lives, from any place, home, office or outside, and at any time, be it day or late at night. The notion of not having to step out into a busy marketplace, waiting in line for even small things, and visiting different stores for different kinds of purchases, has, not surprisingly, been overthrown by the idea of shopping websites offering all sorts of products under the same domain.
Not only this, online stores offer reliable shipping due to their tie-ups with well-trusted cargo companies, delivering products swiftly and safely. Some websites even offer attractive facilities such as free shipping of larger orders, and also, shipping of products on the same day as the placement of order.
Competitive and cheaper prices:
Online retailers very clearly understand that shopper usually go online with the primary motive of getting their hands on the best deals on desired products, and, therefore, make sure that the prices offered on online shopping sites are much lower than those available in the physical market. To this end, they sometimes even reduce their personnel profit margins to attract a larger crowd of customers.
Additionally, a huge number of impressive discounts are offered on shopping sites, and are updated frequently to maintain competition between different websites. Many of these offers are eased only in case of online purchase of certain items with the objective of encouraging shopping websites or mobile apps.
Exchange and return policy:
Most of the trusted online stores avail their customers of easy and convenient options return unwanted and unused products, or exchange them for something else from the store, within a set period of time after the purchase. The exchanged items are delivered just as quickly as the formally bought items, and the undesired product gladly accepted. Moreover, the respective funds are credited, if any, automatically to the chosen mode of payment.
Even with all your queries and complaints are attended to by online stores and care is taken to stay up-to-date with your feedback and your latest needs, to maintain a happy buyer-seller relationship, and this has made online stores the preferred choice for shopping between all consumers.
Overall, the comfort and convenience that online shopping has created in the life of people is something that not only has put the buyers at ease, but also sellers on the cutting edge. Now there is no need for sellers to establish the physical mega stores to sell their products, what they need to do is just establishing a tie-up with a leading online store and start selling their products.
All the above elements of online shopping, along with multiple payment options, provision of free gifts and referral rewards, and many such advantages, make it the preferred choice between all kinds of buyers. Hence, it is fair to say that shopping websites are one of the many revolutions that have arisen in the modern world to help the population adopt to several changes seen in lifestyle.

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Ebay Australia

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How To Improve Your Online Shopping Experience
Online shopping is very convenient but the choices you make before and during the process can determine the kind of experience you end up enjoying. With everybody now settling for the convenience of online shopping, more stores have established online presence and you have a wide variety of shopping platforms you can use to purchase what you need. Here is how you can make your shopping experience rewarding and pleasant.
Know what you need
The worst mistake you can make is going into shopping blindly without a clear understanding of exactly what items you are looking for. Identify what products you are looking for so it is easy to curb impulse buying. When you know what you are looking for beforehand, selecting online stores is made easy for you.
Go for variety
When choosing a store, ensure that there is a huge variety of what you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for fashion items, ensure that it has all the categories covered to give you an easy time getting everything you need from the same site. Whereas there are sites that specialize in specific items, some will include everything you could ever need including household items.
Know your payment options
It is not enough to go for an online shopping platform that has a huge variety for you to choose from but you also need to find out what payment options you have. The gateways offered should be safe and secure considering that you will be making online transactions that can be risky. Luckily there are trustworthy gateways and you don't have to worry much about the transactions when you choose a site with several of the best payment methods for you.
Check product quality
Even though you could be looking for cheap deals, be sure to choose a store offering you high quality goods. Look at the available brands and determine their quality depending on your preferences. When you take your time to choose, you will enjoy high quality at lower rates.
Customer service
A good online shopping platform will offer you excellent customer service in that you can have your queries and issues settled easy and fast to improve your shopping experience. Find out what other users have to say about the customer service before settling for a store.
Check delivery possibilities
Whether you are near the location of the store or miles away, you should have an easy time having your purchases delivered to where you are. Some stores are very good and will deliver the items to your doorstep or take care of shipping so they can find their way where you are regardless of your global location. If the delivery services are available, find out if they are free or charged.
Have a budget at hand
A budget will ensure you stick to the items you need and items that you can comfortably afford. It curbs impulse buying too and this is important taking into consideration that you will be exposed to a variety of products and temptations can be high. When you have a budget, it becomes easy to decide which items are most important at the current moment and which ones can wait. Financial management is important and this is what the budget will do for you.
Choose user friendly sites
A good site is one that you can easily find your way. It will have all the items categorized so you spend less time looking for what you need. A site that has quality product images to help you make a quick decision and one that loads faster will most definitely give you a pleasant shopping experience.
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Friller Online Shopping
Friller Online Shopping
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