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Costumes, Party needs & Supplies etc

Advanced Mixology

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Bam Products

Bam Products

Established in 1999, Frattoys is your source for Party Perfection. We have
everything you need from Drinking Games, Party Apparel, and Gag Gifts to
Outdoor Games, Home Improvements, and Costumes. Whether you spend your
time in a Dorm Room or Man Cave you can find something here. If you
are on your way to a Rave or a Bachelorette Party we will help you stand out from the crowd.

Remembering Your Childhood Fantasies with Fancy Dress Costumes
One of the reasons on why costume parties are a big hit is because of the memories and smiles that it brings not only to the celebrant but to all the party goers. During a costume party, every time that somebody walks in the door, you will find yourself expecting one of your friends wearing either an outrageous costume or fantasy costumes that will make you smile and looks good on photos. Fancy dress costumes surely bring the party and the fun to the next level. It gives you a chance to relieve your fantasy just by wearing on the costumes. You can actually come up with your own fancy dress costume with some pieces of cloth or old clothes and accessories that have been in closet or chest just gathering dust and all but nothing beats the feeling of wearing something professionally made. Fancy dress costumes shops or party organizers have everything you need for a costume and they also have the right kind of accessories that perfectly go with each outfit. You can be as simple as you like or as elaborate as you prefer depending on the party or event you will be attending. Fancy dress experts will help you look smashing with the costume you choose with going over-the-top. People are tested for their creativity every time they are invited to a party that requires attendees to wear fancy dress costumes. Events like these are always exciting and thrilling especially if prizes are given to people with the best costumes. Non-toxic paints are also used by many people on such events. For example, of you want to play your part as the Silver Surfer in Fantastic 4, you may purchase a silver body suit and then use a silver face paint. Or course, your costume won't be complete without your silver surfboard. Accessories rock, too and they always add an impact to your costumes. A Greek Goddess costume won't look complete with an exact replica of the Greek footwear or a pirate costume without that black eye patch and pirate hat.
If you are planning to host a party, a themed party will surely become a hit to your guests. On events like a Halloween party, make-up is also an integral part of the whole costume. Elegant looking masks are also nice accessories and crazy hats make fancy dress outfits look better. If you need to look your best for a theme party, you will surely get what you are looking for from professional party outfitters. One of the most popular shops offering the best and the most complete line of fancy dress outfits is
Fancy dress costumes need not be expensive, you just need something that will command attention therefore your costume should be as unique as possible. Always add a little flare to popular characters you want to imitate. You can use bits and pieces of extra accessories? but the best accessory of all is your confidence in wearing a fancy costume. Have fun!

Arty Party

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Card Corner
Card Corner | Send Personalised Handwritten Greeting Cards
Here at Card Corner our unique service allows you to send real personalised handwritten
greeting cards to anyone anywhere in the world without leaving your computer.

Tips for Planning Amazing Private Events
Planning private events can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process. There's the venue, the menu, the decorations, the guest list, and more. The key to planning your party like a pro is great organization and knowing when to reach out to others or professionals for some assistance. Read on for some tips to plan your private events like a seasoned pro.
Make Planning Simple
As mentioned before, the key to planning any party is to be organized from the beginning. All it takes is a quick search on Pinterest to download printable and handy, party-planning checklists that divide your responsibilities into easy time frames. It's also crucial to not wait until the last minute to start planning. You will need at least a month to get everything done.
Lists, Lists, Lists
You'll need to keep several lists on hand throughout the planning process: a master to-do list that you can highlight as you complete items, a shopping list for supplies and food, and a guest list where you can track RSVPs, dietary restrictions, and contact information.
Create a Theme
Whether you're hosting a birthday celebration or an office party, having a theme can make your event more festive, as well as making decorating and creating a menu much easier. Some people think that themes are childish, but you can pick themes that are slightly more sophisticated. For example, try hosting a Great Gatsby-inspired brunch with flapper fashions and croquet on the lawn. You can also do a south-of-the-border inspired fiesta with a mariachi band and margaritas. The choices are endless! You can even ask your guests for ideas to ensure that they will like the theme, too.
Send Out Real Invitations
Online invitations are convenient, but you can kick your party up a notch by mailing out tangible, old-fashioned invitations. These build anticipation for the upcoming event and can set the tone for the party. You can get creative and make your own, or get them at a stationery shop. You can make great versions at home with embellished cardstock, which will save you money, as well.
Create a Specialty Drink
Having at least one specialty drink on your menu will leave a lasting impression on guests. You can serve it in chic glasses and use creative garnishes that go with your theme. Make sure to come up with a clever name for the drink!
Don't Lose Your Cool
Give yourself enough time before the event to get ready so you're not rushing at the last minute. Even if you're hosting your event at a venue, you may still feel the need to get there early and try and do everything. Remember that as the host, your attitude will set the tone for the party, so stay relaxed and realize that everything doesn't have to be perfect for your guests to have a good time.
Planning private events doesn't have to be a stressful experience. If you stay organized and give yourself enough time to get things done, everything is sure to be wonderful. Even if you do experience hiccups, know that the small issues won't outrage your guests. The best thing about hosting events is spending time with the people you care about.
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Custom Icing
Custom Icing
Expertly created Edible Image Cake Toppers, supplied Australia wide and internationally too. Customers simply upload an image file via our website and we put it onto their chosen shape and size icing sheet. 

Great Theming Ideas
Coming up with theming ideas can be one of the fun aspects of planning a party, or event. You see, themes make for and provide a certain mood or colour of a party and can have a a huge impact on whether it's a success or not. Of course personal preference can play in big when it comes time to decide on which direction you are going to go with, but at the same time you do have to consider your guests.
Today with the steady growing popularity of theme parties a whole host of popular options has developed. Proven themes that you can use if you aren't into taking chances because keep in mind that with chance comes the risk of failure along with success. So then what goes into a proven theme? For instance is there some formula or fibre that you can use when you try to decide which direction to go with your party or event? The simple answer to that is yes”, there are a few commonalities that successful themes share.
Hollywood 1930s, 40s or 50s, Mardi Gras and Burlesque are three of the top proven choices and they all have something in common. Can you figure it out? They all revolve around a show” and after all isn't it a show that you're really putting on for your guests when you go with this type of event, or party?
You have the costumes, the lights, all the bright flashy colours and of course with all of them you have the corresponding music. It's actually quite simple once you think about it, and burlesque in particular has to be one of the easiest and most exciting of them all. So much of the burlesque theme rides on the music and the lighting and the real fun thing about this choice is that it's just a tad bit” racy. I suppose it's an adult party concept, but in a fun way that no one could possibly have objections to and the costumes are, so fun and easy to do.
Also unlike other popular themes like Mardi Gras in particular, with burlesque you aren't so dependent on three dimensional props. Then don t forget that there's male as well as female burlesque now, so everyone will have fun dressing up.
Setting up your bar and outfitting your bartender for this particular theme is also pretty straight forward. After all, isn't traditional burlesque put on in a bar setting? So it's fun, colourful, costume oriented and not as difficult to do as some of the others and it's also a proven success.
In the end though, no matter what type of party theme you go with, you have to set it up, have the party then take it down again. Don't lose track of the fact that you have a party or event to put on too, so you want your theme to be as easy as possible.

Glow Source
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Top Teenagers Party Themes
Teen parties are best organized by the teens themselves but parents suggestions would probably be welcomed once a theme is chosen. For example, an Alice in Wonderland party is a great excuse for dressing up and has wonderful opportunities for a costume contest and games – starting with flamingo croquet.
Teens need plenty of activities so often the most successful parties are Mystery Parties, where teams can work together solving a murder or other challenge. A party based on the TV series Survivor is also a popular idea with kids divided into two teams faced with a series of challenges set up on advance. Décor needs to be a tropical island theme (which you can use again next year for a Hawaiian Luau!)
Scavenger Hunts and Amazing Race Parties can also be wonderful for involvement and excitement, but the planning has to be detailed for it to come off successfully. The actual food and decorations depend on your budget and with a popular theme it is easy to find party supplies online.
Teen Beach parties are a great summer idea and simple to plan as it s a beach barbeque plus the party decorations and favors. A cute idea for the invitations is using beach balls, deflated (and hand-delivered) after writing the invitation in permanent marker. A gazebo can be set up on the beach with balloons to mark the site and food kept simple with hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.
Beach volleyball and swimming are more than enough activity and you can provide do-it- yourself sundaes to complement the cake. Luau parties with a Hawaiian theme also work well around a pool as well as a beach. Supplies such as paper leis, grass skirts and beachcomber hats for the boys are easy to find, and games such as water balloon volley ball and a limbo and hula contest work off the energy before a barbeque.
Teenage girls especially enjoy cooking for the party themselves. With help from willing parents, a French bistro can be set up with small tables, candles, and a menu in French. Non alcoholic wine can be served by the French waiter, and there can be a choice of entrees, salads and desserts. If this is too ambitious, just a dessert party can be a great success. Guests can assemble their own sundaes, or decorate their own cupcakes for prizes. To add a little more challenge, guests should also try their hand at difficult desserts such as crepes, crème brulee or individual lemon meringue pies. A good movie to follow completes the Dinner and a Movie idea.
Spa parties are very popular for girls and these can range from an expensive afternoon at a local spa for facials and makeovers, or at home with careful planning and shopping for supplies. Provide flip flops, which the guests can decorate and keep, offer mineral water and diet snacks and do some dancercise to a video or yoga stretches – then bring on the desserts! But easiest to plan and least expensive is a Movie Party appealing to both boys and girls, based on a popular star, either shown at home or in a cinema. Ask guests to come in costume and make sure there is popcorn and candy, followed by food and fun. The best ingredients for success of teen theme parties are careful planning, early preparation, plenty of activities and food that is easy for the teens to organize for themselves.

Brand Point Bridal

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Happy Birthday toYou - USA is an online service offering various unique
singing birthday cards that are delivered as e-cards.

How to Have Kids Themed Birthday Parties
Theme parties are great because it is so easy get party supplies based on a theme such as Barbie or Disney Princesses – or you can start with a really low budget color theme and have simply have everything one color – pink balloons, pink lemonade, pink cupcakes and pink napkins. Your theme can be based on an activity like a scavenger hunt, or an outing to a circus or a beach party. Or you can transform your home into Batman s cave or a fairy castle and plan activities and food accordingly. The main thing is to plan the event so that you can enjoy it too, and don t be so busy that you forget to take photographs!
Birthday parties are a wonderful opportunity for you to involve friends and family to help with games, passing the cake and taking care of little ones. Preschoolers have a short attention span and need lots of activities from the moment they arrive, for example, simple craft projects like coloring their own themed placemats or assembling party hats out of prepared materials.
Reading a story on the chosen theme – Elmo, Dora the Explorer – can settle them down before the food and always have a few extra games planned in case one is a flop. A paid entertainer can sometimes be a waste of money - a friend or teenager in costume can be just as much fun, especially if they are handing out the party favors at the end!
The same planning tips apply to all age groups including teenagers. Starting with the invitations you want to ensure that everyone is included that should be and check with the school about rules regarding handing out invitations at school. The invitation should be clear about whether the kids should come in costume, or whether they should bring swimsuits if it is a beach or pool party.
Make sure everyone is clear about time to pick up the children, and if the event is not at your home, be very clear about directions and who is responsible for transportation. Be aware of safety issues, kids with food allergies, safety in the pool or at the beach, and avoid fireworks, alcohol and the risk of fire - candles should only be on the cake!
The party theme begins with the invitation and the design possibilities are endless. If you are having a train theme like Thomas the Tank Engine, then the invitation can look like a train ticket. If a ballet theme, then the invitation can be a cutout of a pair of ballet shoes. Pirate parties can be treasure maps, princess parties a royal scroll.
Teenagers can be more ambitious using their computer skills but you will want to make sure the RSVPs are clear and get back to you. The final item on your to-do list should be a thank you note on the same party theme, ready for your child to sign and send the next day in appreciation of the gift and the friend s presence on the most memorable day of the year!

Just Party Linen
Just Party Linen
Just Party Linen is an Australian owned and based event linen importer. Our
warehouse is in Smithfield NSW and our office is located in Sunny Perth.
All items are dispatched from our NSW warehouse. 

The Best Children's Birthday
There comes a point in every parent's life where they have to plan a fascinating birthday party for their little ones. Many parents find this as an opportunity to enjoy their child's childhood and the memories associated with it, while many find it daunting as they are not really sure how to plan it.
When it comes to organizing a birthday party, there are so many questions going on in the mind. Like whether the party should be at home or at some place where all the things will be taken care of. The guest list should include close friends only or the whole class. Whether you should go for a custom cake or purchase a pre-made one. With all these questions in mind, I'm sure planning a birthday bash becomes quite stressful job.
The best way to organize a perfect birthday party for your child is by planning before time. Here are some main points you need to think of.
The cheapest venue you will find is your own home. But if there are a lot of furnishings in the house and less space for accommodating a huge gathering, then you can opt to arrange the birthday at your local community or church. If you are renting a room for the birthday party then always have a private sitting corner in it with some coloring books and play dough, because you will always find one two kids who would like to sit alone and play.
Guest List
Even though there will be a lot of pressure on you from your child to invite the whole class, but believe me, bigger the better is not the right thing to do. Even the most experienced part entertainer will have difficult in handling a lot of guests. So it's best that you sit with your child and make a list of their special friends and relatives to come for the birthday party.
Invitation Cards
There are two options for the invitation cards: first you can purchase readymade cards from the market or if you have plenty of time then you can make personalized birthday cards. You can find a lot of ideas on the internet regarding birthday invitation cards.
Party Menu And Decorations
Select a theme for your little one's birthday party and then stick to it. If you shop in breaks then you won't be able to plan the décor according to the theme, so it's best that you buy all the things in one go. Helium balloons are best for decorating, though they are expensive, they bring a fabulous look to the part décor.
When it comes to the party menu keep it small and simple, many kids get full after having a piece of cake. So it's best you keep small snack items like mini pizzas, small-sized sandwiches, cookies, banana crisps etc. Also try to buy a medium sized cake because many parents buy a large cake and then half of it is left.
When it comes to birthday entertainers I can only think of hiring professional help. A professional birthday entertainer will present different types of entertainments to keep the kids happy and engaged like a magic show or puppet show. They will present different cool game ideas that will keep the party lively and the kids happy.
So here are all the important things which you need to consider when planning a birthday party. Hope this list helped you.
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Party Products Australia
Party Products Australia
With over 13,000 party supplies and party decorations online, we can provide
almost everything you need for your party, special or corporate event. 

Pierre Silber

Year after year, Pierre Silber is one of Yahoo's top rated stores.
We firmly believe in Customer Service and strive to provide
you with attention you deserve.

Saloon Box


We created SaloonBox after we grew tired of looking for cocktail recipes online, only to spend
a small fortune on big bottles we'd rarely use again. 

The Sounding Iron - High-end Indian Headdress Boutique Store

The Sounding Iron - High-end Indian headdress boutique store, many sizes and colors, price range $49-149.

The Sounding Iron brings you stunning, artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali. In the style
of beautiful headdresses made by an assortment of North American Plains Indian tribes

The 5 Secrets of Picture-Perfect Birthday Celebrations
For most young children, their birthday is one of the biggest social events on the calendar. Most kids spend months planning their birthday, deciding who they will invite, and naturally thinking about all those gifts! However, to make a birthday party truly amazing, it helps to do a good deal of planning before you start stringing up streamers. If you want your children's birthday celebrations are fun, and stress-free, follow this advice!
1. Overcome Budget Constraints
- One of the biggest complaints parents have when planning a party is that they simply do not have the money to make it amazing. However, you can easily compensate for your budget constraints with a little imagination. Chances are, there are materials lying around your house that would be perfect for decorating, playing games, or just use one of the many tried-and-true games, like a scavenger hunt or musical chairs, that are both completely free and completely fun!
2. Guest List Too Long
- When your guest list seems to be swelling beyond control, you may be wondering how to avoid a crowd. Well, the honest truth is you may have to forego social obligation and focus on keeping the number of kids in your home manageable. A good rule of thumb some parents use is to invite as many friends as your kid's age plus one more. If any kid feels left out after not coming to the party, consider arranging a play date or outing later the next week.
3. Kids Manners
- Parties can be a lot of pressure for young kids, however you can help them feel more comfortable by teaching them good manners. Teach your children to greet guests appropriately and accept gifts graciously. The last thing you want is for your child to offend another kid by saying they do not like their gift. Finally, give your child the job of saying goodbye to each guest and thanking them for coming.
4. Surprise Guests
- To avoid unexpected guests showing up to your party, the best thing you can do is be proactive and direct. Include information and instructions on the invitations about exactly who is invited. Consider putting a drop-off and pick-up time on the invitation if you do not want the adults to stick around. Or, make a note about limiting attendance if you are afraid some siblings may tag along with your guests.
5. Balancing the Chaos and the Fun
- While you do not want to give a bunch of kids complete run of your house, you also do not want to be a killjoy. To keep your party guests behaving appropriately, set boundaries about which rooms are off limits to guests. Additionally, you can enlist an adult helper for every four kids, limit the party to about 2 hours, and plan at least three games or activities to keep them busy.
Finally, a great alternative is to host your birthday party at a third party venue where you can be stress-free knowing your house is safe from chaos, and your party guests will be wildly entertained.
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Stupid com
Gag Gifts From
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Amazines Party Ideas

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Sure Glow
Glow in the Dark Party Supplies
Your #1 Manufacturer & Direct Importer of Glow &
Light Up Party Supplies

Prepping Banquet Halls for the Big Event
Whether you are hosting a wedding, a sales conference, or a prom, banquet halls have a myriad of uses. These venues come equipped with staff and facilities that you cannot acquire on your own without using an enormous amount of resources. When planning an event that will require a large space, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you use the banquet hall's facilities to their fullest.
Redundancies, Redundancies, Redundancies
As the head of a major event, you simply cannot solve every problem that occurs on the spot. Quality banquet halls will set you up with a site liaison that will help keep your function on track. Make sure this person has documentation of everything that will happen. Inevitably, there will come a time when you are otherwise engaged when a small crisis occurs. By having a second person with exactly the same amount of knowledge you have about your event, you can empower them to solve problems without your direct involvement.
It is critical to also keep and prepare backups of everything you'll need on the night itself. If there will be a presentation, it should be stored on multiple devices. You should also have a contingency plan in place should the projector fail. Print extra copies of everything, and be sure to store them separately. This way you can never lose your information if one person makes a mistake.
Have a Clear Floor Plan
One of the most stressful parts of planning any event is the setup. Moving chairs and tables, hanging decorations, setting out food - these things all take time and manpower far greater than that of any one individual. You will be forced to involve other people in your setup, but that can create just as many problems as it solves if they do not understand your vision for the space.
Most banquet halls have staff members that are experienced in setting up for various types of functions. Get them involved in drawing up an exact floor plan. This way, all the people involved in the setup will have a visual reference point to go back to, streamlining the setup process. The more detailed you can make your floor plan, the better. What needs to be moved first? Is there anything that has to be set up before decorating can take place? You should be able to look at your floor plan as if you were someone with absolutely no knowledge of the event and still be able to answer this question: "I have not been told to do anything and I'm just standing around - what's the next thing I could do to be the most helpful right now?"
Preparation Leads to Perfection
When the doors open, you want your event to operate like a machine, perfectly executing each part of the schedule effectively and on time. By streamlining your setup process, you will ensure that your mental faculties are available to deal with any problems that arise ahead of time. Preparing your floor plan in advance, creating backups of important documents and information, and making use of your site liaison will help you ensure that your event will move forward without any delays or major issues.
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Thirsty Coasters

Outdoor Summer Birthday Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Planning Ideas
Ready to start your Halloween party planning? Here are some tips and ideas for planning the perfect, family-friendly Halloween party.
Just like any other party, there are things you have to plan out so everything goes smoothly and you don't drive yourself crazy with the details. Save the Craziness for the party itself!
To get some ideas, I headed over to the Warrior Forum and asked some of the members what they would do. And then I added my own ideas into the mix.
How Are You Inviting People?
The first thing you'll need is invitations, unless you're inviting people by setting up a Facebook Event, sending emails or just calling people.
Where Are You Hosting the Party?
If you have a large enough house or you're not inviting a lot of guests, you're good to go. But if you're expecting more people than your house can handle, here are some ideas for party venues:
• Local fire company social hall
• Covered pavilion at a local park - if you live in a warm climate, that is.
• Reserve a banquet room
What Supplies Do You Need?
Here's a list that was suggested that pretty much covers everything for any party. Just use your imagination for Halloween colors and themes:
• Disposable Tableware
• Party Decorations
• Cake, Baking & Pastry Supplies
• Cards, Stationery & Invitations
• Party Favors & Goody Bags
Halloween Party Themed Food and Drinks!
I got some great suggestions here that I wouldn't have thought of! Again, use your imagination.
It's obviously better to have a buffet for a Halloween party, and not a sit-down dinner like you'd expect at a wedding or something more formal. Think fall season produce when you're putting together your buffet menu. Some ideas to have on your menu are:
• Heirloom Corn on the Cob
• Stuffed acorn squash
• Yams
• Chicken wings are always a favorite. Make sure to have mild wings for the kids or for people who don't do well with hot and spicy stuff.
• A bowl of candy corn
• Pumpkin and apple pies are season favorites for desserts
Favorite Seasonal Drinks:
Make sure to have sodas and hot chocolate for the kids and non-drinkers. Also, apple cider is a holiday favorite for Halloween.
And for the adults who do like to splurge a little, have some hard cider or apple cider "spiked" with wine or rum.
Fun Party Game Ideas for Kids and Adults
Of course, no Halloween party is complete without bobbing for apples!
You can also have prizes for costumes, for example:
• Best Costume
• Funniest Costume
• Most Creative Costume
• Most Outrageous Costume
• Scariest Costume
And last but not least...
Party Favor Ideas!
What you decide to give out for party favors will depend on your budget. But here are some ideas to get you started:
• Halloween wrapped candy bars
• Orange and purple plastic stadium cups
• Themed bottle openers
• Candy apples
• Ghost and pumpkin-shaped cookies
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To Be A Pirate

For more than a decade, our dedicated staff at Tudor
Dressing has been busy researching & re-creating fashions
from the Medieval times. We have a large range of
Medieval & Renaissance Clothing: Shirts, Blouses, Pants,
Skirts, Coats, Vests, Bodices, Chemise & many accessories.
We keep researching & adding new products so that our
customers always have something fresh for the occasion.

Arty Party

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Party Favors That Won't Break the Bank
You probably don't have room in your budget for $150,000.00 for party favors and you're probably going to limit the guest list to a lot fewer than 150 guests so you're luck. There are lots of really cute, easy to make party favors that you can make yourself for just a few dollars.
I was recently asked to make party favors for a baby shower. There were 20 guests and the theme was Winnie the Pooh. We all know that bears like honey so we thought the guests would too. We gathered together individual packets of Stash vanilla honeybush tea, honey dips, some honey candies (the wrappers had cute little bees on them) and Bit-O-Honey candy bars.
We could have just put all these honey flavored treats into a bag but I had another idea that would make them prettier to look at and simply more fun. Most of the things we used for the packaging can be found in one of the many dollar or party supply stores. We used clear cello bags, the kind florists use known as corsage bags. You can find bags printed with various themes at party stores too.
We cut white poster board to fit inside the bag and glued the items to the poster board. We used glue dots but a glue stick will also work. The Bit-O-Honey bar colors did not match our color scheme so we wrapped the bars in paper. We personalized the bars with the date and name of the Mom and baby. If you have a good graphics program on your computer you can personalize the wrappers like we did. You can find a FREE template by Google searching "candy wrapper template" and there are YouTube videos explaining how to wrap the bars. If your party has a popular theme, you can use themed wrapping paper instead of white paper to wrap your candy bars.
We tied the bag closed with pink, blue and yellow curling ribbon to match our color scheme. The total cost, including the treats was $2.75 each.
The idea we decided on for the baby shower was not the only idea I had. Since tea and honey were the main items we thought of placing all of them in a mug. The mug would have made a cute party favor take away but we still would have had to use the cello bag and ribbon and since a mug would have added another dollar to the total cost we decided against it.
Planning a birthday party for a child? Why not include them in helping create personalized party favors? All you need are paper lunch bags, either kraft or white, a hole punch, colored markers and some ribbon. You can add stickers if you like.
Fold the top of the bag over about two or three inches. Using the hole punch, punch a hole about an inch on either side of the center. The goody bag is now ready to be decorated. Your child can write each guest's name on the bag in colored marker and add an original drawing or stickers if he or she wants.
Once the bags are decorated, fill them with the treats you have chosen. Instead of choosing all candy treats, include some healthier choices like granola bars and peanut butter crackers. Fold the top of the bag down and lace your ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. For a more colorful bag, choose a couple of different colors of curling ribbon and instead of a bow, curl each strand, giving your gift bags a very festive look.
Fill small canning jars with cocoa and mini marshmallows and tie on a recipe card with your favorite cookie or bread mix for a wedding shower favor. A plastic beer mug with some beef jerky and a package of popcorn would be fun for a Jack and Jill and a small baby bottle filled with jelly beans or other candies makes a cute party favor for a baby shower. Check out the local farmers markets for soap makers who will wrap goats milk or other hand made soap in a personalized wrapper. The possibilities are endless.
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Wholesale Balloons

Your #1 supplier for Wholesale Balloons, Novelties and accessories.
We carry solid latex balloons, printed latex balloons, mylar balloons,
balloon accessories and balloon and party supplies.

Eco-Party Time

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Legendary Ways to Add Drama to Your Event Décor
Whether you are planning a social engagement with family and friends or a promotional event for your business, the right decor can significantly contribute to the success of your event. Below are a few tips to help you create a legendary event that your guests will remember long after it ends.
Light Up the Event
One way you can use lighting to create an elegant and intimate atmosphere is to incorporate a design technique called uplighting. This technique bounces light off the ceiling, a wall or drapery to create visual height and a sense of floating. When vibrant colors like deep purple or blue are used to create uplighting, it has a very distinct and stunning effect on decor and keeps guests engaged.
You can also use transitional lighting for events that last through the day and into the evening. Changing the lighting as night falls creates a different feeling of ambiance and signals to guests that a new portion of the event is about to begin. This technique can be as simple as dimming the lights after cocktail hour.
There are many other techniques you can use to create impactful and elegant lighting that fits the theme of your event. However, it is important when planning lighting decor to work with an experienced event designer who will help you pick the best lighting scheme for your unique event and make sure that every aspect of the decor is complementary.
Floor-to-ceiling Decor
Hanging decor is great for event design because it draws guests' eyes upward, making objects appear larger than they actual are.
Elements of this elegant and eye-catching style of decor include drapery, hanging floral arrangements, spheres and crystals. Even used sparingly, this kind of decor stands out as a bold design.
Think Outside-the-box
One of the best ways to add drama to your event decor is to get innovative. Event designers are so successful because they know how to create transformative designs that work for the venue and also perfectly complement the theme of an event. Consider using decorative elements in new ways. For instance, you can use drapery to create an exquisite, timeless design that your guests will never forget.
Incorporate any of these tips into the decor for your next event to create a unique and elegant atmosphere. It is also a good idea to hire a professional event designer that will find exquisite ways to integrate all of your ideas, creating a breathtaking design that guests will never forget.
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Tips for Impromptu Party Planning
There's no need to call in for pizza or Chinese food when friends and family drop by unexpectedly for Saturday brunch or a surprise mid-week evening repast. All you need for an evening of relaxed entertaining are some basic food and drink ingredients and a handful of colorful and interesting accessories; interesting company is, of course, assumed.
Stock Up on Basic Items
Make sure you always have the ingredients of your signature dish ready to be deployed for active duty on the stove top or in the oven. If you do not have a signature item, choose a simple dish that you can do well and does not require much fuss and have the ingredients for this dish always on hand. Whipping up your signature dish for unexpected company will make your drop-by friends feel special thinking that you took the time to cook your specialty dish just for them.
Do the same with your signature drink. If you make a mean Manhattan, have rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters and Maraschino cherries always on stock. If you never run out of orange juice in your fridge (or freezer), why not keep a bottle of champagne chilling as well? This way you can whip up a classic brunch staple - mimosas - at a moment's notice.
Cheese and cured meat can keep in the refrigerator for quite a while if you store them properly. All you need to do is pile them on a soda cracker for an easy appetizer. It doesn't hurt to keep two or three different (store-bought or homemade) pasta sauces in your freezer at all times. Throw them over a bowl of hot pasta, crumble some cheese on top and dinner is served.
Use the Right Accessories
Just because you did not get advanced warning does not mean you have to make your guests eat from paper plates and drink from plastic soda cups. Stock up on white china (dinner and dessert plates, cups and saucers) and you'll be ready to serve any food that you can come up with from your kitchen in style.
If you have mismatched items from your summertime flea market forays, an impromptu party is the perfect time to use them. Don't be afraid if the colors clash or blend into one another (purple plates on a mostly orange paisley tablecloth? Why ever not?). A spontaneous, free-wheeling party just begs for your one-of-a-kind vintage finds to be dusted off and put to good use.
Life is not always neat and does not always go according to even the best-laid plans - thank goodness! Impromptu parties can make up some of life's sweetest memories, precisely because they celebrate the serendipitous moments when friendships and family ties are at their simplest and most pure. Always be ready to enjoy them simply by stocking up on essential food items and a handful of interesting accessories. Throw in excellent company and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful party.
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Yeners Cakes 
Yeners Cakes
Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, 3D cakes, centrepieces, DIY products and more! Cakes with a difference!

Plan Your Birthday Every Year To Give A Great Boost To Your Party
Birthday parties would be a great boost to your self-esteem. You would feel like a king or a queen when you celebrate your birthday by arranging a birthday party. But where should you begin? You can begin by planning a proper birthday bash. Here is how you can plan your birthday bash.
Many people feel comfortable when they start with a theme around which they can organize food, games, events, crafts, and invitations to the party. You can enjoy planning a party that would reflect your interests - whether it is a Mexican themed party, a sport themed party, a backyard beach picnic or even a trip back in time party.
Guest lists
You should consider making a guest list for your birthday party. The invitations can either be home-made or store bought and should set the mood for the event. You might even enjoy making invitations out of craft paper, computer templates or even out of puzzle pieces, depending on what your chosen theme is. In addition, make sure you add the time and the date of your birthday party. Also, include the directions to your home on the invitation card.
If your apartment or home is not suitable for hosting your birthday party, then there are many off-site options that come with several advantages. For a small fee, you can reserve your place at a local park or a recreational community center. You should also arrange for food with a restaurant in the vicinity. Parties that are hosted away from home work better for everyone since they may be bored with familiar surroundings.
For parties that are brief, consider cake and ice-cream along with a juice of your choice. Many people consider the cake to be the focal point of any birthday party. As per tradition, the birthday boy or girl should get the first piece of cake. Consider having more than one flavor of ice-cream at hand. You could even have a pizza party if you want, but make sure your guests get different toppings according to their choice. Make sure you add your own personal twist to the party food. For instance, you could turn chicken wings into dinosaur wings for the purpose of your party or you could have chicken drumsticks for your orchestra party. The hardest thing to do would be to expect the unexpected during a party. So, keep your options open while hosting the party just in case.
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Shop on Zazzle for Personalized Gifts
Zazzle, The Make Engine™, is creating both the tools and the
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Birthday Party Stage Decoration Ideas
Birthdays are one of the best days of every year, if not the best day for all of us. Remember the month, week or even the day before your birthday? The anticipations, the excitement and the expectations! However, for people who are planning our birthday surprises and parties, it can be a nerve-racking chore. What gift to buy, where to have the party, who to invite and what decorations to use. Planning a birthday party is a colossal task. However, if you are looking for some tips that could help you with birthday party stage decors; you have come to the right place.
Balloons are a must have accents for birthday party stage decorations. They are inexpensive and simple idea yet turn your party to a celebratory spectacle. Hang them from ceilings, on walls or as an entrance to the stage. Fill the balloons with helium and allow them to hit the ceiling. You can even fill transparent balloons with confetti before blowing them. To make LED balloons, you can insert a turned on LED light into each balloon before filling them with helium. They make wonderful ceiling lights for your stage. Switch off the lights of the room and the balloons will glow on the stage creating a beautiful ambience.
Streamers like balloons may seem like an age-old stage décor prop. However, they still hold their charm. You can twirl the papers, add fringes or hang them like a garland - they make wonderful stage decorations. They are vibrant, colourful and get everyone in the party mood. They are also cheap and can be reused for other occasions. What more? Streamers can decorate the wall, pillars, table, and chairs, in short, anything and everything. You can also hang balloons at the end of streamers on the stage wall. They are easily available and can also be made at home using crepe paper.
Messages on wall
Minimalistic stage decors can sometimes win the heart of the guests and the person who is celebrating their birthday. Use charts or boards to pin down messages from family, friends or anyone who couldn't make it. Even better, install chalk boards or charts for people to write messages. It can be an unconventional decoration but a sweet and beautiful idea to light up the stage.
Party lights
All kind of lights add to the party spirit. Why not use them to decorate the stage for a birthday party? String fairy lights along the wall and along the stage. Use your creativity to add some flair to your lights. Cupcake papers, tissues, scrap papers - all these can make excellent accents for your lights. They are cheap, easy to make and pleasing for the eyes.
Garlands are always a great stage accent. Apart from streamers or string lights, there is a colossal of everyday things that can be used to make garlands for stage decorations. They have the potential to brighten even gloomy corners.Use fabric scraps, tissue papers, coffee filters, cupcake papers. Just string the materials with twines and hang them on the walls. To personalize your stage decorations, use photos that make a great décor prop. You can decorate the birthday party stage wall with photos of the person celebrating the birthday - from first birthday photos to previous year, childhood photos, etc. Use twines to make a garland or attach the photos to streamers, ribbons or cloth decorations on the wall.
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How To Stop Throwing Boring Birthday Celebrations
Sometimes birthday parties, when done year after year, can become a bit monotonous. You invite the same people to the same place to do the same things. Bowling alley parties or pizza palaces are often on the menu. Other times the gatherings simply don't go as planned. Scheduling conflicts may prevent friends and family from getting there. If you are stuck with a boring string of birthday parties, there is hope.
You can get your birthday parties roaring again when you begin to think outside the box. Getting out of the boring rut of partydom could merely mean throwing the next birthday bash at a venue that reflects birthday boy/girl interest, introduces them to a new activity or art form, or exposes them to a new culture.
Perhaps your area has no shortage of activities for great birthday party packages from inflatable playlands to theme restaurants.
High Energy/High Fun
Indoor play places that include bounce houses, inflatable climbers or even trampolines have become the big trend for birthday celebrations. It's not only fun, but burns off energy without leaving your house in shambles. Structured physical activities at places like gymnastic studios, dance academies and martial arts gyms can make for great parties. So can sports themed parties that not only engage the participants but also are an easy way for them to try new sports activities without the pressure of doing well or committing to weeks of lessons.
If someone has a favorite attraction or amusement park, it might be a good idea to set that venue as a birthday celebration. Just have everyone hit the rides together and meet up for a birthday lunch and cake.
Something Artsy
You can go beyond the finger painting and crayons when kids are much older to do more complicated pottery painting or clay sculpting. You can rent time at these venues and every partygoer can have their very own pottery to paint or something to create out of clay. That you get to take it home for a birthday keepsake is all the better.
If the partiers are craft lovers, doing something at craft stores would be great for a nice theme party. (It only works if most of the participants like this kind of thing.) The stores can choose a craft tailored to the birthday child's interests then offer instruction to all kids in attendance who get to make the craft and celebrate the birthday in a private party room. It won't feel as though you are just there shopping.
Bring The Party to You
Mad Science parties can come to your living room or backyard. These are interactive scientific shows that entertain and educate. Partygoers can build and watch miniature volcanoes erupt, watch chemicals mix and blow up, and send rockets into the sky.
Food with a Theme
Theme restaurants are great for young and old because it offers something far more than simply good food and good company. When everyone is in the same spot eating and watching a show or being entertained in some way, this can prove to be a an exhilarating experience. Certainly not boring.
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