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Protect Your Computer From Being Hacked!
The thought of people being concerned that NSA is listing and monitoring their activities is a hysterically funny concept to me. Whatever you think of Edward Snowden, know that he is a day late and a dollar short. Most of these very same people that worry about the NSA, have a "Tracebook", Twitter, Instagram or a half a dozen other social media accounts that should be significantly reducing the NSA operating budget. In fact, let's just disband the NSA and hire Google! It seems that most of us have no issue publicly posting our most intimate details on Facebook including everything short of our Social Security numbers. Posting our current location and "checking in" so that the entire planet knows not only where we are, but what we are doing seems to be an absolutely essential public service and should also include pictures of the meal I am about to eat. How many of these same individuals are aware that every picture posted contains Meta Data that also memorializes the GPS co-ordinates and the camera type used to take the picture? I know you want to share picture of the family, but do you really want ISIS to know exactly where they live?
As everyone is so willing to publicly disclose these personal details, it explains why so many remain ignorant of the data mining that goes on that you do not knowingly consent to. I assume we all know that Google is in the business of selling digital user profiles to advertisers? Every type an email to a friend about planning a trip to the Italy only to find your inbox now populated with travel agency "hot deals"? If your email does not fill up with travel deals to the Italy, you can bet your internet browser will now display a travel agency advertisements, "learn to speak Italian" and top Italian Restaurants on every page you view fin! Now ask me what we think about using Google Docs! We suggest that you consider DoNotTrackme extensions to your Chrome and Firefox browsers. We also recommend that you install "self-destructing cookies" and watch how many cookies are exchanged with your browser each use. Remember, we really don't need your username and password, we need your cookies all of which are transmitted in clear text over that Starbucks wireless you have been using! All available using FireSheep!
Now if this is a vulnerability that effects individuals, what vulnerability effects enterprise level environments? Forget the notoriously leaking Windows Operating system and your hopelessly porous laptop, in the wake of the 55 Million credit card numbers stolen from Home Depot and the 45 million stolen from Target, we now have to worry about the credit card machines at the checkout counter. Actually the TJ Maxx heist was in many ways much larger! You might be considering how did the hackers get through the Firewall? As we have pointed out before, most computer network security exploitations are not executed through the firewall, they are executed by "social engineering" with the assistance of an ignorant employee or paid hit man. It is suspect that at least one of the above break ins was assisted by a third party trusted partner like the heating and air conditioning service company. Nothing like a starving janitorial night service crew to earn a few extra bucks plugging a USB device into any desktop computer releasing a new and improved malware version of BlackPOS! Most of these stolen credit card numbers can be purchase here or on the Darknet using a Tor browser to reach silk road type websites.
It seems you can't turn on an electronic device today without it alerting you that a software update is available for download. From the TV set, to the mobile phone, tablet and now even your car, all are subject to software updates. Do you even question what is being downloaded to your device when you do a software update? You just assume you are connecting with Apple, Amazon or Samsung? What if some evil doer was really just spoofing a software update and you just willingly downloaded a super basket of spy goodies that turn on your phone camera, activate your microphone and email snapshots to back to the mother ship. NSA, are you kidding? You would never know if it was your spouse, or employer would you? Yet millions of people do this without care, day after day and think nothing more about it. If you want to be tracked everywhere you go, risk having your most intimate communications published (just ask Jenifer Lawrence and the other celebrity Nude hack victims) just carry your Smartphone with you at all times!
Cyber-crime, next to the Ebola virus and violent terrorism is the single most economically destructive phenomenon to threaten the American way of life since the Cuban missile crisis. Yet the average business owner winces at the cost of engaging a computer network security audit and thinks that penetration testing is lovemaking foreplay. When the IT team asks for a Firewall upgrade or an increase in budget to cover a subscription to virus, spam and bot net filtering they somehow can't justify the added expense. Educating your employees on the safe use of the Internet over WiFi should be part of the healthcare preventive medicine program, but most business will ignore "social engineering" vulnerabilities until a major data thief publicly embarrasses them.
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The Impact Of Technology On Young Minds
Technology has had both positive and negative impacts on children & this has been quite significant. Today, technology is a part of everyday life. If we look at the world that was about two or three decades ago, children absolutely had no exposure to television, video games, computers and media. But the scenario is not the same today. There is no household without television, computer, cell phones, etc. With the advantages, technology has brought innumerable disadvantages with it as well.
Internet has made life so much easier but has been causing a lot of damage on the young minds. Internet has exposed children to a world that is unsafe for them and for a healthy childhood. Kids should be educated about the importance of using internet the right way. Addictions to computer/internet/video games have made children live in solitude. Social skills develop in a child only when the child gets to interact with people directly/personally. Children have been found to develop behavioural problems due to a lot of exposure to unwanted stuff. Tender minds are prone to experimenting and getting exposed to unsafe things like watching violence/crime scenes on television/dangerous stunts make them get into trying out what they learn. The minds are corrupted by these.
Parents should keep an eye on what the child is exploring. Creating awareness at home & school, & also counselling children at various stages will help reduce the negative impacts of technology on them. This will help them learn how to use these safely.
Children with a lot of exposure to the adult world are growing up faster. Their childhood is lost early. With the negative impact on mind, these also have negative impact on the body. A child addicted to TV/video games/internet will have no physical exercise. They will not be aware of what they eat & how much they eat while watching TV. Over eating & no physical activities are resulting in obesity in children which in turn has its own repercussions.
Parents being over protective these days feel their children are safe inside the house. This has resulted in kids getting exposed to a lot of unwanted stuff through TVs & internet.
It has been scientifically proven that prolonged exposure to light hastens the involution of pineal gland which normally starts happening in the later teenage years. When the hormone melatonin reduces, all other hormones like the sex hormones, the steroids and adrenal hormones start increasing in the body. Being bombarded by these chemicals the inner child & the happiness are lost. The child starts looking for happiness in the outside world & starts imitating adults. Early onset of puberty these days is mainly due to this.
Watching TV before sleep increases sleep latency & affects the quality of sleep. The child never wakes up fresh the next morning. This results in attention deficit problems at school.
Viewing television and playing video games each are associated with increased subsequent attention problems in childhood. It seems that a similar association among television, video games, and attention problems exists in late adolescence and early adulthood. (American Academy of Pediatrics, April 2010)
Three-year-old children exposed to more TV, both directly and indirectly, are at increased risk for exhibiting aggressive behavior. (Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2009;163(11):1037-1045)
Research on exposure to television and movie violence suggests that playing violent video games will increase aggressive behavior. Exposure to violent video games increases physiological arousal and aggression-related thoughts and feelings. Playing violent video games also decreases pro-social behavior, promotes antisocial behavior.
Technology will grow as the demand grows. It is in our hands to give better of it to the children. Libraries will be things of past with children using internet to gather information to complete their assignments. Access to internet saves time with such reference works. Misuse of the same internet can be more harmful to children. It is completely the responsibility of the parents to help their children be children & enjoy their childhood. Children are precious & they need to be taken care of well. It is our duty as parents to stop feeding their minds with unwanted information in the name of technology. Right things at the right age will help our children have a healthy childhood.

By Nandini Viswanath

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Will 3D Printers Become Commonplace Tools Like InkJet and Laser Printers?
I believe almost everyone has heard something about 3D Printing. This new technology can be considered to be one of the breakthroughs of this century even though it was initially created in the 1980s. It started popping up in the news several years ago. Usually, there were reports on 3D printed parts, 3D model objects, 3D printing in medicine, and even 3D printed houses. Nowadays, there is no doubt that the technology is growing rapidly and bringing a lot to manufacturing process and medicine. However, predictions about having at least one 3D printer in every household are still far away from the truth.
One of the main reasons 3D printers will hardly become as popular as ordinary printers in the next few years is a large variety of companies that create 3D printers. I am not against competition and believe it to be very good for the entire industry but if someone who is not very familiar with all the terminology (such as "extruders", "heating bed", "nozzle", and etc.) decides to buy a 3D printer, this person will be lost and after 5-10 minutes of reading endless reviews will simply close the browser and return to watching TV or - that much better - reading a book.
Another reason is the price of the 3D printers. You may say that someone somewhere has created a 3D printer using an ordinary projector and spent $50 on the other parts but this is not really the case I want to discuss here. Most of the good 3D printers cost a lot of money and many people cannot afford them (of course, there is always the option of applying for another loan). The good thing is that it is not necessary to buy a 3D printer, you can just type "3D printing service" into Google and see a list of websites where you can choose a 3D model and order to print it. I like 3D Hubs the most. Sometimes you may literally find another 3D hub right next door.
Even if a 3D printer is chosen, the next step would be to find a good filament for it. Believe me, it would be even more interesting than choosing a printer. Thank God that we have professional communities where experienced people can advise on what to buy and provide a good explanation of why they suggest this particular filament. Another thing is to browse catalogues where at least you can compare the prices of 3D filaments which is also not the last thing to consider.
Most likely, once the big sharks like HP enter the 3D game, they will help spread the technology everywhere. Still, one of the main questions is how can 3D printing become useful for ordinary people. If you look at different marketplaces, all you can find are different mini sculptures like the shark model from Katy Perry's performance during the last Super Bowl. Once again, there is no doubt that this technology is a real breakthrough for medical research, especially bioprinting but I suspect that it is highly unlikely that everyone will be able to 3D print a new ear or another body part at home. And there is no need to do it at home anyway, since we have hospitals.
You have also probably heard about food 3D printers. First time I read about it, I recalled a scene from The Fifth Element where Leeloo puts something in a microwave and pulls out a big juicy and crispy chicken in a few seconds. Who knows, maybe it was a bag with different 3D printer food filaments and the microwave had a built-in 3D printer in it. Looking at current printer models, it is hard to believe that it will somehow replace the well-known process of cooking.
Finalizing everything that was said above, I would add that I still believe in 3D printing technologies despite of 3D printers price and the other factors. Hopefully, this technology will make our world better, especially in the field of medicine.

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10 Quick Tips To Speed Up Your Computer
Has your computer become slower than an old steam engine? If it has, it's time to take matters into your own hands and speed it up. While there are a number of tools that claim to help in boosting computer speed, the best slow computer fix lies within your operating system. Check out these ten quick tips to speed up your computer and boost its performance.
1. Clear Up Old Programs
Clicking a few buttons on an installation wizard and adding a program to the existing repertoire on your computer is easy. However, every tiny program that is added to the list can play a part in slowing down your computer. Even if you are not actively using them, some of these programs tend to run background processes that can be a huge drain on your machine's resources. Uninstalling programs that you don't or rarely use is the first speed fix for your machine, and can be done quite simply from the Control Panel. So get started with "spring cleaning" your computer and watch it go from slow to fast in no time.
2. Partition Your Hard Drive
If your computer runs on just a single drive, it is time to partition it. Your computer's Control Panel's "Administrative Tools" provides you with all you need to partition your hard drive. Simply select "Computer Management", "Storage" and "Disk Management". Right-click on the single existing drive and choose "Shrink Volume". You will be prompted to specify the amount of space you would like to shrink the drive by. Once the drive has been shrunk, you will see some unallocated/free space available. Right-click on the free space and create a new partition out of all the space or part of it.
Once you've partitioned your hard drive, move files out of your "Desktop" and "Documents" folders. Windows loads all your files in these folders each time it starts up, and this can be a major drain on resources and can increase loading time.
3. Do A Disk Cleanup
A disk cleanup is a rather simple task, but often overlooked. As you use your machine, there are often redundant and temporary files that are backed up. A disk cleanup clears up all these files and improves performance. The Windows disk cleanup utility can be found under "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "System Tools". Choose the drive that you wish to clean up, and Windows takes care of the rest of the job for you.
4. Defragment Your Computer
The option to defragment your computer can be found in the same place as the disk cleanup utility. Defragmenting basically implies that you are managing computer space better, thereby improving performance. Over time, as you install and uninstall programs or add and delete files on your machine, there are little pockets of space over which Windows needs to travel before getting to the file or program that you are trying to open. Defragmenting works similar to re-organizing your wardrobe - it organizes existing files and programs, re-maps their indices and frees up pockets of space so that performance is improved. Defragmenting a drive can take quite a long time, but should be done at least once in 3 months to keep your computer running smoothly.
5. Turn Off Start-up Programs
Programs that are set to start up when your computer loads can significantly extend the time your machine takes to start, while causing a lot of processes running in the background. If you don't need a program to start along with your machine, disable it. Click "Start" -> "Run" and type "msconfig", without the quotes. You will get a System Configuration window which will give you the option to enable or disable programs at "Startup". Deselect all unnecessary programs, leaving only your antivirus programs enabled.
6. Adjust Visual Effects
Themes, animations and visual effects sure look great on your computer, but can significantly slow it down, especially if you are running low on RAM and your hardware isn't really up to the mark. Windows 7 comes bundled with the option to adjust visual effects under "Performance Information and Tools" under the "Start" menu. For older versions of Windows, adjust the graphics settings for optimum performance and this will have a significant impact on speed.
7. Disable Windows Indexing
If you are a frequent user of the "Search" option on your computer, chances are high that Windows has indexed and recorded information related to your searches and your files, and has stored it somewhere. Disabling the indexing service can boost your computer's speed rather noticeably. Click "Start" -> "Run" and type "services.msc", without the quotes. Select the "services.msc" link that displays to bring up the "Services" window. Scroll down to the "Windows Search" service and disable it.
8. Set A Static IP For Your Computer
When you start up your computer, quite a lot of time is spent in assigning it a dynamic IP address. Assigning it a static IP address is easier on the network as well as on the machine and can save a lot of your start-up time.
To set a static IP address, go to the "Network and Sharing Center" and choose "Change Adapter Settings". Right-click on the adapter that you are using, select "Properties" -> "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" -> "Properties". Select the "Use the following IP address" radio button and enter the static IP that your computer will be using. This has to correspond with your network setup, so be sure to use the right IP address.
9. Get More RAM
Increasing your computer's RAM is a simple, yet effective slow computer fix! If you use a lot of programs, you need more RAM or your machine will lag. While there is no upper limit on the extent to which you can upgrade your RAM, 4 GB should do just fine for smooth performance.
10. Clear Up Dust
Your computer's speed issues could be more than just internal, and could also be caused by dust and dirt. Dust can inhibit free airflow and cause your computer to heat up, which in turn reduces its performance. So, get out your cleaning kit and give your machine a thorough cleaning, and you will be surprised at how well your computer works after this.
Check out more tips on managing your computer at

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Advantages of Cloud Backup Solutions
Backing up your computer system is imperative, especially in the business environment where disaster management needs to be in the forefront of your mind at all times.
Imagine the chaos that can take place should your systems crash or your network is infected with an unwelcome virus which corrupts all your files. You will lose valuable information from customer account information to invoices and product information to stock levels and so much more. This is why it's imperative that every company that uses a computer ensures their computers are backed up effectively.
The biggest problem is that a majority of companies still use old traditional methods. Backing up their systems to external hard drives which they store in an office or safe, not the ideal situation. In the event of a fire or flood, it is possible that not only the computers get damaged, but the safe is compromised, affecting the drives inside, which again means you lose everything.
Computer disasters are known to cost companies thousands each and every year, which is why you need to be prepared. It doesn't matter if you have a small work from home office or you run a large corporation, the importance of backing up your system is exactly the same.
Another problem that is seen with traditional methods of backing up systems is that team members will set an hour aside at the end of each week, backing up their files for the week. While this is diligent, it's not good enough. In the event of something going wrong with the computer, you will have lost an entire weeks' worth of work. If all the systems are infected or suffer the same fate, then you lose a weeks' worth of work off each and every computer in the office. As you can imagine, this is hours of work and possibly thousands of potential income.
The cloud backup solutions are a leading choice for many companies today who want to ensure that their information and data is safe and secure at all time. This is an affordable solution, which enables you to pay for what you need. For smaller companies you will find that you can use a set amount of storage space online that you need, adding more space as the business grows. It's a type of modular system, which caters to companies of any size with complete ease.
The benefit to cloud backup solutions is that you can access the data you have stored at anytime from anywhere. This means that if you get home and realise you forgot to draw up an important invoice or document, you can do it in the comfort of your home at your own personal computer with the log in information you have been provided. All you need to use cloud backup storage is an internet connection. This means you can access the data off your phone, tablet or computer at any time. This is very advantageous for managers and directors of companies that want to continue working after hours, but still leave the office.
Further when you use this type of solution you will find that the backup is stored off site, this reduces the risk of the all your data being destroyed in the event of a fire or other disaster. With the information backed up away from the office, you have complete peace of mind that it will be there when you need it.
Further you will find that the system is automatic. Not risk of your system not being backed up for days on end. As a document is saved or a report is drawn, the system will automatically back it up to the system, so you know your backup is always current.

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How to Build the Best HTPC Media Centre at the Right Price
With DVDs phasing out and the rapid growth in online media more and more people are looking to build a HTPC media centre for their living rooms. Good systems are difficult to build and there are many considerations to make when choosing your components.There are three main considerations to make when designing your system.
Price vs Performance
To many it makes sense to buy top of the range computer components to build their media centre. They want a system that is going to last and rarely need an upgrade. Unfortunately this is not a cost efficient way to build a system and you will be paying far more than you need to. The home computing market is ever changing and as new technologies come out prices fall on the older kit. Buy the top of the range processor today and in 12 months it will be half the price. To get the cost efficient build you must first decide what it is you want your media centre to do. Is it to simply watch movies and video content or do you want high end gaming? When you have decided this, source the minimum specification hardware that will carry out the task. If your system is for gaming is an Intel I7 processor required or will the I5 suffice? With all this said you do not want to degrade performance taking the cheaper option. Yes the Intel I5 processor may run the games you want to play but can it achieve the resolutions that you want and will the gameplay be jumpy? People worry too much about future proofing their systems but prices fall so dramatically it is more often than not better to upgrade every 18 months or so and save on hardware costs.
Aesthetics & Size
When it comes to aesthetics you need to remember that your HTPC media centre will be placed in the prime spot of your living room in full view so you don't want a case that looks like a PC. With the recent boom in home media there is now a whole range of HTPC cases available that look more like games consoles or home entertainment systems and at quite reasonable prices. The important thing to remember when choosing a case is to ensure that your components will fit! It sounds simple but getting the right case is one of the toughest tasks with most HTPC builds. The more compact cases are often the most attractive but if your system is for high end gaming you will struggle to find a compact case that can house the high end graphics cards. Decide on your components first and then select a case to accommodate them.
Heat and Energy Efficiency
High end processors and gaming graphics cards more often than not produce a lot of heat. Heat is more of an issue when you select a tight compact case. When choosing your case ensure that it has the ventilation required to accommodate the heat production of all of your components. If it will not then check that you have space to install additional cooling devices. (Word of warning: cooling devices are generally noisy and may interfere with your movie enjoyment). You can also combat heat by using energy efficient components. As a rule of thumb smaller components tend to be more energy efficient. Even if your case supports ATX form factor motherboards go for mini-ITX or mini-ATX as these motherboards are far more energy efficient. The added benefit of building with energy efficiency in mind is that your system will have a lower running cost.
Getting your HTPC media centre right is a tough task and one that requires careful consideration. Following the above will get your design right and produce the entertainment system you need at the right price. These are the golden rules for building the optimum HTPC media centre.

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Uses of a Flash Drive
Flash drives are one of the most useful innovations of the last few decades, giving us small portable and highly durable data storage devices that are small enough to fit on a key-ring. This means that we need never be without access to our most important files or current work so long as we have access to a computer, and unlike CDs or floppy disks they wona't break and will hold almost everything we need with up to over a terabyte of storage space. No matter who you are a flash drive will have uses that you can benefit from. Below are some ideas for how different demographics might make use of a flash drive.
For Students - Students are probably the group who stand to gain the most from the flash drive. Constantly moving from home to home and not necessarily wanting to lug a giant computer around means that they certainly require a storage device of some form.
Additionally this will allow them to take their work into the library to work away from their room, or to download information from the University or library server that can be useful for their essays. Students are forever working on large essays or dissertations and use lost data as an excuse for handing in work late. With a flash drive this needn't be a problem as you constantly have something you can back your files up (but lose a valid excuse at the same time). Flash drives should almost be compulsory for students.
Flash drives can also help with the university life style too and are a great way to store music files and photographs; to take music to a party or just because we all know at Uni that a lot of pictures are taken that should never make their way onto Facebook but that we all nevertheless want to see.
For Business Men and Women - Business men and women are constantly working with lots of highly sensitive and complicated information that often needs to be accessed from various points. Using a USB stick you can back up your data and carry it around in a format that you can keep close to you and even encrypt for extra security. Don't be the guy who loses the sensitive data on the train or forgets to make a backup of his day's work. For Home Workers - Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse, and though being your own boss is fun for a while the lack of scenery and interaction with other people can soon become a drag. One obvious solution is to take your work to a cyber café or round a friends house so you can work somewhere with a bit more atmosphere. Obviously carrying a flash drive facilitates this and enables you to enjoy one of the main advantages of working from home andndash; freedom. For Artists - If you make music, take photographs, draw pictures or even write articles, keeping your information on a flash drive gives you a portfolio that you can show off to friends or potential employers at a moment's notice.

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How to Save Money by Building Your Own PC
Building your own PC has been the passion of many gamers and computer geeks for decades - tracking the new hardware releases, comparing specs, performance and the bang for buck has always been a part of the PC world.
But with companies becoming ever more efficient with their computer manufacturing, as well as new exclusive deals being struck between computer parts developers and retailers, is it still worth it to build your own PC instead of just buying one pre-built?
While the question is valid, and there are instances where buying a pre-built PC can be the right choice, the truth is that, as far as price goes, it will most likely still be cheaper to assemble your own PC, at least in the foreseeable future.
So how exactly can you save money by building your own PC?
There are a few factors that determine how much you actually need to spend on a PC, not the last of which (obviously) is what your primary use for it is.
There are basically three main ranges of PCs. Even though there might be countless variations of hardware you can combine, the three main levels that are often cited by computer experts are:
1. Work Tasks/internet/Office.
The least demanding PC, simply used for tasks that don't really require much recourses, is obviously going to cost the least. In this case, the PC can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but of course, there are factors to consider as well.
You should take into account that technology gets old very quickly, and that even tasks like browsing online or working with Office programs can become more demanding in the future. So if you're buying a PC that's already using out-of-date hardware, you might need to upgrade much sooner than you'd like.
Recommended Specs
You don't really need to splurge on an expensive motherboard, in fact, a simple Intel Graphics HD card will more than suffice for watching movies or anything of that nature.
However, investing in an Intel i3 or i5 processor is a good idea because it simply makes everything a lot more efficient. Since RAM got much cheaper, there's no reason why you shouldn't get 6GB of RAM, even if you likely won't be needing as much.
Finally, the Solid State Drive (SSD) has revolutionized the PC industry, so it's one of the most important computer accessories nowadays, since it dramatically increases load speeds.
Potential Savings
At the low-end of the PC market, the savings of assembling your own PC might not be as significant - many companies buy older discounted computer parts in bulk and are able to sell them at relatively low prices. Of course, if you dig around, you can also find amazing deals and save even more.
2. Mid-range gaming/entertainment PC
The next level is a PC that just a few years back might have passed for a high-end PC, but has now succumbed to the ever-growing demands of the newest and hottest game releases. Of course, you can still use it to play most of the games, but for the most demanding ones, only medium graphics settings will be possible.
Recommended Specs
When you want gaming, the very first thing is the Graphics Card - many stores selling pre-built PCs try to pass off NVidia GT series graphics cards as gaming cards, but they really don't stand a chance against current games, so if you plan to play any of the newer games comfortably, you should always look at the NVidia GTX series graphics cards. Also, you can check out the AMD Radeon R9 series, as they have some budget graphics cards with a lot of bang for the buck.
As for the other specs, an Intel i7 is always nice, but as far as gaming goes, it doesn't have that much of an impact that would justify the increase in price. A SSD is also a must, and 8GB of RAM might be a good idea as well.
Potential Savings
Gaming PCs are a huge market, and even in the mid-level, stores often jack up the prices significantly, so if you assemble the PC yourself, you can often save up to 30 percent, if not more.
3. High-end gaming PC
If you want a PC that will give you the ultimate gaming experience no matter what crazy-realistic graphics the game might have then buying a PC with the cutting edge technology is your only viable option.
Recommended Specs
If you want the best, you have to pay for it, and there's no going around the fact that in order to play the best game in high graphics mode, you'll probably have to invest in one of the newer models of the NVidia GTX cards, which won't come cheap.
An i7 processor is also recommended at this level, as well as 8, or even 16 GB of RAM. Also, consider opting for both a SSD and an optical drive for storage, as that increases your options, since those games can take up a lot of space!
Potential Savings
Even though assembling such a PC can go beyond a thousand dollars, the savings, compared to buying a pre-built one in a store are also very significant. You can save up to 40-50 percent, since the high-end gaming PCs often cost upwards of 2,000 USD.
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Buying a Home computer: make a strategic decision
Slow down to hurry up's is a phrase I often heard when I began working many years ago. My boss would always caution me against hurtling towards a predefined goal without looking around. Strange advice? Perhaps. In a world where speed and goal oriented working is encouraged, I was told to 'Slow down to hurry up'. What he really meant was that keep your goals in mind but tread slowly and carefully, learning along the way. Don't be so keen on the final objective that you ignore the learning's along the way. These learning's are what will keep you at the top. Look for a good computer help services after buying a computer so that in case of any problems it will prove helpful.
I would like to extrapolate this phrase to buying decisions that all of us take on a regular basis, especially technology buys. Most of us are in the market for a home computer at some time or the other. Since its viewed as a one time purchase, most people tend to buy a fully loaded say HP home computer and be done with it. What next, the good-looking box is used as word processor at best or to send and receive e-mail or download music at worst. Many of us never really use the home computer for all its features and benefits. In some case, multiple users together exploit different features at separate times.
Technology is ever evolving
What we often forget is that technology is ever evolving and our systems are dated the moment they leave the HP store. It's best to buy a standard HP computer at first. Get hands on experience with it, explore and learn to use the same. The way that HP's products are structured, you can add/upgrade your HP system as your needs grow.
Now you know what I mean; slow down to hurry
up! You can upgrade everything from your RAM, CPU, motherboard, disk drives, modem to your audio/video cards. So, what's the rush? Slow down, pace yourself. Buy as per existing needs, get used it and then buy a modern updated version of your requirement. Shop around for your HP upgrade, while the HP official online store may have the most comprehensive stock you may get better prices elsewhere.
Not all HP products are compatible and not all can receive upgrades, so do check with a qualified tech support person before making any purchasing decisions.
Don't be shy
Lets face it, we are all not born technical wiz kids, just as not all of us are born gourmet cooks or creative artists. We can however learn and use support for the rest of the issues. We can get HP computer hardware support. HP itself provides active support for all its products and services. Don't be shy, ask for and get help. Go online, interact with peer groups, check HP's official site for updates, tips and offers. HP support can act as a wonderful guide in decision making. Alternative tech support is always available for those who do not like to engage in support issues directly.
Keep your eyes and ears open
Smart buying decisions leave us with several options. Newer models and system updates allow us to invest in hardware that is compatible with newer software versions. Typically, newer avatars offer speedier and cheaper methods of communication and ease of use. HP computers are a brand that has been in business since 1939. They have a suite of products in the area of business and consumer PCs and workstations. If we add good quality HP tech support to this, the consumer, i.e. you and me is in a good place-at the cutting edge of technology.

Green Screen Wizard
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Editing Your Pictures and Videos
Doing extreme sports is an incredible rush – you feel yourself hurtling down mountains and across water, you hang from huge cliff tops and you generally defy gravity and speed limits. Impossible is nothing if you do extreme sports, and this results in some of the most action packed and at the same time picturesque moments you could capture on film.
Despite all this, the problem is actually capturing it on film. This is very hard when you are busy concentrating on braking at the right time or controlling the movement of your body as you twirl through the air. At the same time the sudden impacts and high speeds aren't highly conducive to the health of a video camera which is why it's so important to make sure that you don't drop it or scrape it.
You can get more out of them still if you know how to apply a little editing. Here are some tips.
Editing GoPro HD LCD video means making a montage of your action packed moments and putting them to music. This can be achieved in Windows Movie Maker or better video editing software. The secret to successful action editing is to keep your clips short and not to let them linger too much. The temptation is to show the whole of each clip, whereas having shorter sharper moments will be more effective.
The music meanwhile should be selected to match the tempo of the action – if it's too fast then the action will look slow in comparison, but if it's too slow then it will seemingly drag the footage down with it. You can also apply other effects should you so wish such as fish-eye-lens or sepia tones for a variety of different moods.
Editing images is something you can have even more fun with and that will allow you to create awesome action shots. This way for instance you can add a lens flare to something and change the focus of the image to give it that magazine-quality look. Meanwhile a very subtle filter such as a motion blur can help to make the action look faster and more dramatic. Of course airbrushing your own features if you're in the shot is also a good way to add to the action, while bringing out the color more can also make it more picturesque. For a very professional feel try increasing the contrast on the image which they often do again in magazines. Again you can also use 'fun' effects if you so wish to change the picture altogether.

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Computer Systems Explained
Our modern technology has become more and more complex, but the way we interact with it has become more user friendly and almost anyone can use some of the applications. Unfortunately, the terminology around computer systems can be confusing to people who aren?t technologically savvy, and that can scare them away from learning about the inner workings of their computers.
Computer systems, simply explained, is a computer with its various hardware and software components and any other tools required to perform correctly. The average person immediately thinks: laptop or desktop, and they would technically be correct with this definition; but, like most computers, there's a lot more that is included.
The purpose of computer systems is to function properly and provide the applications and tools necessary to complete a task. There are a variety of options available, all with difference functions and specialties.
Finding one that works for you is simple with a little research.
Computer analysts exist for the purpose of examining computer systems, and reviewing them for the general public. Their input is expert and is definitely worth looking into before thinking about purchasing any system.
Prepared for complications, including a security attack or power failure, these devices are built to the best of their ability to withstand the unexpected.
Equipped with precautions such as, virus protection and restoration software, computer systems continue to be able to function and process information effectively, regardless of obstructions.
Although these systems are mostly geared towards offices and home use, there are portable computer systems specifically designed for outdoor use, and any harsh environment. You can feel confident that your purposes will be completed efficiently and productively, even in the most unorthodox of atmospheres.
Our modern lifestyles require access to technology all the time. There is access to such technology in all of our environments, our schools, businesses, homes, etc. There is no turning back from here, we can only improve on what we have.
As time goes on, we rely on computer systems more and more. Whether in businesses, schools, or even shops, these systems continue to be put to use. They can help organize data, store information, and deliver all the necessary information we need to remain productive and efficient.
What was once a nice benefit are now necessities for our modern lifestyles.

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Smarter Ways of Managing and Recycling Electronic Wastes
People are surrounded by electronic gadgets, IT peripherals, wires and batteries these days. Hence, more and more e-waste is getting accumulated, making it a chief global concern. Conscious efforts are being made to get this under control.
Getting rid of out-of-use electronic equipment seems quite a task, thinking about their impact on Mother Nature. So here are some easy and smart steps to follow for e-cycling:
Purchase less electronics -
Buying unwanted and excess electronic gadgets is the biggest reason for growth in the e-waste accumulation. Sometimes we purchase electronics that we really don't need, so it's essential to ask ourselves about our real requirement and just stop buying if it seems unnecessary.
Stop throwing obsolete electronics in the trash -
Putting your old electronic goods in the trash can be hazardous, so stop doing the sin. Almost all such products contain toxic substances in them, which can harm the environment if they are put in landfills.
Find a good recycler near you -
Many good electronics recyclers are now certified with the highest environmental and social standard. So try finding out one nearest to your location and sell the old electronic items you possess. They reuse and even refurbish those equipment with all safety measures.
But don't forget to be sure about choosing the right recycler, as there are many who just export the old items and dump them in other emerging nations.
Donate your e-wastes -
Give away or donate the equipment that you don't need any more so that it can be used by someone else until the electronics' end of life. This effort would extend the use of the item and keep it from getting into landfills.
In cases where the products is not even worth donating, you may give it away for free to organizations who takes them. A reusable product can be donated to the reputed reuse organization, who puts these electronics into work till the day they are functional.
Utilize the buyback policies -
In present days, a large number of electronic companies are spending in different buyback programs. Almost every big manufacturer or retailer has a buyback policy, some would take back old items for free and some give discounts on new purchases in lieu of the returned product.
So make sure to ask about the buyback policy that the store provides while making a new purchase.
Use cloud and cyberspaces -
With the latest technologies of cyberspace and cloud computing there is no requirement of investing in large servers or heavy-duty machines for your business. This technology enables you to easily sync, backup and store a huge amount of data and files and even access them remotely from anywhere and at any time.
As almost all electronic gadgets contain toxic elements in them so disposing them in the best possible way is really essential. Educating yourself, your kids and people around you about its benefits would surely help in building a better and safe environment. So think wisely and stop ramming more into the nation's landfills as there are many easy ways of e-waste recycling to choose from.
Prakash has performed a series of interview with the employees of ePlanet Enterprise LLC. This interview brought him to a conclusion that e-waste recycling is gradually being acknowledged by many in today's active world. Individuals and companies have started practicing it with dedication.

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Problems That Are Commonly Faced When Using a Computer
Computer problems are not new to a person using a personal computer regularly at home or at work. Problems can go from simple issues like frozen screens and lock-ups to major job effecting issues like drop of power supply and a hard drive crash. An endless list of computer problems are bound to happen out of which some can be easily cleared by shutting down the computer and clicking on restart. However, there are other grave problems that cannot be resolved without the help of an experienced technician or a professional. If you encounter any such problem you can always consider calling an IT professional to get your problem resolved, however just before placing that call it would do you good to analyze all the common computer issues and see if you can fix the problem yourself. In situations that require professional intervention such as a virus attack, it would be wise to take a backseat power off your system and call the professionals.
Contrary to the thoughts of many individuals where computers are considered magic machines, computers are after all man-made and contain a lot of delicate parts such as memory chips, programs, circuit boards and applications. These intricate parts, just like other machines can fail and malfunction. Computer problems such as strange noise coming from the system, performing slowly, freezing of the screen and unresponsive programs are all common issues. A few of the issues can usually be rectified by just rebooting the system and if that doesn't work it mean that there is a serious error that has happened which requires professional intervention.
Sometimes individuals refer to problems of their personal computers when the problem is actually Internet related. Most of the work done on the computer is with the help of the internet and therefore a lot of browsers would be opened on the screen, this could be consuming a lot of power. This type of power consumption can cause the computer to run slow. If you encounter a slow computer, it would always be helpful to check for Internet activity such as closing of sites and tabs that are currently not in use. This will help in freeing up of the system and improve the computer's speed.
One of the more serious issues that is very common however cannot be easily fixed is the attack of virus. Without being aware of it individuals keep downloading a lot of virus on a daily basis. They become aware of the malware only when it comes to the point where the computer does not respond crashes. This can be avoided by keeping away from e-mails sent to you by unknown people, by refraining from going into suspicious websites, by keeping away from links that look fishy. These are just a few ways by which hackers introduce viruses into your system. It is very important to be alert when checking e-mails because you could be using a networked system that is shared with the rest of the office and so when a virus enters your system it can be easily transmitted to other machines as well.
It is essential to be smart and diligent when using a computer. If you run across any computer problems that you are unable to handle, make sure to lay trust on a reputed IT solution professional
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Role of external hard drives today
Today, the world in which we live is actually a huge virtual” world. It is impossible to remain indoors or remain stationed in a particular place and mobilize life and business. Everything happens on the move. Discussions, decisions and important mile stones are reached on the move. In today s economy, everything revolves around dynamism and nothing can afford to be static. Whether ordinary, professional, sensitive or leisure, using external hard drives is the simplest way to store data. Yet, the challenges these devices have to meet are reliability, super-compatibility, affordability and environment friendliness.
There are plenty of portable hard drives, desktop hard drives and network attached storage servers available with mammoth storage capabilities. Flexibility is the key, with an increasing number of hard drives now designed for both USB and firewire interfaces. Moreover, the portable hard drives with 1 and 2 TB capacities make for a very spacious storage facility. A desktop hard drive with eSATA or a USB 3.0 can really speed up your data storage and these are categorized to be high-throughput hard drives.
Although many of the internal hard drives have expanded in size, their improvements do not match the versatility introduced in the latest range of external hard drives. Movies, videos, albums or any multimedia you want it to play is possible with media players. The audio/video clarity and caliber are good in those brands which have been in the market for a long time. Backup is another main reason why external hard drives are in demand. If your laptop s or PC s internal hard drive dies out or gets full, you can be sure that the backup is safe in your external hard drive.
Security and mobility are other aspects which add additional value to your storage devices. Some are available with drop guard facility wherein a damage can safely stand a fall of upto 7 feet and remain as robust as it was. Such features lend affability of use and durability to the device. With plug-and-play features, it makes them all the more appealing to lug around and keep when flying as well. With the introduction of new range of network attached devices, storing over a large network has become simpler and far more reliable than it ever was. Work and travel with portable data is a crucial aspect of business promotion and routine working. Portable hard drives with terabyte space simplify your tasks. But all work and no play can also make you dull. There are specialized storage devices and multimedia players which are equipped with extreme versatility. It supports and holds all multimedia formats thereby making it easier for the user to access professional data and enjoy music or videos when in transit as well. Combining technology and fun is the most appealing factor that boosts demand and patronage of all innovations.
It makes practical sense to research and remain updated on latest arrivals so that you do not get etched onto a particularly outdated point in time, in other words an outdated technological era. The build and design of storage devices frequently and steadily undergo changes in leaps and bounds because of the growing, challenging demands of users. In the virtual world the role of hard drives is not limited to just additional storage but also a perfect one at that, one that would be versatile and affordable.

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10 Basic Printer Issues and How to Settle Them
1. My Printer Won't Print
It's basic, yet this is a stand out amongst the most well-known and most disappointing printer issues there is. On the off chance that there is no blunder message directing you toward the issue, watch that the printer is still joined by means of USB or Ethernet link, or on the off chance that its remote, watch that the Wi-Fi is empowered and associated with the right system.
Check the printer driver, once in a while this can get to be undermined and should be reinstalled. The right driver for your printer can be found on your makers download page.
In the event that your printer is joined with up and coming drivers and still is not printer, counsel the investigating segment in the printer's User Manual.
2. Would I be able to Still Print When 'Ink Levels are Low'?
There is no hurry to supplant ink cartridges when you get low ink notices. Most present day printers have a notice for ink levels, alarming you when ink is low. Then again, the exactness of these notices shifts in the middle of producers and models. Some caution of low ink levels quite a while before ink levels are basically low.
The best way to really discover the amount of ink you have left is to print until the quality goes down or the printer stops. When you know the ink has without a doubt run out, you can evacuate the ink cartridge and supplant it.
By doing it thusly, you will have a harsh thought of how real you ink notices are. You'll have the capacity to print later on and know the amount you can generally print once the notices go ahead.
3. I want to print from my Mobile Wi-Fi printer
Most printers can print from telephones or tablets, yet it's a smart thought to check your printer has the capacity do as such first. Printers with Wi-Fi ordinarily bolster AirPrint which permits iOS clients to print straightforwardly from iPhones and iPads giving they are on the same Wi-Fi system.
The larger part of significant printer producers have discharged applications permitting iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry clients to print from their gadgets.
It is conceivable to print to a non-Wi-Fi printer giving your system has a remote access point and a printing utility introduced on an arranged PC. Printopia for Mac or Presto! For Mac and Windows permits you to print from a telephone or tablet. Cloud printing administrations additionally work crosswise over stages and gadget sorts with non-Wi-Fi printers.
4. Wi-Fi Printing Takes too long
To accelerate your printing time over Wi-Fi, you can take a stab at putting your printer as close as could reasonably be expected to your switch. You can likewise verify that the switch is satisfactory and that it bolsters offers 5GHz band and in addition 2.4GHz. It may be worth watching that the firmware is additionally a la mode.
5. My Printer is too slow
A few printers are quick. A few printers are quick. Be that as it may it is conceivable to really accelerate a moderate printer. In the event that you are not very worried about having the most noteworthy quality yield, you can print in draft mode. This will altogether expand print speed.
You ought to maintain a strategic distance from twofold sided printing (if your printer underpins it) as this can essentially ease your printer off as the machine needs to turn the archive to print both sides.
6. Printing Costs are excessively High Printing Expenses
The two fundamental expenses for printing are ink and paper, yet there are a couple of approaches to lower printing expenses.
Firstly, consider regardless of whether you really require what you are printing. Perhaps you just really need to print certain pages. On the off chance that you don't have to present it, you can change to draft mode and spare ink. Whilst changing to twofold sided printing can spare your paper.
You can purchase high limit ink cartridges which contain more ink so you can print more for your cash. There are likewise good ink cartridges which offer noteworthy investment funds on lavish unique ink cartridges however coordinate their high calibre.
For some printers, you have a decision between lower-limit and high-limit ink (or toner) cartridges. The higher limit cartridges cost all the more in advance however they have higher yields (can print more pages), and lower expense per printed page.
It is essential to take a gander at a printer's running expenses before purchasing. You need to take a gander at expense for every page data before you buy a printer. Make certain to weigh up what you need from a printer and it could spare you cash later down the line.
7. The Printed Text is Low Quality
The print nature of content can contrast incredibly between printers. As a rule, inkjets produce a quality suitable for regular printing while lasers create more expert looking reports. In the event that you've seen that the nature of your content has been progressively going downhill, there are a couple of things you can do to understand it.
Check your print settings are revise; this applies to both inkjet and laser. Switch off draft mode and verify the paper sort on screen is the same as the sort you are utilizing.
For laser printers, some of the time the toner can 'settle'. Essentially take the cartridge out and shake it from side to side and afterward supplant it.
For inkjet printers, you can take a stab at cleaning the spout and adjusting the print head which can be gotten to from the printer's upkeep menu.
8. My Printed Photos are Low Quality
Particularly for inkjets, verify that you are imprinting on the right sort of paper. For printing point by point photos you'll need to utilize photograph paper. Verify you have chosen the paper sort you are utilizing as a part of your product settings. Cleaning the spout and adjusting the print head will again help to enhance print quality
You may be running low on one shading which may foundation for stained prints, in which case now is the right time to change the cartridge. It is likewise important the old ink cartridges ought to be checked and supplanted where fundamental.
9. My Printer Continues Jamming the Paper
Paper jams are a standout amongst the most widely recognized and most irritating of printer issues. The most well-known foundation for paper getting stuck is the point at which the paper is not adjusted legitimately.
Verify the heap of paper is squared before placing it in the plate and don't over-fill it. On the off chance that the printer is as yet getting stuck, you can counsel the investigating segment on the printer's client manual or find a helpful paper jam control here.
10. My Multi-Function Print won't Scan Anymore
On the off chance that your MFP's scanner quits working, it might be down to the product. Take a stab at reinstalling the product, however in the event that the issue continues, check the client guide or check the makers bolster page. Once in a while confused inbuilt machines like scanners can simply fizzle, so it's vital to counsel with the maker first.
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All About Laser Printers and Its Parts
Laser printers are considered an indispensable hardware in the homes, offices or any other place where computers and laptops are incorporated. Believe it or not, laser printers have become part and parcel of our lives. They allow us to put a concrete form for whatever we are working on with our laptops & computer, be it an illustration, a document, a form, a diverse array of codes or whatever it may be. But, have you ever wondered what makes printer an advanced and high-performing printing machine? No, don't worry! Continue your reading to get the answer of your question.
Chief Components of a Laser Printer
Main Power Supply:
It is one of the most important parts of a printer that converts the AC voltage into DC voltage used in several circuit boards and other printer parts. These DC voltages include +5 volts, -5 volts and +24 volts.
High Voltage Power Supply:
The high voltage power supply of a printer produces high voltages which are used for the purpose of the printing. The high voltages are used to charge the EP drum, electrons, corona wires, toner, and the paper.
EP Drum:
The EP drum is a revolving cylinder that is thickly coated with a photo conductive substance (also known as photo receptor). It is charged with a highly -ve voltage (-600 volts) by the primary corona wire. When the drum revolves, a highly focused beam strips the charge from the specific points on the EP drum.
Main Motor Assembly:
Main Motor Assembly is an important part of a printer which is used for the movement of several rollers inside the printing machine.
Scanning Motor Assembly:
The laser printer parts in the scanning motor assembly contain certain mirrors and motors which move the laser beam over the surface of EP drum.
Primary Corona Wire:
The primary corona wire of a printing machine is used to charge the EP drum with high -ve voltage (-600 volts).
Transfer Corona Wire:
The transfer corona wire of a printing machine is used to charge the surface of a paper. It charges the surface with high +ve voltage to attract the -ve charged toner.
Toner Cartridge:
The toner cartridge of a laser printer is made up of several sub-assemblies which comprise the toner and a cleaner blade.
Fuser Assembly:
It contains heat and pressure rollers to bond the toner particles properly onto the paper. That's why, when a paper comes out of the printer is hot.
Now, you might have grabbed sufficient information about laser printer parts. Now, if you are planning to buy a laser printer, go for it.

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Kids Watch
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Don't Know How To Clean The Printer Rollers? Take a Look
Paper dust, debris and dirt will slowly build up on the printer paper trays, cartridges, guides and rollers which are most likely to cause paper jam when printing invoices, business letters, business plan, proposals, legal contracts, board resolutions, policies, spreadsheets or any other business document. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean the rollers of your printer on a regular basis. While cleaning the printer rollers, you should employ a safe technique which doesn't destroy the rubber of the rollers.
Paper Tray Rollers
Step 1
Turn off your printer and unplug all the cables. Let it cool down completely before starting the cleaning process. Now, pull out the printer paper tray and try to locate the rollers on the tray. Each printer roller is either black or gray in color and they are made up of rubber. Gently remove the rollers from the tray.
On HP inkjet printers, rollers are not located on the paper tray but are available inside the printer on the area where the paper tray slides into the printing machine. Slowly remove the tray and place the printer straight, so that the area of tray is facing upward and then try to look for the rollers.
Step 2
Pour 1 tablespoon of clean water or isopropyl alcohol onto a lint-free cloth and then start cleaning the internal tray rollers with the cleaner cloth. Fold the cloth in a q-tip shape and repeat the cleaning process until the printer rollers are free from dust and debris.
Step 3
Clean the rollers of your printer with a dry and lint-free cloth to remove any residual dirt, dust or debris. Let the rollers of the printer dry completely before sliding the tray back into the printer.
Internal Pickup Rollers - For Laser Printers Only
Step 1
Turn off your printer and unplug all the cables. Uncover the printer's front door and gently pull the printer's toner cartridge towards yourself to detach it from the printer.
Step 2
Try to locate the printer's internal pickup rollers. Rollers are either black or gray in color and are made up of rubber. Slowly lift the rollers in the upward direction towards the front of the printer. Now, pull out the rollers and place it on a smooth and clean surface like workbench or desk.
Step 3
Pour 1 tablespoon of water or isopropyl alcohol onto a lint-free cloth and begin the cleansing task. Fold the clean-up cloth in half and repeat the process until the rollers are free from dust and debris.
Step 4
Clean the rollers with a dry clean-up cloth to eliminate remaining dust or debris particles. Let the rollers dry completely before placing the pickup rollers back into their place. Now, properly reinstall the toner cartridge and close the printer's front door.

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Guide To Buying A Refurbished PC
Buying a refurbished PC is a very good way of saving money, and is keeping with the phrase one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Buying a new PC will allow you to keep it for about five years, before its hardware becomes obsolete, if it is maintained properly. However, some persons have occupations or hobbies that require cutting edge hardware and will constantly need to upgrade their PC.
Buying a PC from an owner like this would be a great buy and would only cost about two to four hundred dollars, but opportunities like this do not present themselves rather frequently. When buying your refurbished PC, you should always check its age and specifications. Chances are a three year old PC may be enough to run older versions of windows and Microsoft office. You can use Google to assess the software you plan to use on a regular basis and find out their system requirements and verify that they are compatible with the PC you plan to buy.
A good authorized PC refurbisher will test every PC that they receive, and may upgrade hardware within the PC. Buying from a reputable refurbisher will give you a better chance of receiving a high quality PC, rather than a PC with spare parts that are sold on corner shops and in the flea market.
You will not be able to find a second hand PC with a long warranty, such as a year, but you should still ask for a warranty. I would recommend buying a PC with a three month warranty, to make sure that it can be returned if any parts are found faulty.
The average Industrial standard is a return rate of 12%. You should always check to see whether the company has a higher or lower return rate for the equipment they buy. A lower percentage would be better.
Refurbished PC do not regularly come with monitors and other peripherals, such as wireless network cards and DVD drive. You need to always examine in detail the specification sheet, as stated in Tip #1.
If you have considered each of these tips, you should be able to buy a PC that is not only in keeping with your budget, but one that has great specifications and a great return policy.

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Hard Disk Failure Factors
Every one who works with computers whether it is a business or just for private use knows that the information they accumulate on their computers is stored on their hard disk drive. The data stored daily, hourly or every second is at its most current therefore if it does fail and you don t have a current backup of that data it can be a very big problem. While it is perhaps a great annoyance for a private computer user it is a much bigger problem when this is a business computer.
There are many types of failures for hard drives and the information stored within them and we cover some of these specific failure types here. A lot of these failures relate to how the data itself is stored. The data itself is stored on a circular platter which spins from between 5400 rpm to 15,000 rpm. There is a read/write head mounted on an arm that is positioned across the platter so as to access the data. This head "floats" very closely at the surface by dint of an aerodynamic effect. When you add to this any movement and the potential for heat generation there are many things that can very suddenly go wrong.
A hard disk drive will "hide" instances of media failure so as to maintain a perfectly readable disk, and prevent operating system troubles as the result of unreadable sectors. How this is achieved is by maintaining a set of spare sectors, therefore when a failure does transpire this data is relocated to one of these spare sectors. There is however a point in time when these spare sectors can be all used and the errors will then start.
Often when this point is reached the disk itself is in very bad condition and close to the point of imminent failure. At this point, if the disk is continued to run in this state the problems then will rapidly increase.
Head Crash can occur as the result of an impact or perhaps a mechanical failure within the HDA. HDA stands for Head Disk Assembly and is comprised of the head/platter combination. In the worst cases this contact can strip away the whole recorded surface of the platter leaving only the base material which is typically glass.
The rotation of the platter must be nice and smooth. When there is any unusual or unexpected vibration this can cause positional problems. If there is any impact, or after prolonged use these bearings that permit the platter to rotate can crumble and seize. When this occurs the drive itself can not spin the platter and therefore no data can be read.
Hard drives are controlled by circuitry. This circuitry is vulnerable to damage from electrostatic discharge or electrical surges. If a component is near to the point of failure then often a relatively minor electrical "blip" will tip the scales between continued operation and electrical failure. The difficulty with a hard drive is that it has information and code stored within the memory devices on the drive controller. This is created when the drive is first formatted therefore just replacing the electronics will not solve the problem.
In some cases the problem is not actually with the disk itself but more with the system or the person using the system that is creating the problem. When there is a disappearance of files or a partition of files this could be a user error or an application error and the disk itself may in fact be working perfectly. A data recovery specialist can assist in this diagnosis.
Hard disk data recovery is a job for the experts. The term itself is related to a variety of techniques to retrieve the data from a failed device and locating a suitable way to retrieve the data in a usable format. The most important thing to be aware of is that there is no 100% guarantee that your information will be retrievable and there are a variety of factors, as listed above that may in fact be the cause of your data loss.

Mailbox Forwarding

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Computers and Laptops, Why Do They Freeze?
Whether it s a computer or a laptop, the common problem which almost everyone has experienced is when they freeze. The average PC is not different from a laptop so the reasons why it freezes now and then must surely be not different. When we look into the causes of freezing, they mainly freeze because of errors in their computer registry. The difficult thing is that most computer users don t care much about registry files neither they care about how to fix them. The registry would have to be scanned to avoid freezing problems.
If the computer has a risk of freezing then the works needs to be saved often to avoid wasting the efforts. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del pops up the Windows Task Manager. This appears in various versions of Windows. This tells which software is responding and which one freezes. The End task option can be clicked on the software that is not responding. If Windows still doesn t respond, then the PC can be switched off temporarily relieve the freeze, the button in front of your PC has to be pressed.
If the RAM is running out of space and the user continues to ram files down its throat then it s just like strangling it. This may be the reason and the unnecessary programs and files need to be deleted to increase the RAM space.
If the computer or laptop is affected with virus then this is the reason because they re the usual suspects in frequent PC freezing. The user has to make sure that security software is updated and installed correctly. Good anti-virus and spyware software have to be used to check if any virus.
If a new hardware was installed that was not compatible with the PC or laptop, then there might be freezing problems. The hard ware has to be checked. The system would have to be scanned. The software can also be the cause but even so the operating system gets in the way of your lap top s basic processes. A system freeze starts from within.
The system may be overheated, when it overheats because the CPU s temperature goes wrong, the lap top has auto power down feature. Most PC and lap top lock ups happen because of overheating. The temperature device has to be checked and the vents have to be cleared. A blow-off duster from the fan area can be used to clean the PC with it. If this doesn t work and you re pressed for time, take you PC to a trusted technician. It could mean that the motherboard and hardware need serious repairs.
There is an advanced configuration power interchange in some laptops and PCs. They show completed message on the screen before the system shuts down. BIOS or basic input/output system is in a PC that allows the operating system to turn off its power supply automatically. Sometimes the system freezes because of the website browsed. If this is the case then those websites have to be avoided and if not, another browser has to be tried. If freezing still continues, it has to be uninstalled and reinstalled for minutes. If it still doesn t work, a new browser would have to be installed.
The computer also freezes when it handles too many applications at the same time. The most number of programs running a PC can have are three. A freeze doesn t make working on the PC cool. The user has to get rid of it and get back on the right track.

Easy Guide To The PC
When people first buy a PC, they will often ask Where is the instruction manual? The PC is amazing complex with all of its components and hardware that make it work. The Windows Operating System by itself is complex; however nobody thinks to include a proper manual explaining how to operate the PC and how to use it correctly.
A person new to the PC should know these components and what they do to use the PC efficiently:
The Mouse
– This is probably the most used component and is used to point to selected items on the PC's screen. The usual mouse only has three buttons, with some mice featuring programmable buttons, but using the operating system, the three mouse buttons can be used for an extensive amount of tasks. In different software programs, the mouse may act differently. A right click should result in a menu, which explains to the user what can be done. When this is finished, a left click can select an item to either open/execute or drag/move. You should read the specifications of the mouse that you have purchased to know exactly what it does
The Keyboard
– There are many different types of keyboards, the most popular being QWERTY. The keyboard is used to input text by way of clicking specific identifiable keys which corresponds to various letters. If you click on the A” on your keyboard in a text document, A” should appear on your screen. Along with the Different numbers and letters, keyboards feature buttons such as shift” ctrl” and alt”. These can be programmed to do tasks when clicked at the same time with another character, such as alt” and f4” causes a program to shut down. Microsoft's website shows different keyboard combinations that can be used in the Windows Operating System.
The Desktop
– This is the main background screen. It consists of the wallpaper, any shortcuts that you have created, and a task-bar. The task-bar is located at the bottom of the screen and is used to open and execute the main options of the operating system, supplying the user a various number of items to click on upon entering the start menu. This is what you encounter when you first boot up your PC, and is the main part of the Graphical User Interface.
The Windows
– These are programs that are run as an extension of the Windows operating system. The window” system allows persons to multi task with more than one application at a time, with each taking up a window. These windows can overlap and vary in size, and users can generally customize how they would like them to act in the Control Panel
Files and Folders
– Everything that you save to your PC, be it music, pictures or videos, is stored in a file. The system used in windows is similar to a filing system seen in an office, where documents are kept in a draw (in this case the hard disk) to be stored for future reference or usage.
These are the basic concepts that a person should know when operating a PC. This will help you not only use your PC more effectively, but it also allows you to understand just about most of what you do on the PC.

Should I Fix My Computer or Buy a New One?
Unless you are a recent entrant to the world of computers, this is probably a question you've asked yourself before. After all, if your computer doesn't work properly, you may have a strong instinct to throw it out and go get another one but keep wondering if it is worth fixing. This article is intended to help you decide which of these paths you should take to get a PC up and running so you can go about your work or play.
You may be thinking that since this is a computer repair technician writing this article, I'm going to tell you that in almost every case, you should fix your computer rather than get a new one. Not so. Just as there are a host of reasons to fix your computer, there are plenty of reasons to buy a new one instead.
Although the costs of consumer computers are nowhere near the costs of new cars, those of you who have had to decide whether to fix an older automobile or buy a new one may find it helpful to think about that process because it is similar. I would advise you to make two columns and write the reason to buy or fix in the appropriate column.
If you think it through this way, you will find yourself coming to a reasoned and reasonable conclusion. Also remember that if another person has your same PC model and the same problem, what he or she decides does not make their decision good for you. Keep in mind that there is not a right or wrong answer, only the best answer for you. While this article and others can help your decision process, the best answer for you is something only you can decide. Be wary of people who are certain that they know what you need.
Let's look at some reasons to repair your current computer:
• Budget
- Although the extra expense can be worth it, buying a new PC is USUALLY more expensive than fixing your current computer. If you are on a tight budget or are just a frugal person, fixing most problems may be best for you.
• Data
- This second reason is related to the budget item. Whichever route you decide to take, you can (usually) keep your pictures, documents, music, emails, business files, and important personal information. It is easier, though, if you are keeping your computer because if you get a new PC, you will have to pay someone to transfer that information to a new PC. Many of you can do this without problem but not everyone can. Also, if your PC won't boot to Windows and the data has to be extracted from the computer, most of you will need someone to get the data off the hard disk, which means you will be paying both for a new computer plus a service fee to a computer technician.
• Applications
- If you get a new computer, you will also have to reinstall all of your applications. Some can be downloaded, like iTunes or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Any that you paid for, such as Microsoft Office, however, will likely be on CD/DVD. They must be installed from this media, along with the product key that came with them. My experience has been that both organized and unorganized people have a tendency to lose application CDs, particularly if they have had their computer for several years. Before buying a new computer, gather all your application installation CDs and make sure you have a disc for all the applications you use. You may be able to avoid this process and have all your applications as they were if you get your computer fixed. However, it should be noted that if the proposed fix to your current PC is to reinstall Windows, this issue is moot because all of your applications will have to be installed on a new Windows installation, just as on a new PC.
• Upgrades
- If your computer is just a little slow or can't do a certain thing, you can usually upgrade the RAM or video card, or the aforementioned USB 3.0 card much more cheaply than you can buy a new PC.
• Windows 8
- Have you used or seen Windows 8 or 8.1? If you get a new computer, it will have Windows 8.1 on it. This is important because for all its pros and cons (and I don't wish to engage those questions here) many, many people find it hard to use and a significant departure from the interface of Windows 7 and earlier versions. Like anything else, you would probably get used to it, no matter how much you dislike it, but if it isn't intuitive to you, why buy a machine that comes with it? Windows 7 can be put on new computers after purchase by computer technicians if you buy a copy online. But again, you would be paying more-this time for a new computer, plus a legitimate copy of Windows 7, plus the cost of a service technician to install Windows 7 on the computer.
• "Right Fit"
- Buying something new is usually seen as "sexier" than keeping or repairing something used. So, if none of the reasons above grab you, think of this. If you were happy with your computer before it needed to be fixed-happy with its speed, memory, accessories, capabilities and performance, it is likely that that computer is the "Right Fit" for you. Why get another computer when you can probably spend less and get to keep something that fits you?
Now, let's take a look at some of the reasons to replace your broken computer rather than fix it:
• Age
- Although there is no specific age at which retirement and replacement kicks in, most people know it when they see it. If your computer was slow even when in tip top shape, that's probably a clue you need to go to the computer store.
• Antiquated Accessories
- If your PC has a factory-installed floppy disk drive or has a CD but no DVD drive, it is probably time to think about a new PC. Many people want fast peripherals through a USB 3.0 port. If you have a desktop, you can easily get a card installed, so I wouldn't consider this alone a reason to trash the old PC, but if you're keeping score, I would mark it in the buy column.
• Major Hardware Damage
-If you spilled a Coke or such in the computer, ruining its motherboard, I would not invest in a repair.
• The Laugh Factor
- Although I have never laughed at my customers, I have, on occasion, laughed at a machine that is brought in. Why? Because it is so old, so full of dust and cigarette smoke, so slow, that it is almost a joke that someone is actually paying me to fix this computer. If this is your computer, there's nothing to be embarrassed about but if you don't already know, deep down, that you need a new computer then take that message from this article. If you decide not to fix it or you just keep your computers for a long time, make sure they inside is cleaned our regularly, whether you do it yourself or bring it in for a cleaning. That dust and smoke residue doesn't just look bad, it can overheat your computer and cause its death
The question of whether to fix or whether to buy anew can be confusing. I hope that these questions and commentary have helped you make a solid decision.

Article Source:

How to Block Pop up Ads
Pop up ads are of three different categories namely pop-ups created by spyware and adware, messengers service advertisement and general browser pop-ups. Pop-ups ads occasionally appear on the screen and interfere with the user s ability to view the contents displayed on the screen. The user can easily avoid these advertisements by installing a pop-up blocker. Messenger service advertisement:
These types of pop-ups are applicable only for Windows XP and Windows 2000. They usually occur because someone is accessible to your computer network and is can transmit this message to your computer through TCP and UDP ports. It is the responsibility of the messenger service to transmit these messages. For controlling these pop-ups, the security has to be hardened by installing firewall software like zone alarm or by installing Windows XP which puts off messenger service by default and activates the windows firewall. The port which facilitates the transmission of these messages gets blocked.
For activating firewall in Windows XP, click the Start icon on the desktop, press Run and type the word Firewall.cpl, select the on button lick OK. It is recommended not to connect to the internet before activating the Firewall because there is a risk of computer getting infected. Pop-ups created by adware and spyware:
The function is same as the general browser but spyware is usually run by the browser assistant object which is the activeX controls that connects to the internet explorer and gets in touch with their server without the user knowing it. This can also be a cause of leaking the user s confidential information to the spies as well as wasting the internet bandwidth. In relation with this, any outgoing connection without the user s authorization should be taken as threat to the security of the user. For preventing pop-ups that are generated by adware and spyware, anti-spyware application such as spyware blaster, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and destroyer should be installed in the computer. They are just the same like the anti-virus software. These applications work by employing the services of the folders of the hosts for preventing unnecessary ads servers and sites that are responsible for conveying these ads, they also increase the security settings of the browser.
Applications like Sygate and Zone Alarm will always signal the user every time when an outgoing traffic is detected. This will enable the user to block Trojans and dialers from reaching the internet. It will also give the user same attentions to the settings of the firewall, it can be assumed as the passage security and operates only with programs that are needed to be assessable to the internet. This point will make the user be able to investigate the performance of the firewall being employed to the websites. They will do a thorough checking of the system for accessible ports and weaknesses, therefore they will accordingly advise the user. General Guidelines that should be followed:
- The system should not be connected to the internet before activating Anti-virus and firewall. - The security configurations should be amplified in the browser so that the Activex control is blocked from installing automatically.
- The system should be always updated by seeking latest information online or by subscribing to Microsoft Security Bulletin in order to be aware of the possible threat. - The services of the HOSTS folder should be employed for preventing unwanted websites.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Computer Components
Many people might know nothing about the hardware of the computer they are using. Their knowledge about the hardware of the computer is constrained to pressing down the power button. Such people will also have a tough time when they have to bargain or look for good prices when they buy computer components. Their inability to know what to buy in terms of specific technical specifications is limited because of their inability to see what their computer has. When it comes to shopping, users who prefer to shop, computers components might look perfect if they come in nice cases. The abilities of the components are pretty much, ignored by the user who has no interest of what their computer is, made of. To be able to go to the right place to shop, computer components knowledge is necessary to get the best out of your shopping experience and thus give you a good buy. It is not enough to know only the name of the brand or the package design when you go out to buy computer components. You have to make sure that the hardware that you are buying is compatible with the rest of the computer that you already have. You will also need to know the capacity of your existing hardware and the level of performance that you are currently experiencing with your hardware.
Computers just like other electronics have many cables and ports that need to be, connected to be able to operate well. It is very important to know about the ports and the cables that you have with your computer when you are out buying computer components to support your computer. Only with that knowledge, you will be able to buy a component that is fit for your computer. If not, it will be, a complete waste to buy, a component that you cannot fit with your computer.
You will need to know if you can connect the component that you buy into the USB port of your computer or if you will need to buy computer components that need a different kind of cable to connect to the main computer. This information is very vital when it comes to buying new components.
Along with this, you should be able to determine the capacity of the computer hardware that you are using. According to the capacity, you will be able to tell if the components that you are buying, will work or if it will not. If you are determined to buy a particular component but you do not have enough of capacity to support it, then you can always expand the capacity of your computer. There are new upgrades available for any kind of computer that you have. You can go to a nearby retailer or the same retailer you buy your components, to even get a upgrade on your capacity.
To find information on what you can find in the market, you can look in magazines and in books to know what the latest you can buy. Many people come forward to give reviews when they buy computer components.

How To Clean And Erase Cookies and Cache Of Internet Browser
Any individual can delete their search history on their internet browser and it is a pretty simple process. Your internet, web and browser search history has long had the option to be deleted regardless of your liking of browser, from Internet Explorer to Firefox among others. The trick is if you know what to do.
Numerous programs out there claim to be able to forever erase your search history by writing over your files, which is the only way to actually "delete" them from your computer. Built in functions will make it achievable for a lot of users that don't know how to erase history or get access to history to do just that.
Internet explorer is the most common browser used to surf the web. Users can "delete files" by using the menu at the top of the screen and clicking Tools/Options/Internet Options/General and clicking the button, aptly named "Delete Files" then OK.
The last step is clicking "Yes" after clicking "Clear History".
It's even more uncomplicated for Safari users. Merely simply click History on the top menu, and then simply click Clear History on the bottom of the list that appears. Safari is now offered for Windows users for those that may not know. When it comes to the best browsers it is significant to protect your search history and enable private browsing.
Choosing Tools/Options/Privacy/Clear, will finish the activity for users of Mozilla FireFox. Cupcake city, right?
It is just as quick using AOL...Settings/Preferences/Toolbars and Sounds/Clear History Trail Now.
Using "toolbars and sounds" is not a greatly intuitive but it does bring up an essential topic. The toolbars on your browser, such as Google, Yahoo, or Alexa, will keep your search history in tact for long term reference...this can be quite valuable when you are trying to find something and you can't recall how you formerly found it.
When trying to take care of your tracks, however, this info shouldn't be accessible to snooping eyes. For example, click the Down arrow to the right of where you enter your search on the Google toolbar, this brings the search history right in front of your eyes. A link that says "Clear History" should have shown up now. Your history will be removed from your vision after clicking this link.
Your internet search history can be cleared or possibly not even stored if you use your toolbar to turn off the AutoComplete function.
Don't forget, your search history may look like it is gone, but it is not truly gone until you get third-party privacy control. Rescue of your history, cache and cookies will not even be achievable with undelete or data recovery software when you use these programs.

Refurbished Notebooks
Dell notebooks have always been a top name when it comes to computers and notebooks but only recently have they been available in high street stores. This has made them even more popular and their huge range of models means that there is a notebook available for anyone. Their smallest notebook is the net book. This is a smaller version of their home notebook the inspiron. It is an ideal notebook for home and can be used surfing the net, playing games and even word processing.
The net book has been designed smaller for people who are on the move or who wish to have a mini (and less expensive) version of a traditional notebook these computers are popular with teenagers and commuters. The Dell inspiron is also great for general home working. It can be a good alternative to a home computer and has the added advantage that it can be carried and used around the whole home.
A more specific notebook that Dell makes is the Latitude. The Latitude is designed to be a work notebook with larger hard drive and RAM. This notebook can be used as both a carry around computer and a standalone computer. It has built in wireless so you can connect to the internet from home, work or any hot spots you may find on your travels. It works well on site or in an office and is ideal for the busy businessman. The precision has been specifically designed for those who work with AutoCAD. Many different companies and businesses use CAD from civil engineering to kitchen designers. The Dell precision has a large hard drive, large RAM, fast processor and most importantly a high spec graphics card. All of these make using AutoCAD much easier.
Of course buying a branded notebook doesn't come cheap. So how can you cut down on the price a little? Well why not look at buying a refurbished notebook? They are not second hand or faulty as many suspect but simply excess stock from the warehouse itself.
By buying a refurbished notebook you can expect to pay up to 60% less than the normal RRP of these notebooks. Why not check out some refurbished Dell suppliers today and see how much you could save off your next notebook?

How to Choose a Hard Disk Drive
Despite the arrival of the Solid State Drive (SSD) on the market, offering quicker speeds and improved durability, the (HDD) remains the most common type of hard drive for personal computers today. Offering a higher storage capacity and a significantly lower price per GB of storage than the SSD, this is perhaps unsurprising.
The uses one or several storage platters as well as a motorised arm that reads and writes information onto disk. These devices use random access data retrieval, meaning that information can not only be read sequentially, but also in any order required.
There are a number of factors to consider when investing in a HDD for your computer. These include looking at various specifications of the model as well as the price tag and compatibility with your PC. A few other important considerations are listed below.
One of the first things to take into account is how much data storage you will need. Although the hard disk remains a better option for storage volume compared to the SSD, HDD products can vary significantly so it is worth making an honest evaluation of your specific requirements before purchasing.
Those who should consider investing in a higher storage capacity drive - and therefore a possibly more expensive product - include those who record and store videos on their computer. Other computer users such as gamers, those with an extensive music library and professional photographers with large portfolios are also advised to opt for more space.
On the other hand, users who mainly use their computer for word processing tasks and a more modest collection of photos and music files can comfortably choose a smaller capacity drive and be reassured that they will likely never run out of space.
It is also critical to consider the capacity for performance before investing in a new HDD. There are various factors that fall under the 'performance' umbrella, including data transfer rate, cache or buffer size, spindle speed and interface. For technophobes, it is best to ask a drive specialist at a reputable computer store to explain how these factors will affect you specifically.
Spindle speed is a significant aspect to consider when looking for a disk drive whose principalfunction will be to store data. Spindle speed refers to how fast the mechanisms inside the drive work to read and write data. Faster spindle speeds, therefore, mean that information can be quickly written on and read from disks more rapidly.
Cache or buffer speed will also affect the performance of the hard drive. The cache is a memory for frequently-used information, allowing users to quickly access this data. It therefore is logical that any disk drive with a large cache can provide better speeds of data retrieval.
It is necessary to take into account the durability of the hard drive that you are looking to purchase. Because of their mechanical components, HDDs are susceptible to damage if bumped or dropped. Other factors such as heat, moisture and vibration also come into play here.
If looking for a hard drive for a laptop, which due to its portability is much more likely to suffer shock damage than a fixed desktop computer, consider manufacturers who take this into account and can deliver a more durable and shock-resistant product. Otherwise, if price and volume of data storage aren't issues for, a solid state drive could be a great alternative option.
These are just a few of the factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a hard disk drive for your desktop or laptop computer. By looking at your data storage needs, the performance of the drive and its durability, you will be on your way to choosing the right disk drive for your specific requirements.

Article Source:

USB Phone World
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How To: Buying Cheap Laptops
Are you looking to replace your old laptop because it is outdated, broken or just won't work as you like? Well, maybe some useful ideas about how to buy your new cheap laptop could help save you some cold hard cash.
For most people buying a laptop is hard work. They look around at all the jargon and figures that are printed around the laptop and feel completely bewildered. This information may make sense to a techno geek but to us mere mortals, we have no idea what they mean! So if this is the case, how do we go about buying a laptop that will suit us and get a good deal on it at the same time? Well this is where your research comes in. Once you have worked out who is going to be using the laptop and what for, you can then decide what functions and components it needs. This will narrow down your search and will allow you to get more for your money.
Most people don t realize that by not buying the right product at the time that they will spend out even more money. Think about the extra cost of having to buy a wireless internet dongle, extra storage and even a bigger screen? This all costs money and means that your cheap laptops suddenly aren t so cheap anymore. Of course if you don t know your RAM from your elbow then you are going to find it difficult to pick a laptop that s best for you. Don t panic though, I have a solution.
That solution is refurbished laptops. They are a really cheap way to get a huge amount of technology and get really good value for your money. They are not second hand but they are excess stock and cancelled orders and are greatly reduced because of this. They are often branded names and have a really high quality specification. You will be surprised to know that even the highest, most technical laptop comes at a good price and you won t have to worry about spending out on the wrong things. With refurbished laptops everything is covered so you can be sure you ll never have to buy an added external component again. In order to find them you first have to decide what you need from it. If you don t know what you need from cheap laptops then simply buy the one with the most technology for the cheapest price, that way you have got a lot for your money and you won t be let down! Start looking online today and see if you can find a cheap laptop that ticks all the boxes for you.


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